It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • NonCoinCollector

    It looks like Lloyd has traveled the world at the expense of his victims subscribers cult.

  • cleanideas

    After seeing some of Lloyd's luxury vacation photos on the prior page you have to wonder if Lloyd was lying about needing a break for mental health reasons. I think what he's feeling is narcissistic rage for literally getting caught with his pants down due to an inability to feel actual empathy toward others and regret about all the horrible things he has done.

  • Simon
    "mental health" seemed like an attempt to make out he was some kind of victim of something, even though everything that happened were his own life choices.
  • Diogenesister
    mental health" seemed like an attempt to make out he was some kind of victim of something, even though everything that happened were his own life choices

    That's what made Kim snap. He was pretending to his patrons he was having some kind of mental breakdown*.... When really he was pissed because his wife had caught him cheating and given him an ultimatum.

    Someone who was having a genuine breakdown/depression/suicidal ideation was being further triggered by Evan's tweets, believing him to be suffering in the same way.

    When Kim tried to ask Lloyd to be careful what he posted in case it pushed this young man over the edge, Lloyd reacted in a self centred, petulant way. Unable to see for once it wasn't just about him. Ranting about his "rights" to tweet.

    *(He used the the catch all term "mental health". Like the controversial word 'woman' when something means everything, it ends up meaning nothing.)

  • Diogenesister
    SBF It’s ironic that, just as Lloyd was digging a hole for himself, they could have thrown him a lifeline of sorts, as he will surely focus exclusively on false allegations, if they are false, in order to distract everyone from the things he admitted in his livestream.

    Which exactly what he did in his posts following Kim's first interview. Despite admitting nearly everything on his livestream, he posted she had made 'false accusations'.

    The 'false accusations' he was probably refering to were that we would be shocked if we knew how many activists he has driven off*. So he will divert, instead of focusing on what most of us are really concerned about, being:

    That a man who advocates for women and girls who are victims of rape and abuse can fail to see how they'd feel about their donations going to fuel the most exploitative criminal 'industry' in the world, to wit trafficked young girls in Thailand.

    That same man claims he cannot control his penis.

    His complete disregard of his wife's feelings and victim blaming.

    * We know that's true but at this stage I really wish some of these people would come forward, write a letter to the community and sign it. I was really taken with what Lee Elder said about the message being more important than the person.

    In years to come 2 hour commentaries on July's JW Broadcast is not what's going to open people's eyes. It will be the original research done by JWfacts, Ray Franz, Carl Olaf jonsson, Bonnie Ziemann, AJWRB, Heather/Gary Botting, Alan Feuerbacher, Jim Penton SMMcroberts, The Guardian and so many other researchers including many people on this very site over the years.

  • slimboyfat

    Digenesister, yes, I think some with (probably justifiably) an axe to grind, forgot Napoleon’s maxim: “never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake”. Lloyd was doing a fine job bringing himself down before others got involved.

    And yes, his material was inferior, and derivative of those you mentioned.

    Wasn’t it Marvin Shilmer who first supported Cedars financially? But withdrew pretty quickly one he got to know Lloyd a bit better. I wonder what he thinks about all this, if he’s still around.

  • Listener

    There was also Barbara Anderson who accepted the second most prominent position of the newly formed AAWA, after Lloyd and she resigned within a very short period.


    Kim and Mike, is it possible for you to be interviewed by Cappytan?

  • Diogenesister

    Oh Gosh, how terrible, I forgot to list Barbara Anderson😱and Mr. Bill Bowen, too.


    Listener Kim and Mike, is it possible for you to be interviewed by Cappy tan?

    I second that. I'm very confused about it all.

    Is this person really a relative by marriage who got the chat from his wife, or is he an ex elder? Or is the ex elder backing up Marko the relatives story? Really confused.

  • Typo
    luxurious holidays? Come on. He lives in Europe,and flights in Europe are very cheap,sometimes you can go both ways from Paris to Rome for 20euros.
  • cleanideas

    Oh OK @Typo the next time Lloyd goes to Phuket again YOU can pay for it. Don't forget to get him some hookers while you're at it, he seems to really like them!

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