It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    Seems as though some people are going to a third party (investigator?) to try and just identify the victim because that would blow a hole in his denial there is no "Becky".

    They definitely should not do that at all. They need to leave it with the police. As I said previously, the police tracked me down and name dropped a JW who had harmed me. Then pandoras box wa open. He got 7 years (not enough) for what he did to 8 girls, myself included up and down Scottish congregations and into Lancaster in England. Everytime he was caught, he fled to another congregation and the JW's, reappointed him as elder numerous times.

    So if the police could find me, then they definitely can find this "Becca" and we should leave it in the hands of the governing authorities.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @SBF - good video.

    That woman made lots of good points but also managed to be laugh-out-loud funny too.

    I gotta check her channel out.

  • Diogenesister
    Pale E That was the reason I stopped watching him years ago. In the early days I'd crack open a beer and get the scoop for half an hour. One hour max. Now? It's like 4 hours per half for each convention day. 24 hours to get the info from 1 convention weekend?!!

    Yeah he obviously hugely extends his reviews to increase revenue per convention. I mean it's not like watchtower is pumping out content of any interest 99.98% of the time for him to work with so he re-uses it by recycling it into "sushi" or his very own Questions from Readers using PipeSpeak.

    It's just going over the same ground again and again. Therefore so does he - sometimes repeating every video almost.

    Someone made an excellent point when they said it's almost as if exjw's are attending the Kingdom Hall Hall by consuming this content!

    We're getting the dopamine hit we were conditioned to need.

    NCC Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check for how many subscribers Lloyd had in Patreon. The new number is 745. Considering he was very close to 1000 at one point, that is really good.

    He said analytics show over half his subscribers are not exJWs. I think a lot of them are atheists and anti cult activists. His subs went up a lot when he hit the atheist group in Austin and then did the rounds with Cosmic Skeptic etc So presumably a lot of his patreon's are atheists and don't know about this.

  • Listener

    Kim and Mike state in their latest video that they have other information that they are unable to share. I am wondering if that information is evidence that makes the accusation provable beyond reasonable doubt?

    In their YouTube they don't present the accusation as being just that, an accusation but talk about the evidence they have already made public and what was disclosed within that, as being factual.

  • notsurewheretogo

    @silentlamb_silent_no_more Are you Frozen Willow on Twitter? As we have been on the same topics and I'm from Scotland too.

  • Toblerone5

    HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM?just a thought, before the Thailand trip. there was the Houston one. What if the photo is wife saw of that trip were worst than the one in Thai.? So bad that is wife ,she's the one that wanted to go to his worshippers and expose is fat ass? Now he can't go on Youtube an blame is wife for more than a hrs, you really thing anybody would support him then? But if it was someone else that do it,than he could play the victim, and all the blame would fall on her, My guess he did on purpose to OOPS send the Thai, girl I'M MEAN WOMEN, photo to K.S. and Producer Bob to stop is wife to do it, So now my question is WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN HOUSTON? Have you notice how he hardly talk about that trip but made sure to talk about is "Scuba diving" one a lot...

  • cleanideas

    This continued outpouring of love and support from his female fans is really creepy. Perhaps Monica would like to go to Phuket with Lloyd and play a naughty little game called "The Hook Nose and The Hooker?

  • notsurewheretogo

    It's his supporters who blindly say they will support him against these horrible accusations.

    Dd these ones not learn anything from leaving the JW's? Question everything, do research, critical thinking and if you are still unsure then be on the fence but there ones out there so have swapped the GB for him.

    It's mental.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    @silentlamb_silent_no_more Are you Frozen Willow on Twitter? As we have been on the same topics and I'm from Scotland too.

    Shucks, I've been outed.

    Yes @notsurewheretogo I am.


    Anon in BBC Panorama Suffer the little children.

    Met Cedars on this very forum years ago.

    Got cyberbullied by cedars in 2016?17 when he released the CSA video critiquing BBC Panorama and the validity of the numbers on the database Watchtower currently holds on paedophiles. Cedars private mailed me to say "Have some empathy for the victims" after I critqued said video he did.

    Got blocked by him on facebook meaning I could not even respond to that - Hey I'm responding now - Cedars you wankstain!

    Revealed my story to the newspaper in the UK The Daily Record and Sunday Mirror in 2017

    Parent who had reinitiated contact with me, decided to shun me again because she has stuck by my father, as has many other family members (not all) but some. I wrote about that here

    Sued Watchtower - can't legally divulge outcome - sorry.

    Went through therapy during the year 2017-2018.

    Came back stronger, went to college and gained my NC Admin with medical, then HNC admin with medical and I'm currently studying my HND Business Admin (Diploma) Signed up for university this year and have been accepted for my degree.

    Not been paying much attention to Cedars or anything really with Watchtower, but kept up to date with the highlights from Mikey and Kim. This Cedars thing has really plauged my mind these past couple of weeks and I worry for his girls, and for the alleged victims.

    Caught up

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Oh I should have added - on the back of IICSA I drew up this petition.

    Still waiting for Scotgov to get back to me on this. I will update as things become more apparent and I don't want cedars within sniffing distance of it.

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