Left and never went back after a moment of clarity during a WT study seven years ago. I could not hear it one more minute; I didn't belong and wasn't good enough. It was never planned, and never in a million years would I have ever thought I would take such an action. I was a very active JW, with progressive studies and a good social network. I am just "out," not DA'd or DF'd, which will not happen as far as I can see, I will not allow it. Parents came in 70 years ago, I have family that are elders, servants and pioneers. Though communication is limited, it is not confrontational. I know it will digress in the near future after a parent passes, and I am okay with that. I have dear non JW family who picked me up when they found out I had left, and made sure I was included in things. I also have retained some JW friends, including elders, who seem to just accept where I am at, and continue to associate, although not as before. My life as a JW was not bad, although there were decisions made because of it I will regret till I die. But inspite of all that was lost, and it was just about everything and everybody that I knew and loved, I am really happy with this freedom of thought and freedom to live. Who knew!