What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • Ruby456

    cofty those are valid points but people needn't feel that they have to stop talking about those issues. They still can and the way they express themselves on those issues will show that they are not expressing islamophobia but are expressing criticism of particular issues.

    I don't think Islamophobia will be regulated as homophobia is and I don't think we need be afraid that it will. It may become as regulated as anti-semitism is though but that will only happen if muslims are hunted down with violence and intimidation, if they are refused jobs based on their culture and things like these.

  • Landy
    The last resort of failed arguments on this forum. "My opponent is just like a JW"

    Well perhaps. Doesn't mean it's not true though. It's a disctinctly noticeable trait on here.

  • Simon
    I wonder if it's anything to do with the JW mindset.

    I think the difference between this and other non-religious forums is that many here know first hand how high control religions work and also how the religious indoctrinated mindset works.

    The WTS religion is of course utterly benign compared to Islam. In fact, I find it incredible that anyone can ever be critical of the WTS for it's crimes but not critical of Islam which is WTS x 1,000,000 and also the ruling authority in many countries and wanting to become such here.

    Everything the left rails against: patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture, religious conservatism, fascism, you name it. Islam is the poster child for it. But for some reason they are intentionally blind to it all.

  • Bugbear

    Of course WTS, is a very high control religion. And of course it has a pacifistic tendency...God will fix the killing later...

    But if the members refuse to let their own children take blood transfusions, if some of the members are willingly to spend their whole lives in in proselytizing new members. If a lot of members thinks "the end is soooo near now", and the others are going to die anyway soon. So if the GB body decide that its better to start the big A, by sending some suicide bombers to the UN building, I am not so sure that they will have difficulties in recruiting some hardcore JW:s. Some of us were stupid enough to bye this a few years ago .....and you know "new light" will come......

  • freemindfade

    All of these discussions get reduced to a single "soundbite" issue, like a crime stat, whatever backs up one side of the argument or the other. But we no longer discuss big picture, big ideas and philosophy. We are hell bent trying to prove a point and pulling whatever stat, or poll, or he said or she said. The reality of Sweden goes beyond a single incident or analysis of crime statistics.

    From a higher level the reality is this large amount of people are NOT integrating, the integration is a failure. There are some problems now, and there could be a lot more in the future, only time will tell. This can cause several problems, sure crime could be one, but at this point it seems to be blending in with background noise of "non-asylum seeker" crime,

    Right now Sweden is Europe biggest exporter of jihadists, that's a problem that won't show up on crime stats, or the news. There is the burden to the system, that may take time to realize how it will impact the country. There is no denying you have a large group of individuals not accepting your society or culture.

  • kpop

    "Last night in Sweden..."



    Nothing to see here folks. Everything is fine! Trump is just a big mean bully attacking Sweden because he doesn't like Ikea furniture!

  • freemindfade

    Yes nothing to see here, lets get outraged at Kellyanne Conway sitting on a couch lol ignore the explosions

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