It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Diogenesister I have my own theory for why he was so upset with me. My feeling is that either he had a weird respect for me (so he was more upset when I didn't take his side) or I was making the most noise on Twitter. The other side is, he could have gone after me because he thinks it's easier to get over on his followers. Someone like Jake with a large following he probably felt was a tougher hill to climb. I don't think where we live has anything to do with anything because I think he knows that Croatia has no jurisdiction.

    I think people are misreading cost. I've seen $8 allocated on a sheet here in Europe as 8,000. So I think his court costs were actually $122. That makes way more sense, and in a criminal case you couldn't claim liabilities as it would be a fine/sanction/imprisonment. He has probably paid his lawyers a total of $500 plus court fees. I really have a hard time believing so far it's been an expensive affair for him.

  • TonusOH

    I think their best course of action is mostly what they have been doing: responding with more videos and more blogs and more statements. This has two important effects- one, it shows that Evans's bullying is having the opposite effect.

    Two, it shows that he's not really interested in taking action against his detractors, because YouTube has options for reporting any kind of harassment, bullying, defamation, slander, etc. Either he is not using these, or he has tried them and been denied. But he knows he can't attempt to abuse or misuse this system, or he may be the one who gets punished. And he can't just make vague claims when using this system- he needs to make a case that will withstand scrutiny.

    He seems determined to control the narrative, as would be expected of a control freak and narcissist. It is one reason why he probably is feeling very stressed by his current situation, where he seems to be losing control of Dijanna. If she ever decides to open up about him and about their relationship, the damage would be immense. He must badly want to keep her within reach and within control.

  • Thisismein1972

    I have a British ex-pat friend who lived in Malta, (as I do) he recently decided to move back to the UK and he has to apply for residency.

  • CalvinistEmily
    I think people are misreading cost. I've seen $8 allocated on a sheet here in Europe as 8,000.

    That's possible. In continental Europe they tend to use commas instead of full stops/periods to indicate decimal points. Can be confusing for us Brits, Irish and non-Europeans.

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  • pr0ner

    If Dijanna opened up it would be game over for him. But in some weird way his cringe actions are showing he's trying to get ahead of anything as fast as he can. His ego has him thinking now that he is single all his wildest dreams can finally be realized with women. This would be an easy exit for women, "Hey is this you on this forum they're talking about?". That rambling facebook post seemed like it came from... something. Someone else pointed out how he keeps leading people back to the evidence. All of this is just so insane.

  • Listener

    I haven't finished watching the VAH video but want to note here some of the comments made by Tom/Fairytale, for the record. Particularly because in 2017 he was very forward in suggesting that LE was a pedo and still continues with that idea to this day. Yet Lloyd has not listed him as one of the magnificent 7 and there appears to be good reason why.

    Tom says that his father calls in to see him every couple of months and loves to tell him stories of something that they've been right about. One time, they were talking about JWs and child abuse.

    This is a part transcript of what Tom says in the VAH video starting around 1.00

    "The number one apostate in your world is a child abuser" (his father told him) and this was years and immediately I knew who he was talking about, immediately I knew it was true. And that means, I thought about it a couple of days what that means.

    My dad is on the district Committee where he gives talks at the summer conventions. He knows the DO's and that means that the Watchtower society knows that, I am not going to say his name, MaoMan is a CSA abuser and that they have told the Elders, at least all around the Nation of America, they have told the Elders that the big apostate who's on Youtube is a df'd child abuser, which is what my Dad told me and I knew it was true and I couldn't tell him it was wrong. I knew it was true.

