It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    Yeah, but Lloyd is white.

    Yeah, LOL

    But it boils down to certain crimes being higher priority than others, and "how much work is this going to be vs chance of success" definitely playing a factor.

    Even with the most serious of crimes, the police aren't great, let's be honest. They are often outright useless even with glaringly obvious evidence.

    So do I think "evidence has been given to the police" will achieve much? I don't have much confidence, even if it was clear and obvious, they'd still find a way to screw it up.

    The police in real life are not at all like the police in detective shows.

  • Typo
    We have been friends with him since 2015. He sent it to me to check the english and grammer of his statement.
    I did not create it or change HIS statement. I only removed his email address and converted it to a pdf.
    He says in his statement that he does not have emails, many are asking "Then how did the chats get leaked"? Those are screenshots, NOT emails that Dijana sent to her cousin.

    So why it took so many years for this to be public...?

  • TonusOH

    It's true, a police investigation may not go anywhere. I don't know how it works in the UK, but in the USA they would need to subpoena phone records, and to do that they will need to show cause (which is to say, they'll need to already have some basis for making the request). And even then, they'll may get some pushback (companies will suddenly decide that customer privacy is of paramount important at the oddest times). And all they might get is confirmation that texts or calls were made between two numbers-- no evidence at all of what was sent or said.

    Then there is the effort of finding the people involved, finding anyone who might have seen or heard anything, and talking to as many of them as possible to see if a consistent/reliable narrative emerges. And, of course, getting the cooperation of those involved, especially the victim. If she decides she has 'moved on' or decides she does not want to go through the process, there isn't much the police can do. (And while it may seem sensible to expect the cops/DA to lean on the victim, you'd think differently if you've ever seen the effect it can have on a victim to try to relive the crime.)

    Having pictures/copies of texts or recollections of calls/conversations is so flimsy from a legal standpoint that no DA worth his salt would even consider a case on those merits-- even if he feels that a crime was committed. Photos or video are much more compelling... but unless there is a clear smoking gun, you'd still need the victim's cooperation. Sometimes we need to remember that the court of public opinion has an extremely low bar for proving a case, which is why it's so unreliable (and sometimes so unfair).

  • Diogenesister
    I suspect Lloyds wife and her parents know about the abuse and were complicit in covering it up. And now he’s holding that against them.

    What I must say in Dijanas defence is that when they moved to Croatia she was still a believing witness. We know witness wives are conditioned to forgive their spouse and leave it in Jehovah's hands. She probably believed she was doing her bit by reporting it to the elders. It also explains where these screen shots originally came from, or why they were taken.

    NE I know we're being accused of creating the pdf of Marko's statement.

    Never for a second would I believe you would create this. At worst I might think someone took advantage of your trusting nature. At absolute worst.

    Simon But at the very least, people should be able to make an informed choice if he's really the kind of person they want to give money for, and whether that money truly goes to anti-Watchtower activities or enabling sleazy behavior.

    He will never wake another Jehovah's witness up again. In fact he's more likely to drive them back in. If they find his channel they'll pretty soon find all this and then it's game over they won't trust a word he's saying.

    He's a liability to us all.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Ok, so what's coming out now is that cedars, while a JW, likely had even less control of his penis. He was an elder, probably got mixed up with some .... "girls definitely older than 20"?

    And this what led to him being DFed? And he moved away to escape the local authorities? Also struck a deal with the other elders there because they too had uncontrollable penises. Is that correct, or did I catch up incorrectly?

    Oh wait.. edit!

    So any issues with the "definitely older than 20 girls" were covered up (when he was an elder), then he moved to Croatia, then he got DFed for something else. The original elders wanted to come down hard on him (because they can control their penises), and he fled back to his old congregation where his father and friends could help sweep it under the rug. Then he moved to Croatia to avoid authorities in UK, and got DFed there for apostasy (and definitely NOT because of "girls over the age of 20").

    That correct?

  • Simon
    That correct?

    No, I think he moved back to his dad's congregation from another in the UK so daddy could take care of his mess (sex chats with "girls"), then he left the UK subsequent to that (because Elder powers don't work on the muggles in law-enforcement)

    He was never Df'd for apostasy AFAIK, or else I would imagine he would have recorded it and made a big deal of it. So what he was Df'd for is probably something he doesn't want anyone to know about.

    Otherwise, what possible reason could there be for someone who makes a career and income from ranting about the sins of the WTS for keeping his damning knowledge / bargaining chip about them secret?

    One thought might be that whatever it was, it maybe involved him ... and "girls" again?

    BTW: I believe that "the girls that are definitely older than 20" were the Thai prostitutes, not necessarily other "girls".

  • MeanMrMustard

    Right. Ok. I wasn't too far off, I would say.

    I was using "girls definitely over the age of 20" as a general description of the girls he's gotten involved with. He first said it when regarding the Thai girls. The girls in the his congregation were also "definitely older than 20" wink-wink. Guys that are interested in teens tend to stay that way.

    And he decided to make a career about the internal child sexual issues of the WT because he really does know about first hand. Confession through protection.

  • cleanideas

    Continuing with his movie reviews, Lloyd wonders what Titanic would be like with a cat...

  • MeanMrMustard

    If cedars is ever worried about his cash flow, there's always onlyfans.

  • Diamondfrog
    If cedars is ever worried about his cash flow, there's always onlyfans.
    This is just

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