84 Lumber Commercial

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Looks like 84 Lumber won't get hired to build the wall...

  • azor

    Doctor Who on the contrary if they were low bid they would get it. That was one of the many points of the full commercial. The lowest bid will likely have cheap labor. Even if they aren't illegal it's likely that most doing the labor will have Mexican heritage.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I see all those type of commercials as educational, really, in hope these overall Trump minorities will be brought if only briefly out of their hateful bubble and help them realize the true fabric of this great Nation.

    We're all immigrants and the latest arrivals, just like the earlier ones, are here to stay. Love it!!!


  • garyneal

    I watched that commercial for context and I have always wondered this about the people who go to great lengths to cross the border into the US illegally from Mexico.

    1. Why are they trying so hard to come to America?
    2. Are things really THAT BAD in Mexico that they have no choice but to flee?
    3. If so, why aren't they pressing for change for the better within the country of Mexico?
    4. In short, why aren't they fixing their own country?
    I look at it like this, I can respect people who flee their native home to find opportunity elsewhere. I did it myself when I left my dying manufacturing town to find a better opportunity for myself and my family in a city 250 miles away. But what if the jobs dried up entirely within the US and my only choice was to leave for another country. Could I easily move in or would I need to go through their immigration process?

    For the people of Mexico who insist that the US should just welcome anyone in with open arms, does Mexico do this? Can someone from Central and South America come across Mexico's border the way Mexicans want to come across USA's border? If not, then why should America be so accommodating?

    We're all immigrants and the latest arrivals, just like the earlier ones, are here to stay. Love it!!!

    Oh, this tired old argument again. This argument could be made for every sovereign nation on this planet. If you go back far enough in history every piece of land that eventually became a sovereign nation is made up of immigrants. I recall learning in history class that even native americans came from ancestors who immigrated across the Bering Strait. Can I just move into any other sovereign country? No? Then why are we being told that we should just let anyone in America, a sovereign country?

  • Razziel

    So.... according to People magazine, the CEO of 84 Lumber is a Trump supporter and says we need a wall.


  • waton

    We're all immigrants, doubtfully yours, --yes but illegal immigrants, ? or using the refugee claim to jump the legal lineup? ( if you can safely get on a commercial plane, you are already out of danger) or?

  • Simon

    It's a strange thing if you think about it - who gets to "own" the land and why?

    You buy a plot of land / property off someone ... why was it theirs to sell?

    Ultimately, it's an agreement that civilization makes (previously based someone winning a battle) to grant the government as the arbiter of ownership of certain parts of the planet. Part of that is ensuring that other people don't just come and take it away, otherwise why would you pay them for it - you could just take it.

    Immigration is ultimately linked to the whole concept of property and home ownership. If you have no immigration controls, why can you own something?

  • Spoletta

    Raziel. Thanks for the clarification. I think the kind of weapon I'm thinking of is the type that allows a high rate of fire without having to reload. You can still pump out a lot of bullets with a large magazine, even if you only shoot one at a time.

  • Spoletta

    Until people stop illegally hiring them, they'll keep coming, legal or not. Why do I not see any outrage about the scumbags who exploit these people? They're the ones who are taking away jobs from legal residents and citizens.

  • Simon

    The immigrants are not necessarily exploited - they might be getting paid more than they were before (otherwise why come?) but what it undoubtedly does is put downward pressure on wages. The idea that there are jobs that native citizens won't do is rubbish - it's all about whether it pays a decent wage. All of the companies making a fuss about immigration have been caught trying to screw workers in one way or another, even the tech giants.

    Should native people expect to be paid more? Of course - they pay taxes for infrastructure, education, healthcare and numerous other things (I presume illegal immigrants don't?).

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