    I think I told you guys a story or Joel told you guys a story about I had been very harshly critical of Lloyd back in 2017 and part of that had been mum was very ill, I was very upset at that time. I was a little bit off centre at that time because of how upset I was and I really lace into Lloyd because I had just had enough he got, from someone who was an ex friend of mine, and he got my last and he went with it and he called my parents house and my mother picked up the phone and he pretended, what she told me, a man with a British accent said that he was a lawyer and he was calling about collections. That he needed to know their bank information, where he could see about the title to their house because all of that was going to be claimed in recompense for my criticisms of my online. He was going to collect damages from them and my mum, my mum is not a stupid woman and my mum says 'I don't think so' and she said 'I don't know who you are but don't call again, I have nothing to do with my adult son and he got, this is how my dad described it to me because he was on, my mum had it on speaker phone and my father was down the hallway, in his office and Lloyd screamed so loud at my mother that he heard it half way across the house and he described it as demonic and when I was listening to him that was another thing I couldn't disagree with and so my dad was two for two on that one.

    Anyway, there really is no point to this story other than it's just another piece of the puzzle that for me, it is a giant red flag that Lloyd has reacted so viserally (?) to the suggestion that something happened in 2008 which he assured us nothing does but in my experience and I will tell you that my father and my grandfather were both Elders and I have been a family of Elders for a long time. Elders cover for each other. When an Elder gets df'd, when an Elder gets removed, it's bad, something bad happened and for an Elder to get removed when his dad is an Elder that is trying to cover it up for him, it's, it's a little more than chat rooms. He did something than being in a chat room and his wife found out about it and I say this because in our congregation there were Elders that did similar things like being caught for chat rooms or being caught flirting with their secretary or something like that or even committing fornication. They didn't get removed and they certainly didn't flee the country and change their screen name and all of this and start using alias.

    I do understand people, I have a big question around Marko, a big question around the leaked emails, but I don't think they should be memory hold and I also don't know what the police are doing with that information but I want to say that it is a very bad precedent to be set for people to come into possession of evidence, be it circumstantial or otherwise, turn it over to police and then ex JWs are criticsing them for doing that and it's like, wait a minute, isn't that what you always said was the problem with JWs is that they didn't do that. The Watchtower said where's your two witnesses well there's never two witnesses, there never will be two witnesses, it's not the nature of that sort of crime and so I wanted to set the record straight that I think it is the utmost hypocrysy for people to say well you don't have video tape or something of Lloyd doing these things, woops, I said his name, I'm talking about a different Lloyd by the way, ... but we talked about how the most hilarious moment in ex Jw history was when Lloyd said 'What, what'.

    To me the darkest moment in exJw history is when and I will never forget this day, was that 24 hour period of January 31st to February 1st and I was there and I saw it with my own eyes, when Kim Silvio had posted on Reddit her statement, just making people aware of what this character was doing with activists donations and seeing how this had been removed by the moderators ...a post "all hail Lloyd Evans, King of the exJws" and I said 'this is the darkest moment of ex JW history.

  • NonCoinCollector
    I think people are misreading cost. I've seen $8 allocated on a sheet here in Europe as 8,000. So I think his court costs were actually $122. That makes way more sense, and in a criminal case you couldn't claim liabilities as it would be a fine/sanction/imprisonment. He has probably paid his lawyers a total of $500 plus court fees. I really have a hard time believing so far it's been an expensive affair for him.

    That would really clear much of this up. That is why I posted that sheet, because with all of those zeros, it makes no sense. Being cheap like he is, $122 for a court filing to make it appear he is "clearing his name" makes far more sense now. Still I hope his lawyers bleed his bank account dry.

  • lloydevansparody
    If Dijanna opened up it would be game over for him.

    totally with you here.

    However, the real question is why she doesn't do it? Our theory has nothing to do with love

  • lloydevansparody

    For the legal fees in Croatia Law Society charges on a point basis. Just for the lawyer basically. There also may be other fees, admin, court fees etc.

    I calculated only the criminal case submission and so far he is around 100 points. around $1400. Criminal Legal fees ain't cheap. Link here

    He probably will wait to see what's happening with this claim before starting civil proceedings.

    Also to be noted that he made a bulk claim against 7 different individuals. Perfectly ok but nearly impossible to manage. He should have made 7 different claims but hey even his Patrons don't have unlimited resources

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