84 Lumber Commercial

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  • azor
    I don't like line cutters either. Calling them Mojados though shows how low class you are.
  • Jehalapeno

    That "poor mother" was an actress.

    Congratulations: You just fell for political propaganda.

    Manipulation techniques used in JW Broadcasting videos were also used in that commercial.

    EDIT: azor editied his comment so mine seems out of context. However, I'm leaving it up because I don't do edits like that.

  • Simon
    I don't know. I just can't wrap my head around calling a 5 year old kid who was taken along by her parents across the border as a "criminal". Nor can I wrap my head around calling her parents "criminals", after hearing what they escaped and seeing how they are integrating into society.

    The parents are criminal, the child isn't. Just like if a parent got their child to put merchandise in their pockets at a store.

    If they are escaping something terrible then they are a refugee, not an economic migrant. They should apply as such.

    Also, we should be questioning why companies are sending work to any countries where law and order has broken down so much that they are not considered safe to live.

  • azor

    Jalapeno and you fell for Trumps "The actors" bigoted propagandic demonizations.

    Really people who cross the border illegally should be demonized. Do you hear yourself.

    It's amazing to me how easily the people that support trump become unhinged.

  • MeanMrMustard
    I believe it is hurtful and demeaning to refer to any human as "illegal". Human dignity matters, even for those who are lawbreakers.

    So it is all about feelings? Would it "feel" better to call them "criminal immigrants"? So very tired of the word games on the left.


  • kpop

    Azor, what did you say about biggoted wall? Oh you mean these biggots?


  • MeanMrMustard
    I always wondered about taxes and other civic services but still don't quite understand how people can sign-up for things as an illegal immigrant and not just be caught and deported. Is that what Obama was doing? Something like 2/3rd had done nothing criminal (I guess other than stealing social security numbers and entering the country?)

    @Simon: They are "dreamers".


  • azor

    KPOP I just finished watching it. Have you read what I've stated? Apparently not. The wall was not mentioned once. My issue and what was addressed in the commercial was the wall. I have said repeatedly that illegal immigration needs to be addressed and that the bigoted wall is not the answer.

  • azor

    Jalepeno I was editing mine while you responded. It was not intentional but believe what you want.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Theft is illegal....people are not

    Theft is illegal ... so is immigration that breaks the host country's immigration rules and procedures.

    It's not rocket science, is it ...

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