It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    Here is something to think about.

    These screenshots were handed into the police in 2017. Nothing could be done. So, what has come out that we are not privvy to, in relation to these screenshots that the police now have?

    Something to think about.

  • Jehalapeno
    These screenshots were handed into the police in 2017. Nothing could be done. So, what has come out that we are not privvy to, in relation to these screenshots that the police now have?

    Were they? I was under the impression these recent screenshots were new. The only thing I heard about back in the day was something "Marko" said on a facebook group.

  • notsurewheretogo

    This supposedly explains how the screenshots of the chats have surfaced. I don't think these were handed in on 2017 but rather just the claim he did the act.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    To Jehalapeno


    We did!

    Back in 2017, many of us contacted the British authorities, only to be told "Without a victim, without first-hand knowledge, like his wife, AND the perp fled the country,...NOTHING can be done"

    Croatia authorities were contacted, "The crime was committed in Britain, so unless a crime is committed in Croatia, nothing can be done"

    That was posted on this thread quite a number of pages ago. These screenshots would have been laughed at in a police station. Because it cannot be verified. Which again, tells me, something else has come out that we are not privvy to. We are privvy to what was shown to the police back then and not what the police have now.

    Speculating but maybe they have the victim herself? Maybe she has come forward. Maybe they have a witness to the crime - someone who knows all about him. Maybe they have more than has been shown - who knows?

    But what I do know as a CSA survivor is this. The police knocked on my door and mentioned the name "Harry Holt" -

    "I know a Charlie Holt, but not a Harry Holt" I told them

    "Can we come in, we need to speak to you?" they insisted.

    Of course and I had my children removed from my presence because what I was about to discuss had just been unlocked from my brain. The surname 'Holt' brought back painful memories for me. I had hidden those memories in my brain somewhere. Since then, Pandora's box was open.

    Harry Holt was imprisoned for 7 years (Shit sentence imo) for abusing EIGHT girls in congregations up and down Scotland and down into Lancaster. DCI John Hogg said "I also hope this case sends a clear message to other abusers that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated and our specially trained officers will work to unravel your crimes and bring you to justice."

    So if Lloyd is reading on another pseudonymn account, he better be quaking in his boots if all of these allegations are true. Because the police are very thorough. And Watchtower better be quaking as well, because if they knew about all of this? - OH BOY!

  • slimboyfat

    Is this yet another relative, this time coming across an old laptop, and even bringing the recent earthquake into the story? This is getting incredibly complicated.

    But there remains something that is very straight forward. What he already admitted to in his livestream means that he has no credibility as an activist, and his colleagues Kim Silvio, Mark O’Donnell, and others have concluded they cannot work with him. He has never explained how his trip to Thailand could possibly not have involved the exploitation of vulnerable people, never expressed regret for that, and never given any indication he realises how severely this compromises his activism. He is a walking liability to himself and anybody who chooses to involve themselves with him. It’s possible we will not get to the bottom of the other allegations to most people’s satisfaction, but even so these facts remain.

    Someone who is as stupid and out of control as this person appears to be—these few incidents we have heard about are quite possibly the tip of the huge iceberg in terms of things from his past that could come back to haunt him.

  • Simon

    The problem he has is he's already admitted he can't control himself sexually, has shown a lack of respect for "girls" (they are simply something for him to use for his own gratification), and the same excuse he uses for his lack of control shows up in those chat messages.

    It's not a leap to think that this excuse is something he's found valuable, because he's used it before both to get away with things and to get what he wants.

    We already know he was in trouble for sex chats, again, from his own admission in his own book which I believe he said in his video was to pre-empt someone trying to expose it (but does he truly reveal all the details?), and that his wife found out about it. He himself repeatedly refers to them as "girls", so he can't complain if people interpret it exactly as written (and its repeated in his video). It's certainly possible that part of his wife finding out and reporting it was passing on the evidence, and / or also getting advice from someone, a close relative for example, which would explain how a copy came to be.

    I don't know whether those messages are legit or not, but I do know they appear to be from the time stated on them for technical reasons, they match his MO in terms of the excuse he likes to trot out and they align with the pieces of a story we've already been told (and I think, prior to him telling it, so they weren't based on that). They don't stand out as odd or a contradiction to anything, in fact they fill in and explain some things.

    For instance, we even have the "weird" situation where Mr Activist claims to have something on the WTS, but won't release it, and wouldn't record his own judicial committee, which makes it appear that what he has on them is something todo with himself. The 3rd party info about what happened in the congregations with elders stepping down and his father using his authority also makes this credible. Especially when you add the subsequent moving to Croatia, which he describes using the expression "we had to leave the UK" which again, is something the accusation of the messages explains, more pieces of a jigsaw fitting together perfectly.

    To me, it all seems credible, it matches what we know of him, the overall narrative of the story, and explains some of the missing pieces that would still need some other explanation.

    That doesn't mean it's true of course.

    If it isn't true, then there are major plot-gaps that would still need some other explanation.

    But as slimboyfat says, I doubt we'll ever get a truly satisfactory outcome unless he does a major come-to-jesus confession or a witness comes forward. His denials still leave gaps and as much as he thinks people treat him as public enemy number one, to many of us he's just an obnoxious jerk that we don't want anything more todo with ... I can't honestly see anyone going to such lengths to try to frame someone, or somehow know that they would subsequently act in a way that would make such stories (from way earlier) look so believable. So "smear campaign by haters" is simply far too convenient.

  • nicolaou

    As others have said, he's reached the point where continuing his activism becomes counter productive.

    Every video he uploads to YouTube will become a war zone between folks who want to expose him and his followers (sounds like a cult doesn't it?)

    JW's who see comments about Thai prostitutes and alleged grooming of 14 year olds will have all their indoctrination and biases confirmed. Of course that doesn't matter to him so long as his face is in front of the camera and the donations keep rolling in.

    He's a liability and a joke and others are starting to notice.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    Every video he uploads to YouTube will become a war zone between folks who want to expose him and his followers (sounds like a cult doesn't it?)

    I would not waste my time even clicking into any of his videos Nicolaou. Another viewer means more money for him. Cut the food source. Don't click, don't engage with his videos at all.

  • NonCoinCollector

    I have noticed if you are engaged by any Lloyd supporter on YouTube, they tend to stop talking to you the moment you call them a "Lloyd Cult Member" and that they can never say anything bad about their "Dear Leader."

  • slimboyfat

    He’ll either turn off comments or get Tibor to delete every negative comment as it comes in. Surely it can’t go on, it’s pure madness, yet there are still a few who haven’t abandoned him yet.

    Is it worth pointing out that the only one on his team who has defended him is also the only one that he actually paid for the work he did. Tibor, get another job!

    A good take in this video.

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