Charging $150 To Tell Your Stories

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  • hothabanero

    that passage ring all kinds of warning bells. watch out for the clarification that "girls" somehow mean "old woman" and "serious issues" mean "normal marriage problems".

    I'd say an 11 on the Roy Moore scale lol!

  • Simon

    For someone with that history / predilection to want to be involved with an organization to "help" victims of abuse and to use a fake identity and address for the official company registration is simply astoundingly stupid but unsurprisingly predictable.

    What an odious little toad.

  • jp1692
    I daren't say anything about this distracting jerking because he is so sensitive

    Is he just “jerking” in his videos, or does he do that when he’s sexting too?

    Maybe he only needs one hand to send his sext messages—he’s a one-handed sexter! 🤪

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    But the money is going to such a good cause... his vacation in Venice.

  • _Morpheus

    Well he needs inspiration to write.

  • steve2

    I think "girls" means women in everyday usage, in this sort of context, unless good reason to think otherwise. He would have been wise to anticipate misconstrual and be more precise in his wording.

    SBF, you think "girls" means women in everyday usage?? Really? You that confident that's what he meant? And if so, from where does your confidence spring?

    If apprehended, he wouldn't be the first man to protest he thought his objects of lust were not underage "girls". Famous last words. Pitiful.

    And of course he doesn't help things by his stupidly disingenuous disclosure.

    Little wonder there has been disquiet online, including this forum about his desire to provide support for vulnerable ex-JW females, among others.

  • Hecce

    Thanks to all the contributors, this discussion has been highly beneficial to me and will help me explain certain things to people that are completely seduced by this individual.

  • thebrokenkite

    Does the book hint at how old Lloyd may have been when this happened? Obviously, he was old enough to marry.

    Cedars seemed to be the only non-crazy ex-JW on YouTube when I was first exploring my doubts after being df’ed and his content was very helpful. However, I knew nothing of the man and only chanced upon the animosity between the more aggressive advocates and Cedars’ clan after my summary of the Warwick protest, for which I’m still being hilariously harassed. Anyway, I’ve heard it said by many that this accusation was born in the anti-Cedars camp, which I do not consider credible, as they’ve even accused me of calling the police on them in Warwick even though they had already accused an ex-Russelite. They callously employed the same WT tactics formerly used against them against me, a newbie ex-JW who, objectively (as in I knew nothing of any of the YouTube stars to even recognize them or have a previous opinion), disagreed with them. However, after learning of these rumors and realizing he can be a polarizing figure (I’ve already got that covered for myself), I’ve been weary of being included in the Cedars camp simply because I believe in rational, organized and gentler advocacy, now that my interview is online and I intend to share content of my own. I’ve also found Cedars’ actions, through a search here of previous threads, distasteful or worse at times but child sex abuse is too heavy an accusation to just toss around because Cedars gets more views, makes money, AND disagrees with you. Can anyone who has no dog in this fight provide more information as to the truth of these accusations and their source? Should I start a separate thread for that? Sorry for all the run-on sentences. I have an affinity for commas. 🤓

  • StephaneLaliberte

    If Lloyd Evens can make a living off of his activism, why not? Why would he not be entitled to it? I heard the argument: You cannot help victim by charging them. Following that arguments, psychologists and doctors are a bunch of crooks too. They charge the sick and the needed through the nose!

    Seriously, look at the amount of time this guy invested in his work: Hundreds of videos, many of which are very well researched, a working website with plenty of documentation, two books and lets not forget the thousands of test he wrote on social media! Sure many of us have done some of these things. But this guy clearly made it a profession.

    Sure he's arrogant, suborn and probably drives away many sincere JWs by promoting atheism to often. These are big flaws. And yet, in the end, many Jehovah's Witnesses have left with his help.

    So he criticize the protesters and "aggressive activism"? You think of accusing him of pedophilia on baseless evidence is much better? What the hell is wrong with you? How many songs use the word "girl" romantically? All of these songs are written and sang by pedophiles?

    Lets not your hatred for this man's flaw bring you so low as to become an online lynch mob. That would make you much worse than most of the bad things we can indeed see in this guy.

  • Diogenesister
    broken kite Does the book hint at how old Lloyd may have been when this happened? Obviously, he was old enough to marry

    Hi brokenkite!!

    I think the age jw's marry is relevent to this discussion, as you brought out. Lloyd talks about behaving like " a married man", but I would suggest "a married boy" would actually be more appropriate.

    He was probably early twenties at the latest and yes, kids that age are girls and would describe themselves as such, unless they are particularly politically and socially aware ( I actually knew some feminist separatists in the 80s who called themselves "wimmin" at that age, but this is a rare level of awareness).

    We need to seperate out gossip from a persons verifiable actions or our concerns won't be listened to.

    I just feel because exitting jw's can be so vulnerable to hero worship, they need to know their stories are worth so much more than a name check at the back of an ambitious you tubers pamphlet.

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