It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • MeanMrMustard

    Yeah, I missed so many things. Is this now related to the reason he was DFed in the first place?

  • slimboyfat

    Possibly, it’s all up in the air at the moment.

  • Simon
    It would mean his father was comfortable covering up crimes and advising how to evade justice, but apostasy is much worse and he must be shunned

    Remember, we only have his word and story on anything that happened in his life. We know he lies like an Elder (sorry, couldn't resist that one) so why believe anything he's told us? As slimboyfat said, he's not the most trustworthy narrator and hasn't been since day 1.

    Isn't it entirely possible that someone could find him a disgusting embarrassment and want nothing todo with him and at the same time cover up what he did because they see "protecting the organization" as the prime directive?

    Don’t be quick to blame a spouse for condoning behaviour. We have no idea how horrendous the situation may truly be. No wonder she never wanted to appear in videos and he had to “surprise” her to get her on camera sometimes.

    I'm not so sympathetic anymore. Past a certain point, people deserve the lives they have. They make the choices, they get to live with them. She knew about him many years ago, from his own admission, and if he's now rebuilding his studio then he's not been kicked out in spite of what she knows now. So I'm no longer going with the "poor her" theory, I'm going with "maybe likes the money" theory. Without his "activism" he'd probably be washing windows and she'd be a window-washers-wife (no offence to window washers). Either that, or he's absolutely domineering, and someone with more personal acquaintance with her needs to get her serious help to escape.

  • Diamondfrog

    The Prozziegate video was made in his kitchen because the Bunker was not operational by his own words. I’m not sure which kitchen he was in, but it could have been somewhere other than the in laws place.

    Same for the Bunker. Maybe he is rebuilding it somewhere else. No clarification on either ones.

  • Diamondfrog

    Ok. I’ve just checked the photo he put up on Twitter where Tibor is apparently helping him. It does look like the original Bunker.

  • Diogenesister

    Look he's just said this Marko doesn't exist. If this is true it's not just Lloyd whose reputation will be ruined.

    Lloyds Croation video editor There is no Marko, and that was already proven years ago. But why do research when you can act like a justice warrior? If he does exist, his only relation to Dijana is being Croatian. By that logic I am Dijana's cousin as well. Our country is small but it ain't that small. Also, I love the fact the video about Marko has what appears to be some weird version of the Serbian flag as a thumbnail. The guy posting doesn't even know the difference between Serbia and Croatia

  • Diogenesister
    If Tibor is gracious,

    Lloyd should be cancelled for this catch phrase alone 🤣

    Witness my fury email address used was discontinued sometime in the past 20 days, apparently the Marko account has gone dead very recently too. Can you spell RED FLAG?

    This doesn't look good. People I hope to god you've done your due diligence. Don't gaslight me by accusing me of not being willing to report CSA. If you had someone actually report it to you that's a million miles away from a bunch of texts gotten who knows where?

    I just don't want him let off the hook for what he HAS done.

  • Listener

    It was Kim Brooks that posted the statement by Marko the other day and she states she did so to protect his identity. I don't know why a person's identity needs to be protected when they are making such a serious claim. It was Kim/Mike that knew to was this same Marko that posted the emails claiming to be between Lloyd and a 14 year old. They congratulate him for doing so on this thread.

    Mike/Kim posted this comment about six days ago on this thread -

    We did!
    Back in 2017, many of us contacted the British authorities, only to be told "Without a victim, without first-hand knowledge, like his wife, AND the perp fled the country,...NOTHING can be done"
    Croatia authorities were contacted, "The crime was committed in Britain, so unless a crime is committed in Croatia, nothing can be done"

    A number of ex JWs say they have now reported this claim, including Marc. I believe Marc & Cora are supportive friends of Kim & Mike so I don't think Kim & Mike would be happy to see them report to the police unless there was very credible evidence. But it's not being presented to us/publicly and it could be that they are trying to protect certain people.

    But why be happy to see some allegations being presented publicly, even being a catalyst for it knowing that it could not be substantiated? Since Mike & Kim have been happy to see this Marko present new 'evidence', it would suggest, going by Kim & Mike's comment above, that one of two things have recently happened.

    That is -

    They have found the victim who is willing to testify and/or

    Lloyd's wife is willing to testify (and present any evidence that she has, if those emails are real she would likely be the source of them)

    I don't believe the set of emails were ever presented publicly when the claim originally was made by Marko a number of years ago. Why not? Why would Lloyd's wife give them to him now when he broke her trust with private information a number of years ago?

    Marko has also closed his twitter account very recently.

    None of this is making much sense and anyone claiming to have contact with Marko aren't coming out with any information that is logical or makes it all credible.

  • Diogenesister
    Davros I can't help but wonder if certain ones in the ex JW community will use the same scrutiny they are giving to Lord Voldemort to defend any active witness who proclaims to be innocent of disgusting accusations like this?

    I understand how you feel, particularly if you're a victim of CSA or rape yourself.

    The difference is that in a Cong when CSA is reported or you have concerns etc the people involved are flesh and blood individuals whether you know them well personally or not but these are just stuff on the internet written by who knows. I'm just reading stuff online seeing pictures and names that could be copy pasted from a novel for all I know. It's completely a different situation.

    We are always told not to automatically trust anything in the virtual world for very good reason.

  • sparrowdown

    What worries me is if any part of this “evidence” is even partially embellished or fabricated or dare I say it… revenge driven, there’s quite a few reps that will go down with him. The saying “when seeking revenge dig two graves” comes to mind.

    Either way there’s no coming back from this now. Maybe it’s the rupture the exJW community needed to have.

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