It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • NonCoinCollector
    And I remember his bitchy attitude towards Christmas. Can you imagine "celebrating" with a parent who can barely contain his boredom and distaste for what should be a happy family holiday?

    This is one of the few things I can sympathize with Lloyd Evans. Christmas does not mean nearly as much to me as it does other family members without my background. What would make it worse is neither of the children's grandparents celebrate it, so it would be even harder for him to make the activity feel normal. Wow, I almost felt something for the jerk. Don't make me do that again.

  • Vintage

    I don’t celebrate Christmas.

  • Diogenesister
    Our theory has nothing to do with love."
    Route 666 My theory is that it has much to do with the children, and perhaps even her parents. LJE has dragged this family through the mud with his sheer awfulness and refusal to just STFU. If it were me, I would want to distance myself as far away as possible from this scandalous scandal and focus on the kids and making their lives as normal as possible going forward. LJE has already created a painful situation for the little ones, and I know from experience that speaking out (even if justified) really makes it harder on the kids.

    HEAR, HEAR!! Parents tearing shreds off of each other does nothing but harm the children. If she loves the kids she will restrain herself from publicly deriding her husband.

    Pr0ner I really have a hard time believing so far it's been an expensive affair for him.
    Yes, that's why I think he's had the trainee solicitor doing most of the keep costs to a minimum.

    That doesn't mean he won't grift-claw maximum legal fees back from the defendants if he can. Standard fees charged at an established firm in the Capital and what he would probably be shelling out for a trainee in a small town Solicitors Office, could be two very different amounts!

  • JWBeliefsDiscussed

    what name you use on twitter

  • lloydevansparody
    Wouldn't that imply that it was one crime, or that the defendants were working together? Not just impossible to manage, but it seems like it would be impossible to prosecute! Wait, wait... was that the cheaper option?

    That's an interesting question. It would be if they all were within the same jurisdiction. But they are 7 individuals spread over 3 different continents with different legal systems, legal interpretations etc.. What would happen f they find the US residents not guilty but the European ones guilty? Which one would be the real verdict?

    Novosel knows best I am totally sure but it seems so insane unless...

    unless the real objective is only to have a croatian court to judge them in absentia which is absurde and unheard of except in Lloydland

    And yes that was the cheapest option

  • lloydevansparody
    I find it hard to be sympathetic if she's known the kind of man he was,

    Sadly true

  • Simon
    My theory is that it has much to do with the children, and perhaps even her parents.

    I forgot about the Occams razor explanation - she's a non-native English speaking mother with 2 very small children to take care of (who probably always did solo parenting).

    Reading through exJW topics to read what a douche she married is probably pretty low on her priorities.

  • Simon
    He also can't seriously claim he's the only one suffering all this whilst he's been taunting everyone in tweets, FB posts and YT comments ever since 31 Jan

    He also can't claim that he found it all intrusive when he's repeatedly done performance pieces to camera on it and been willing to be interviewed about it on someone else's channel.

    All along the way he's publicized it as much as anyone has.

  • Toblerone5

    From is Facebook page...First have you ever hear him sing? %^%$#$# ( cursing words.but it was all in french ) but the think that caught my attention was that TANIIAALALALA GURL i mean Women ,like that post...Interesting...For those of you who don't know her , that was one of the Instagram 20 something that needed a ride in Zagreb And he offer to drive her ...

  • vienne

    What Lloyd is running is a scam. In the USA you can report it to the FBI tip line. File repeated twitter and Facebook reports as his posts warrant. Contact the Croatian Embassy. File a complaint with the Croatian National Police - Ministry of the Interior



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