What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • kpop

    This you will never see on the mainstream media. Before you comment watch the whole video.


    This was President Trump's point:


    My dear friends, knowledge is power. Just like when you were a JW, you were told ONLY to read JW literature, only to research inside the JW organization, never to ask questions. Why? Because brainwashing is real! It happens in politics and religion. Break free my friends! Break free! Open your mind, allow your instinctual survival mechanism to kick in and save yourself, your heritage, and your children's future! Remember, we are at a critical point in history that will determine the future of modern, peaceful, advanced civilization. The decisions you make now cannot be undone in 40 years, when many of these traitorous politicians will be dead of old age but they will have destroyed the great future we can have and should be having now! The west will no longer exist in 40 years if these traitorous politicians like Trueadu continue to allow mass migration from Islamic nations into our nations. Remember that immigration without assimilation is invasion. There is no way around it.

  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
    Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu

    Good point, but this news coverage is also very biased of course. But that in itself does not mean they have no point.

    Too much tolerance will inevitably lead to the disappearance of tolerance. No honest person can deny that.

    You can compare it with the situation of democracy around the world. Democracy can only survive if there are certain superpowers, like the USA, that are willing to use their military power to enforce and protect the rights that people have around the world. Without these forces, democracy would be endangered.

    Just as our democracy, we need to protect the existence of tolerance and control it.

    If tolerance will get too much, it will eventually lead to a situation in which tolerance no longer exists.
    So, the amazing tolerance of countries like Sweden in accepting everybody in their country without limits of how many they let in, will in the end destroy the values that make us want to import these migrants in the first place.


    What did President Trump say about Sweden?

    Terrorism.....................................................They Put Toothpicks In Meatballs..

    Is So Bad In Sweden..........................................To Defend Themselves!..

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  • DesirousOfChange
  • DesirousOfChange

    Trump was (according to his team) making a reference to Tucker Carlson's comment on Fox News the previous night.

  • bohm


    About your 4chan link alleging censorship.

    The daily mail article is about an ongoing murder investigation/trial in Sweden. Since the mail article contains details about the case, such as the suspect's name and speculations about his age, which could affect the trial the daily mail decided to block the article in Sweden. This is not based on reporting from the Swedish media but according to the daily mail itself:


    Another way to see this is because the daily mail redirects to a "site not found" page rather than simply given an error/warning which would be more likely in the case of blocking by the Swedish government. Also, government censorship in Sweden of news would attract much more attention.

    I am not trying to defend everything Swedish/pro immigrant, but you have to be aware there is a sea of misinformation out there, and often the people who are pushing it are not very nice people.

  • freemindfade

    Sweden is a champion of taking in asylum seekers, and a complete failure at integrating them, probably because of biting off more than they can chew, and because Islamists don't integrate with the enemy. So do you blame Sweden for the failed integration???

    Is it fair to say that trump could be correct in that it's not what Sweden expected as far a integration into society goes?

  • bohm


    I think what the Swedes are trying to do (help all refugees) is commendable from a humanitarian perspective, however I think it is not sustainable and will lead to problems --- first and foremost an increase in crime and social issues (though I would caution that we rely on official crime statistics from the main sources because there is a lot of misinformation out there), however also in the longer run with the predictable backlash, ghettoization, etc. Sweden is special in that way compared to Norway and Denmark for having a more organized/extreme right (likely due to historical reason; Germany never invaded Sweden) and the famous PC press code; things I doubt will mix well.

    What is being missed is that any comparison of Sweden and the US has to take into account that relative to Sweden the US hardly takes in refugees at all.. you can point to Sweden and say: Those are the kinds of problems that taking in immigrants will lead to, however, you can also point to Sweden and say: If you double the number of refugees, you are still nowhere near Swedish levels at all, and Swedens problems are still not that bad relatively speaking (compare Swedish murder statistics against those in the US).

    Does that sound like complete lunacy?

  • bohm
    Is it fair to say that trump could be correct in that it's not what Sweden expected as far a integration into society goes?

    Well, "Sweden" is a country with many diverse views. I would agree that there is a growing realization that the "open border" policy in Sweden is not sustainable which is why Sweden has taken steps to close its borders, for instance by re-introducing passport checks at the Danish border.

    I commend using European experience, including Sweden, when discussing immigration and it's consequences in the US. However, I don't think it supports Trumps narrative that easily (see my previous post) when you look at the actual crime statistics and know something about Sweden. It might come as a surprise but I am not particular pro-immigration from Muslim-majority countries and definitely against unchecked immigration.

    The main problem re. Trump is that the things he says, like "the thing that happened the other night in Sweden", shows that he confabulate news programs with real events... that is a kind of behavior that I would be very worried about in one of my parents.

  • freemindfade
    What is being missed is that any comparison of Sweden and the US has to take into account that relative to Sweden the US hardly takes in refugees at all.

    That is true. I agree.

    I think the reality of failed integration (which I personally feel has more to do with Islam than any other factor) is something to consider regardless of the amount of the immigrants. I saw one statistic that out of 163,000 asylum seekers only around 500 are employed. This can happen for a number of reasons, but I also still firmly believe many of these individuals are not looking to mix with societies they consider infidels.

    America allows immigration, America is a nation OF immigrants, we are not anti-imigrant. When we show concern about two hot topics in this election:

    1. Undocumented immigrants
    2. Refugees

    We are not dismissing immigration.

    I am just going to throw this out there, and it's gonna get all kinds of hate, and reason why I am wrong, but because of the person I am I wonder something about these refugees. Why not fight for your god damn country? Maybe it's an American rebellious asshole thing, but rise the f-ck up and handle your business.

    There are certainly a lot of them? No?

    Anyway my biggest point is not crime statistics or numbers, but the reality that people who hold on to Islam as a religion, PLUS as a political, life permitting ideology to cult-like levels, are not going to have peaceful integration. No matter how big or small. I lived in a neighborhood in NYC that had a huge population of Arab immigrants, Muslim and Christian. I can tell you from first-hand experience they DO NOT integrate the same, same people, same race, different religion, night and day.

    Having lived that and seeing it with your own eyes, they way they treat women IN AMERICA, it's not the granola, utopian bullshit illiberals are portraying at women's marches and protests (riots). It's just not. Like I said, if Islam was a club you would find those that belong despicable, but it's not, its a religion... full of dangerous ideas.

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