It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    I like what Simon said:Honestly, he doesn't seem the brightest or best with technology. How did someone get pictures of his hooker hookups in Thailand? He took and shared them ...(don't know how to put that in yellow) You think he is stupid now in is 40th, those text were when he was 28 ...

  • NonCoinCollector


    What is on their heads? Is this a new way of identifying who is with Lloyd and who is not?

  • pistolpete

    They become even more endoctrinated ,more blind, there devotion is bigger ect...I

    just a kid from flint----itsaMeChristiana---seems to want to work in Thailand and have loyd visit her.

  • WingCommander

    Haven't you all heard? Lloyd is a movie critic and enthusiast.

    His trips to Thailand were totally legit! He crosses over to Vietnam from time to time, because he's looking for the girl who played the hooker in "Full Metal Jacket." He wants to re-create the scene where she walks up to the GI and says:

    "Me so horny, me so horny baby, me luv you loooooong time! Me so horny! Me give a you any-ting you want!"

    It's all a huge misunderstanding. Please, just keep donating to his Patreon site. Everything will be ok once he starts releasing new material from the Bunker in March. If Tibor is gracious, he won't release the photos he has that Lloyd shared with him.

  • Justaguy

    Papillion soo soo (Actress from FMJ) is also a model and had other roles. She isnt hard to find, even for a clown like llyod.

  • JeffT

    If I was Lloyd Evans the first thing I'd do would be scrape up some money and hire a really good criminal defense lawyer.

    The second thing I'd do is take that lawyers advice, which would be "STFU" in no uncertain terms.

    From there on out, the lawyer would do EVERYTHING.

    The above applies whether you think you're guilty or not, no rethink that. If you're innocent, those first two steps get really important, really fast.

    I don't know what, if anything, he's guilty of. But he's being really stupid about how he handles the whole thing.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Woe, I missed some things. I'm trying to catch up and I'm seeing talk of old posts, old pictures, all combined with folders of evidence and the Thai hooker stuff.

    Did I miss something? Is there a 50000 ft overview of what's being reported?

  • Diamondfrog

    I can’t even look at his face now.

  • slimboyfat

    Another strange angle, if all this is true.

    It would mean his father was comfortable covering up crimes and advising how to evade justice, but apostasy is much worse and he must be shunned. (Assuming the shunning part of the story is indeed true. Like many aspects of the whole saga, we are relying largely on an unreliable narrator)

  • slimboyfat

    I see the photo of his tweet says Tibor helped him “get the bunker operational again”. How, what happened to it? It’s almost as if it had been dismantled somehow and they had to put it back together. Which would be understandable in the circumstances.

    Don’t be quick to blame a spouse for condoning behaviour. We have no idea how horrendous the situation may truly be. No wonder she never wanted to appear in videos and he had to “surprise” her to get her on camera sometimes.

    Simon is right there’s a lot of evidence that he makes really stupid mistakes, which does invalidate arguments that rest on the premise that he wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.

    I am 50/50 on whether I believe the worst stuff. If it’s true, I hope he is caught. In terms of shock factor, this is Trevor/Linda-gate to the power x 100!

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