Charging $150 To Tell Your Stories

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @dubstepped Fark. I need to get in the house cleaning biz too, then. Sounds like a lucrative gig you've got going on there, Mikey.

  • dubstepped

    Well, I do clean the bathrooms in all of the houses we have cleaned for 17+ years. I figured it up to be roughly 30,000 bathrooms that I've cleaned in my illustrious career. So if the riches aren't enough, there is also glory to be found.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @dubstepped Maybe some day one of of your employers will leave you a golden nugget in one of those toilets.

  • dubstepped

    Lol, the number of nuggets left behind is staggering. Grown ass people don't know how to complete the process more often then one would think. Did I mention how much glory was involved? I think I did. :)

    Oh, and I owe it all to the preparation for life given to me by Jehovah's spirit directed organization.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @dubstepped Lolololol. Sometimes once isn't enough:

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    For those interested in the history behind him writing a book, he started the thread on this forum:

    What he was going to do was pull a “disfellowship me please” stunt in order to appeal to a publisher to give him an advance. In other words, write a book, get disfellowshipped, and then either write another book about that or include the latest info in a second edition. In short no one was interested and he quickly found he had to do it himself. Here he details how he would go under a pen name if he was forced to self-publish:

    So in a book he was marketing in part to people, many of whom did not want to get disfellowshipped in the first place and wish they weren’t, he was willing to put his status with the org on the line in order to sell books. When that didn’t work, he wanted them to give him his much desired “advance” he couldn’t get from a publishing company, which he did to the tune of over $20000 for the first book. Now he wants the same people to pay for another book that no publisher wanted a piece of.

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    Good information as usual.


  • _Morpheus

    Wow dub, you have a podcast, i will have to check that out...

    to your remarks on shunning, i read it as i did in light of the following quote:

    “ If he owned up to some mistake in the past is he forever defined by it like a disfellowshipped person is forever labeled unless they come crawling back?”

    it seemed like a shunning comparison in that quote. I responded as such. If you meant it differently or perhaps i read words that were not there then of course the conversation can and should be modified to reflect such. I also see you have a podcast, i will have to check that out.

    you also asked if he should “forever” be labled as something he admitted to... good question. Is a pedophile ALWAYS labled a pedophile? When does the label expire? Is a murderer ALWAYS a murderer? When does the label expire on that? i also see from a few of your posts that you have a podcast, i will have to check that out...

    the issue, and i hesitate to repeat myself, is that LLOYD brough this up. In a book. In a book HE wrote. In a book HE wrote and HE published and HE profited from. Neither lloyd nor anyone else has just cause to be upset when lloyd is questioned about something HE wrote and HE published in a book that HE sold and profited from. This wasnt a tell all by a tabloid. LLOYD wrote the book. And LLOYD published it. LLOYD made money from it. I also see you have a podcast... i’ll have to check that out.

    Wrapped up in this is the idea that the wt org has spent a very long time hiding pedophiles. Lloyd is writting book about being in and ultimately leaving that cult... he manages to drop a glaring reference to some pedophiliac activities in his book then runs away... but its our fault for asking for details? No sir. Save your self righteous bleeding heart defense for those who need or deserve it. Lloyd is neither.

    I also see you have a podcast! I will have to check that out.

  • dubstepped

    Why don't the people on those threads you linked to, the actual people he was openly discussing his ideas with, seem nearly as butthurt by his book ideas as the people here today? People seemed excited and were willing to take part and help. Now he's a monster for doing the same?

  • dubstepped

    Yes, I have 2 podcasts. "This JW Life" is my personal story. Feel free to read something into a paragraph's worth of material and affix labels to me too, lol. I guess if someone can do it then I can be raked over the coals too and I'll suddenly owe them something.

    That podcast is done but I leave it up to help as many as I can. I can only talk about myself for so long.

    People emailed me and didn't want it to end because there isn't much out there for us. I know because I listen to podcasts and books all day while I work. I wanted more too. Doing the show kind of scratches my own itch, but it's not easy.

    So I started "shunned" as people emailed me wanting to tell their stories. I give up my time and pay for what it takes to help them tell their stories. I didn't want to monetize my first podcast because I didn't want to catch crap from JWs. I'd be a self-important liar looking for money in their eyes if I made money from my efforts. Apparently the same might apply from the exJW community if I dared to make money despite people requesting that I set up a page for such. I haven't yet, but only because I want to establish the show first. At some point might because I spend my time and money on it and I'm sure some may take offense. I don't know if I'll care to dignify accusations with a response or not when and if the time comes. I'm not a fan of all the exJW personality drama.

    I'm helping people and that's what I care about. If you listen and have suggestions I'm all ears. So far people seem to like the new one. I have an episode coming out in February that is a very special story that hopefully will impact lots of people. It was very heavy. Most episodes take 2 hours to record and lots of time to edit, upload, promote, etc. His took over 6 hours just to record, over two weekends. It's amazing what people go through in the cult. I'm glad people help get their stories out there. I have my style and others have theirs.

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