Charging $150 To Tell Your Stories

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    Ruby456: I honestly don't know why LLoyd feels that he needs to reveal warts and all. does he somehow think this will make him seem more authentic and therefore more trustworthy?

    His first book was way too long and should have been split up into two: (1) My personal Story and (2) Understanding the JWs. To talk about such personal details in one chapter and than talk about the Watchtower history in the next was not a good idea to me.

    Also, though bring out that kind of details require a good dose of courage, somehow, it didn't help me acquire more respect or admiration for the man.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Hecce: I like this, it makes a lot of sense; I just saw a comment comparing Cedars book with Crisis of Conscience.

    I don't know how the comparison can be made. CoC is one of my all time favorite books.

    I bought Lloyd's book as I thought it be a nice way to give a contribution for his work. I watched still watch his videos. Still, his book didn't bring me much more knowledge concerning the JWs. It was nice to see many bits of information gathered together in one book. Unfortunately thought, he broke this up with his personal story. Sure, I liked his personal story story as well, but it could have been in two different books.

    In the end, though Lloyd's book was interesting, CoC changed my way of thinking. To me, you cannot compare the two. Also, considering that Lloyd's book often used information and lines of thought from CoC, I strongly doubt that he'd even want his book to be compared to that master piece.

  • Simon
    I don’t think we can pretend this cybersex issue is independent of the former. If anything, it’s quite clearly being hinted at as corroboration.

    Yeah, that sounds like he wrote it in the book to head off the claims in response to them which puts a different spin on things.

  • Simon
    considering that Lloyd's book often used information and lines of thought from CoC, I strongly doubt that he'd even want his book to be compared to that master piece.

    Never underestimate the power of his ego to consider himself full of importance ;)

    The books aren't in the same league. CoC was unique in that it was someone from _the_ very top, the Governing Body, exposing facts that would otherwise remain hidden and also the motivation and story behind their rules and behavior.

    Lloyd was just a nobody like the rest of us. We all know what it was like and he has no unique insights - he just regurgitates what smarter people than him have already figured out. Unless there is some remarkable back-story or accomplishment then there's nothing I'm interested in reading.

    BTW: How does he feel about people downloading books for free as PDFs now that he sells books?

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    He is constantly complaining on his Twitter account how YouTube is not treating him fairly because they aren't paying him for all of his videos. If you read comments on his book on Amazon any negative comments he jumps on and not trying to learn from those comments but he attacks the commenter. He doesn't feel like he can ever do anything wrong and that he is the smartest person in the world.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Simon: How does he feel about people downloading books for free as PDFs now that he sells books?

    Well, this brings back another hot debate. CoC is an awesome book that should be read by as many JWs as possible. Unfortunately, now that Ray Franz and his wife are dead and gone, the current copyright holder has not published the book in years.

    Lloyd being "Lloyd", he took it upon himself to sell illigal printed copies of the book. Though that was not a good idea, I do understand the motives. Clearly, his motivations were not to withhold monney from the author or even make a profit out of this. The price asked at the time was too low for that anyway.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    John Davis: He doesn't feel like he can ever do anything wrong and that he is the smartest person in the world.

    Yeah, I think this attitude is probably at the root of all the issues everyone have against him.

  • Ruby456

    he needs to pay more attn to his family as they seem to be the cornerstone of his sanity. if djana is ever forced to make a choice between her child and his/her future and Lloyd I think she would chose her child. LLoyd needs to grow up fast so that this situation never develops.

  • Diogenesister

    The broken kite Asks how he can separate out all this stuff, being fairly new to the scene.

    There seems to be a battle at the moment as to who is going to be ' the 'voice' of the exjw community. An exitting handbook will go some way toward being that know, the one the press will call on should Watchtower be in the news.

    Yup. so much for altruism.

    (The Great Apostate has got in the game early and released one the other day, by the way.)

    Lloyd has had his fair share of uncalled for abuse thrown his way, as you have gathered, by people who are not the nicest bunch.

    But.... he responded, and this is where Lloyd let himself down badly, by doing the following. Marc and Cora were about to be interviewed regarding a Watchtower related issue. Lloyd ensured they were not given the chance by ringing the journalist in question and telling them Marc and Cora were an unreliable source. Stinks, huh?

    On the other hand the sexual predator rumours began with an issue between Mike, Kim and their daughter ( a young adult at the time).

    So there you have it. Bit of a slimeball? Sure. Peadophile? Not a chance.

  • Nacho Sanchez
    Nacho Sanchez

    I agree. Extremely poor choice of words at best or pure criminality at worst. Unfortunately due to the way this man is wired to view any and everything as an external attack, this issue will probably stay eternally cloudy. When this issue came out on YouTube, I was one of his friends on FB. As is typical, Lloyd went directly at the accusers and started making a laundry list of complaints against them, including past behavior. The result was an often rambling diatribe which both denied the allegations and fired back just as hard. Since I had volunteered to be on the translation team for the Spanish version of his book, we were on friendly terms. Though I do regret my choice of wording considering his ultimate reaction, they went something like this: Shame on the accusers if this is false, I hope this is prosecuted to the fullest extent if true. In his typical fashion he completely ignored the former and focused on the latter. Again, it was my fault as I should have used kid gloves on him if anything. What followed was an irritated remark, several messages of abuse by his supporters, and a quick block before I had a chance to clarify that I wasn't accusing him of anything and that I wished I had used better words.

    Maybe Lloyd could have used "better words". Nowhere does he state this though. Still, what contextual situations call for a "girl" and alternately a "woman"?

    Consider Bo Juel's book. On page 55 he describes how he met his first wife that he had known since he was 15:

    Five years earlier I had married the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I had known her since I was fifteen, when we briefly met at a summer convention arranged by Jehovah's Witnesses

    How old was he when they married? Same page:

    Neither of us were baptized into the religion when we got married. We got the whole thing signed up at the judge's office and that was that. I was eighteen, she was only seventeen, and my favorite song at that time was Bruce Springsteen's "The River"...

    So he was 18. she was 17, and he referred to her as "girl". Flip ahead to page 89 where describes meeting his second wife, and notice the change in terminology. I will leave it there as Bo clearly switches from a "girl" (who was 17) to a "woman", albeit age not clearly identified. What is identified was that she was a "woman" as compared to the "girl" he had married as a teen.

    When I first met this woman, I was blown away. She was incredible in every way and I fell in love like never before. We had only been dating a few weeks when, after being at the movies, I drove her home. She was still living with her parents, so we sat in the car outside their house and I started talking. It was cold and dark outside the car, but I did not notice any of that. I was just so mesmerized by this beautiful woman that was sitting beside me

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