It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz
    He surely looks like he is diversifying in recent months, thank goodness for that,and good ridance. Maybe he has got his eyes on this bar, from the photos it looks like a small bar and he might be looking to invest in it and move away from making videos. Time for Zagreb to suffer him and his music
  • Vintage

    Thisismein1972 said,

    "And no, Serena will be able to do whatever she has already been doing, as do all active Jehovah's Witnesses who have money."

    That is so true. That is the key. The way to Watchtower's heart is through the huge donations it receives. And next to outright donations is any person who can get others to "rally round". Watchtower has tons of forgiveness for any golden boy or golden girl.

    I'm sorry for Serena. I thought she had dodged the whole 'getting baptized into Watchtower' thing. May she wake up soon and leave.

  • Diogenesister
    I see Richard Carrier went on his channel. I wonder how many people have turned him down for interviews in the last year.

    Carrier doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to women, too. Anyway his patrons would have paid for that as you have to pay their appearance fee.

  • Diogenesister
    seriously ,the reason i post this I thought it was funny how this have NO Covers charge , but didn't he charge one ,when he release is first book , and he was on a book tour ? I guess the freeloading is just for the Ex-jw community

    😂 Toblerone5 that's quite a funny (and you are right he did have a cover charge for his book tour) but this word is called a homograph - "covers" in this sense means a cover of a song. A cover being an interpretation of someone else's (usually famous) song. They must play their own original music.

    And yes, someone mentioned this may be an attempt to diversify. It's either a foray into becoming a music/events promotor OR it's a good way to meet the local "talent" (talent being another homograph? 😜)

  • Diogenesister

    I cannot tell you how infuriating this is. Typical black & white thinking from a man with zero ability to think for himself, despite his protestations to the contrary. Anything not left is "far right" yet the whole point of democracy is the right to personal views and freedom of speech. If you put those "aside" & only have the left....well, we know what that is. It seems Lloyd is only comfortable living within an authoritarian framework where contrasting views are forbidden....a media informed utopia instead of a Watchtower one.

    Kim S HOWEVER as a casual observer, I have noticed the black and white, defend to the end, if your not with me your dead to me culture that is created by the paradigm ….. and yes it is culty…..why can’t people just get informed and make their own decisions …. You make a very interesting point !

    Kim they call them "The New Puritans", which is interesting in and of itself!

  • Simon
    I do not believe in the left/right paradigm, as it is yet another cult-like ideology that is designed to divide

    It's a deliberately misleading framing, by those that push for big-government control.

    The real political spectrum goes from those that want absolute government control of your life to those who want personal freedom. Big government to small government. Not left to right. The extreme left and the extreme right are the same thing, round the circle till they meet, away from the reasonable compromise of the center, where people want both government services and protection, but also personal freedoms and protection from the government in case they over-reach.

    Governments always abuse their power and big government is invariable socialism which takes abuse to a whole other level. The media (socialist) like to portray the Nazis (the national SOCIALIST party) as right wing when they were very, very much left wing - fighting the communists (a competing faction) for control of who got to be the big government and kill the people that didn't support and kneel down to them.

    Socialism killed hundreds of millions, and now it's promoted by opportunists, and the feeble-minded. His little poll may well have just been "Will you acknowledge my virtue signalling and give me points?". That's all he's doing. It's not to find opinions, it's for people to identify their allegiance to the ideology.

    The far right as people mistakenly understand it is no threat to democracy or civilization, but socialist cancer definitely is eating away at everything and people need to be educated about it. Of course, that is why the first thing they do is seize control of the media.

    Evans epitomizes the attitudes of resentment and retaliation that the likes of him would use to commit atrocities if they ever get their hands on the reigns of power, with the controls removed.

  • Chinapomo

    Lloyd would you live in a world where dating Thai sex workers in exchange for money, while your kids and wife are at home celebrating Christmas, is a normal and accepted part of society?

  • ozziepost


    I suspect that you and I left the UK for similar reasons, even though expressed differently ?

    I’m glad to say that Mrs Ozzie and I found a much better place, even though it’s in the “colonies”.


  • Thisismein1972


    I also left the UK because I could see where it was going and still is. In fact, they are now steamrolling the collapse.

    Scotlands finest are now using the word MAPs to describe what is essentially a pedophile. For those not in the know, MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person. Oh how my once brave nation has turned into a test bed for the coming police state, if not already there.

  • Vintage

    Ozziepost, is the USA part of the colonies?

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