It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • vienne

    Lloyd boy reminds me of the Gnome King in the Oz ztories, always trying but always failing. Who stoled his magic belt? Maybe he just lost it in some seady hotel room.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I call bullshit on that conversation ever happening.

    It sounded very contrived. But the point of the tweet was at the bottom regarding "far right populism". Like many of his fellow obese, filthy neckbeards who have to pay for sex, Lloyd retreats to Twitter to obsess over political issues to endear himself with women in a lame attempt to get some ass.

    The movie was probably on, he saw the swastika flag and since he has no social life other than karaoke night, his thoughts turned to finding a creative way to virtue signal on social media. The electoral victories of Giorgia Meloni in Italy, Viktor Orbán in Hungary, and with him being in nearby Croatia, he saw a window of opportunity.

    Oh and his daughter happened to be bored out of her mind on the sofa, noticing how silly Daddy gets the more he consumes those "special" gummy sweets he forbids her to have.

    As he often does, he involves his family in his tweets, creating this caring father persona in order to emotionally manipulate the viewer. Instead of two candidates with differing viewpoints from him winning elections in other countries, he makes it into a "far-right" issue and lamely quips something to the effect of "oh how on this earth am I ever going to explain to my daughters how we have learnt nothing since the fall of the Third Reich!"

    He's going to fall out with his daughters when they become of age in no small part due to his insisting on whoever they befriend and especially who they get into a relationship with having the same viewpoints as himself. Take a look at the religious demographics of Croatia and you'll see what I mean. 87.4% of Croatians identify as Christians and this is an extremely high rate for 21st century Europe.

    Chances are high his daughters will marry into a Christian family. And if their partner supports a political party he doesn't like, well you can see where this is going.

    All the Evans girls need to do is find someone who doesn't see prostitutes as a normal way of releasing their sexual frustrations. Also, it's an added bonus if can land a man who can see their genitalia without their belly blocking the view.

    If that happens, they will already have married better than Mummy.

  • TheWallyB

    I had a question and I am trying to get a maximum amount of input on it. I wanted to start doing some more interviews on my YT channel and when I released the first one today there were people criticizing me and calling me the next Lloyd Evans. I think some people now just see me and channel as exploiting abuse survivors because the video is monetized. I asked my participant if they wanted to split the earnings (after taxes it will be like 40-60 bucks) and she said she didn't care about it all. I asked if she wanted to share or shout out any of her social media and she declined. When I showed her the discourse she called it nonsense and said she was very happy with the situation.

    My question is if anyone thinks there is a way to help people share their story without having to be called the next Lloyd?

    If people want to share their story on YT and monetize it, they have that option and I always tell people if they need help editing or anything I am happy to help for free because I think it's a nice way of giving back. So why is it all of the sudden exploitation if I accept someone's request to do an interview on my channel?

    In my opinion YT isn't really activism but more of a place to make interesting content that people enjoy and content usually has ads. Maybe a bit overly simple but it's not like I make 50k a month. It's more like 2-3k and I put in over 100 hours a month doing it. Not that the numbers matter all that much but throwing it in there for context.

    Anywho maybe this doesn't make any sense but I thought maybe this would be a safe place to get some honest feedback or suggestions on how I can be better and a have a positive platform that people enjoy as the channel grows.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this crappy post and super thanks to anyone who has feedback. Stay safe. Stay Sane. Cheers.

  • DerekMoors

    Getting ass, virtue signaling, and caring father persona all in one I don't doubt. I also think he does it to make it seem like he's so intelligent. "Oh look at me, thinking about the deep and complicated social and political issues of the day, and using words like populism. I am so incredibly wise and contemplative. Bow before me, you childish plebs who do not have the same depth as I."

    He reminds me of Vizzini in Princess Bride, calling everyone else a moron and claiming to be so smart while he's really just a fat ass who won't shut up.

  • Vintage

    TheWallyB, the “donation” question, and criticism, is constantly present where YouTube videos are concerned. It happens to even the most sincere video-makers. Eric Wilson finally spoke on it in one of his videos. Maybe you’ll get some ideas on explaining your point of view from Eric’s video.

    “Because of timely donations, I have been able to buy the equipment when needed to produce these videos and maintain the facilities to do so. There has not been a lot of money, but that is okay because there has always been enough. I’m sure that if needs grow, then the funds will grow so that the work can continue.”

