It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    the wierd thing about that day , 2019, Lloyd on is facebook page call M.O. John Redwood?

  • Toblerone5

    also By the way That Photo WAS taken that day , AT Warwick , for is stupid stunt...

  • slimboyfat
    Strange that they look like besties in the photos in different locations rounds the planet, because Mark said he didn’t know anything about LE’s business, didn’t talk to him much outside the channel, and hadn’t heard spoken to him in months, in fact. Mmm.
  • Simon
    Looking like this...(The beard and jean,) And no watchtower did not soften there dresscode rule for JW.

    What about the hair?! He looks like a homeless person who's stolen someone's camera.

  • Vintage

    Yes, who’s stolen someone’s camera, but forgot to steal their hair comb.

    13 hours ago
    If you're allowed into the HQ for a guided tour, you may not be quite the "activist" you imagine you are.

    I was at the house with dijana when the crew all went to bethel. Two ex bethelites went (one was Paul Grundy). Mark was a visiting brother who had his study with him. From what I remember of the conversations after they returned, no one knew who they were.

    Did he put the Australian Bethel visit on his Youtube?

    The filming was for tatt, from memory there was a little clip in his “australia “ video that he did when he returned to Croatia and photos on SM

  • Diogenesister
    final proof I offer is this. Don't forget about Lloyd being a fool on the boat during his Warwick lake protest. Maybe I am wrong, but didn't that one include Mark O'Donnell? They know who Lloyd is. Do you think a stunt like that went unnoticed?

    Only Javier and Lloyd did the boat stunt. Mark didn't go on to Watchtower property (without permission)as far as I remember (I may be wrong).

    There is only an official dress code for baptised Jehovah's witnesses at Bethel . 'Studies', 'interested persons' etc are more than welcome at Bethel and don't have to follow the dress code (within reason).

    Aside from maintaining that Putin's Russia is only reinforcing the JW persecution complex by banning them, what on earth has Lloyd Evans done that has benefited Watchtower in any way?!!

    The majority of people who find his videos are on their way out anyway & there's nothing he says that everyone else doesn't also say. There's no information he holds not available everywhere else, nor does he hold views about the org the majority of ex witnesses don't also hold.

    Therefore, where is the 'control' in his opposition, if such opposition is found everywhere else by exjws not controlled?

  • Toblerone5
    didn’t talk to him much outside the channel,

    OH COME ON! Again 2019! If that was a CLUE game, I would say ; Lloyd Evans, In Mark Office,with the Camera...the one he stole to commit the crime...

  • Toblerone5

    My last post was not for your comment slimboyfat , I always like your post, it was for what M.O. wrote...Your Honnor I only talk with the accused on Youtube .I never went on Vacation ,twice with him, he never came to my house for filming, Me and my wife never went in a Dinner ,to eat breakfast? with him...J'ACCUSE!

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