What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • Ruby456

    re your previous comment re mohammad and Ayesha - you are free to interpret the situation as you do. but there is also another more objective explanation. Ayesha's father was a powerful man in his own right separate from Mohammad - the move that Mohammad makes which is to take Ayesha into his own household from a very young age for later marriage was made to consolidate his power and position as leader.

    this worked and while he was alive there was a measure of unity between the two leaders. After he died Ayesha's father was seen as heading up a different group from that of Mohammad - although both groups do claim allegiance to Mohammad they can be somewhat opposed - Iran v sunnis for example.

    on this understanding Mohammad did not take Ayesha into his own household for sex but as a politically strategic move.

  • cofty
    the move that Mohammad makes which is to take Ayesha into his own household from a very young age for later marriage

    He took her when she was 6 and began raping her when she was 9.

  • Simon

    What a role model to base anything on.

  • Ruby456

    you need to check the early medieval period for the age of marriage in Europe and elsewhere before making such judgments. The hadiths you take your evidence from are contested nowadays and have been for a long time. In Europe we have already filtered out what we do not want in culture - that marriage was consummated at the age of 11 and 12 in places or at the time of the first period during the early medieval period. In hot countries menstruation starts earlier - at ages 9-11 for girls and during the early medieval period evidence suggests that boys and girls were married off to each other early - during their puberty which for boys was a bit later - 14 I think. people also died early - lifespan only lasting till late twenties for example.

    obviously those hadiths that put Ayesha's age at 9 and Mohammad in his fifties have been preserved for a reason which is a real shame as it gives license for such practices to continue. Most muslims do not go by those hadiths anymore saying they were written 125 years after Mohammad died and there is evidence that there is a huge groundswell of opinion against such abominable practices nowadays just as there is in the west.

    In general muslims take Ayesha's age to have been between 15 and 21 and here they go by historical dates rather than hadiths. it is hard for us jws to conceive of disobeying what is written. But the hadiths are not taken as we took scripture

  • Landy

    He took her when she was 6 and began raping her when she was 9.

    And I'm sure there were popes of the same time period who did the same thing. It's about as relevant as anything that happened in the OT.

    With regard to the behaviour of immigrants, while I'm sure there will be criminals amongst them, if there were hoardes of immigrants running round Sweden raping and grabbing pussy Trump style I'm sure I would have heard about it.

    When it comes down to it humanity has a duty to provide refuge from those in fleeing in fear of their lives from a war zone. It really is as simple as that. Yes, it's going to cause social problems. Yes there are going to be criminals amonst them. There's criminals amongst every society.

    Yes, I know you'll disregard it as it's written by the 'lefty' BBC but this probably gives a more thoughtful insight.


  • Landy

    Incidentally, Private Eye noted that on Feb 17th, the day Trump made the statement about 'look at what just happened in Sweden last night', there were zero homicides or shootings in Sweden.

    In the US there were 128 shootings which related in 38 deaths. Time for the US to get its priorities right.

  • Ruby456

    this is how alternative facts get preserved - there is always an agenda. Trumps agenda seems to be for social exclusion to happen to muslims. Steve Bannon makes his view pretty clear too. how do they think they can socially exclude one and half billion people when they do not have china and India (the worlds most populated places) on side? blimming ridiculous

    perhaps Trump thinks he has freedom of speech and can say anything he wants and even get it patented.

    patenting and intellectual property rights is after all how freedom of speech is denied to others. once this is relegated to the scrap heap of alternative of facts by the others then the US is going to be very poor indeed.

  • cofty

    The quran, hadith and sura all treat women as chattel.

    Muhammed gave husbands instructions to beat their wives.

    The worse 28 countries in the world to be a women are all Muslim.

    Mass Muslim immigration to Germany and Sweden has resulted in a surge in sexual crime against local women.

    Join the dots.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    And I'm sure there were popes of the same time period who did the same thing - the crucial difference being that Christians of today don't treat medieval popes as ultimate examples of humankind; Muslims treat Muhammad as the ultimate example, to be copied.

  • scotsman

    That extreme vetting is a failure. This week they failed to stop Mem Fox and Muhammad Ali jnr entering the USA. They did detain them for a couple of hours though.


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