It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    Is it a conspiracy to frame a guy or is it real? Either way, we would want to know if Watchtower did a serious cover up of a guy who allegedly harmed children, or if another guy went out of his way to play on our emotions and try to frame someone?

    I've seen two versions, one has Lloyd as a WTS plant / double-agent. I think that is really fanciful, and not how they operate. Although IMO he has damaged the exJW community, I think that isn't anything todo with them or any plan by them.

    But could they have covered up something he was personally involved with? We know for a fact that they do things like that, and he himself campaigns that they do, so yes, it's certainly possible and would align with some things we do know. I struggle to think of what else fits with the claim he's made that he has something on them but refuses to release it and refused to record his own judicial committee meeting, using the bizarre and nonsensical claim that he wouldn't "because he has nothing to hide". Are those things linked? Who knows ...

    So maybe "conspiracy lite"? Who knows ...

  • NonCoinCollector

    I've seen two versions, one has Lloyd as a WTS plant / double-agent. I think that is really fanciful, and not how they operate. Although IMO he has damaged the exJW community, I think that isn't anything todo with them or any plan by them.

    There are many coincidences that lead a few to suspect Lloyd to be a "double-agent." A man that literally records everything including his vacations decides not to record his Judicial because he "has nothing to hide." He gets leaked videos that aren't available to anybody else. He angrily complained about protests and Kingdom Hall crashes. He weaponizes his audience against any person that dares to disagree with him. He defended whatever crimes the Russian branch is engaged in. He was next to useless in the England child abuse investigation. He filmed inside of Watchtower's headquarters while lesser known people like "Telltale" were stopped at the gate. Lloyd had his unkempt beard and greasy hair with no suit while Telltale was dressed like a JW. He also shot down the Freemason connection. He also ignores all proof of subliminal messages in Watchtower's artwork. What is worse, nobody needs to set through all those hours of rebuttal videos. All that does is reprogram people.

    Are that many coincidences mathematically possible? Maybe, but it is certainly worth considering.

  • NonCoinCollector

    How does a man that looks like this get inside the gate at Warwick when Kingdom Hall attire is required?

  • NonCoinCollector

    Just for fun

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you Cappytan....

  • NonCoinCollector

    Short of "Marko" coming out and making a public statement with his real name, this is good enough. Lloyd is going to have a tough time suing anybody repeating what "Marko" has said. Lloyd can go after "Marko" if he made it up, but none of us are KNOWINGLY spreading false information.

  • Simon

    The thing that I can't help thinking about is that these "Marko" allegations were apparently made many years ago, before his latest confession video about his behavior, and before he released his book where he also admitting to some things (all these things being similar in nature).

    Yet the accusation itself, the language in it, the "excuse" used, match exactly with what he used in those subsequently (OK, the accusation is not exactly the same, you wouldn't expect him to admit to it on YouTube, but it's something "along the same spectrum" of activity, so aligns with it).

    I don't know if the allegations are true or not, I can only speculate, but what are the chances of Lloyd going on to be caught and use the exact same language, the same excuse, and it be for something along the same lines? If it was all made up, that is one hell of a lucky shot!

    We can't prove if it's true, but so far no one (to my knowledge) has been able to prove that it's false based on various technical analysis that would be exceedingly easy for someone to get wrong. Almost to the point that it would have to be so professionally done that you have to imagine some CIA type doing it, which seems more unbelievable than it being true.

  • Reservations

    If Lloyd had 950 Patreon followers before the “crisis”, he now has 735.

    Thats a 22% decrease just this month.

    I suspect many patron followers are waiting for their chance to speak with him personally on one of his exclusive member only chats, say their piece to his face and then cancel. Maybe he will be more apologetic and grovel to his patrons, but based on his track record I highly doubt it.

  • slimboyfat

    I think the “Marko allegations” only arose after he wrote his book, so if it’s a fabrication, then it could be an elaboration of the details in that book. So not a coincidence after all. If that’s wrong, and the allegations definitely do predate his book, then disregard this comment.

    If it’s a false allegation then Kim and Mikey may not have been the source, but they should have been more careful. It’s ironic that, just as Lloyd was digging a hole for himself, they could have thrown him a lifeline of sorts, as he will surely focus exclusively on false allegations, if they are false, in order to distract everyone from the things he admitted in his livestream.

  • cleanideas

    In my opinion Lloyd's Instagram looks to be a celebration of world travel to expensive and exotic locations, all paid for by cult victim survivors donations. Remember, in each of these photos he was allegedly buying prostitutes both before and after the photos were taken, using cult victims money. This is just a small example of his many luxury vacation photos that appear on his Instagram account. Are sick to your stomach yet?

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