  • Diogenesister

    Wall.E. I certainly wouldn't agree you are "the new Lloyd Evans"🤣😭, for any number of reasons that would be obvious to anyone on this site.

    However I will take one aspect of your question that has a serious element to it.

    How does one make you tube content about CSA in a way that isn't, not doesn't look, exploitative. (First off I have to say anyone aware of the sort of editing hours videos such as yours require, compared with the financial remittance you'd receive, would put any ideas of a financial incentive right out of their heads!!)

    So perhaps your concern stems from the fact that much of your content is light hearted, or at least if the subject matter is serious you have an upbeat and entertaining way with your presentation? In almost all situations this is a net positive, but I can understand if you feel a little out of your depth?( I seem to recall you've been to college so you may have some training in psychology? So I may be off here)

    I know you've made anothet channel, a JW streaming channel with Alt Worldly. So what about a similar thing of doing another channel dedicated to CSA and news around CSA with others experienced in this field? I know it's heavy weight. I'm wondering if Barb and some of the survivors could oversee it, and then you yourself could do the "interviews" because you have a compassionate way about you W and a definite skill and ability in front of the camera? We could have some researchers to report on cases or law changes etc, for instance the recent change in Illinois whereby elders must complete a mandatory reporters training course etc

    Just an idea.

    I know it's time consuming etc but I just think it's going to take multiple skill sets to tackle something like CSA & do it the justice it deserves. Whatever anyone says, though, in my view your skill is empathy with person you are conversing with and putting them at ease. You cannot fake that Wall. E.

  • Diogenesister
    Lot disappears into the mountains for awhile then comes back with two pregnant daughters. He has to say something but can't just admit "Oh yeah, I raped both of them until they got pregnant..."
    So, he does the usual thing child rapists do... says it was their idea, they seduced him, they wanted it, he had no choice but to go along, yada yada yada.
    Whether Lot knew or didn't know because he was drunk is not an issue. He knew because he was the aggressor, not them. I'd buy that he was drunk but that's probably what added to him deciding to rape his daughters. But them conspiring together and consenting to having sex with him? Bull. Shit. He raped his daughters and then blamed them for it.

    Particularly given girls would be 'maids' for such a brief time and most married off by 15, they weren't exactly 'cougars'🙄

    I always thought it was also highly suss his misses winds up dead just before he knocks up his children.

    How on earth is this a good man? Yet being gay is bad?!!!

  • slimboyfat

    Wally, don’t worry, you don’t come across as anything like Lloyd. One thing I would say (I’ve said it before) is I could do with your videos being shorter. I just can’t spend so much time watching a video. To me the best YT videos (apart from long ranging interviews) tend to be focussed on one main point and are around 10 minutes long. Please get to the point quicker. That’s just my opinion.

  • ForeverAlone
    I didn’t read everything that the poster “King Solomon” wrote on that thread, but I think that much of what he wrote was correct and insightful. Did “King Solomon” get “deleted”? I mean, was he banned?

    I agreed with most of what King Soloman said also. However, it was the way he said it is what was bad and the way that they just kept taking pot shots at each other and their anger getting higher and higher. You could see the very evolution of the thread go from 0 to 100 in no time flat. It was very palpable.

    Yes, at the end of the thread Simon deleted King Solomon and slimboyfat.

    Slimboyfat was not being insulting, he was just persistent in making his point.

    Same thing as I said above applies to slimboyfat. However, I think slimboyfat and cerdars together should have been deleted.

    In the end IMHO it should have been King Solomon, slimboyfat and cedars deleted


    just King Solomon.

    Let me just state that I would never second guess Simon on his decision to delete someone. 10 years ago, without knowing what Lloyd has done now I think I still would have had the opinion as stated above.

  • ForeverAlone


    Is Lloyd the only one that can have guest interviews on their channel? - NO

    Can someone choose who to give their interview to? - YES

    Do people on other channels have guest interviews? (Andrew Gold, Kim Silvio...etc.) - YES

    Do people have a right to monetize their content on YouTube? - YES

    Is it your fault that Lloyd does not have any more guest interviews? - NO

    Just because Lloyd doesn't have guest interviews anymore does that mean that no one can have guest interviews? - NO

    What you got going here is just a bunch of Lloyd supporters angry at the fact that other people can have guest interviews and Lloyd can't. Plain and simple. My advice is ignore these people and do what you do on your channel and let others do what they do on their own channel. Keep your channel monetized because it is a privilege for someone to even be in a position to be able to monetize their content.

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