What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • kpop


    You were the one saying that there are really no no-go zones in Sweden. Ha!

    Now you are the one saying that rape statistics are wrong because the way it is now reported. You are part of the problem. By the time your evolutionary survival instincts wake you up it will be too late or maybe you have no instinct. There is no going back when in 30 years you bear the full weight of your willful ignorance.

  • Simon

    So the political side that loves to accuse the west of having a "rape culture" and claims that the majority of rapes go unreported when challenged on the lack of evidence now decides that an actual rape culture isn't one because rapes are over-reported?

    Sheesh, I give up. The mental gymnastics are too exhausting.

  • Laika

    I remember someone suggesting that you should have dinner with Muslims at least 3 times before you make any pronouncements about them. Seems wise.

  • bohm

    SBF: You are speaking an alarming amount of truth!

    But I am still not completely sold on something you wrote a few pages back so I will do what any self-respecting leftist apparently always do when he encounters an argument he disagrees with and call you a "nazi" out of the blue. I hope this convinces you! ;-).

    Would your Muslim neighbour treasure our freedoms and democracy, or would they secretly yearn for Sharia to rule?


    Let us keep asking this question as often as possible and ignore how uncomfortable it would make us feel if similar speculations were applied to any other minority, for instance, Jews...

  • Simon

    Jews generally don't go blowing stuff up and shooting up shopping malls. On the whole, they seem quite a law abiding bunch.

    They do the genital mutilation of babies but it's not quite as devastating the way they do it.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I've alarmed myself how much good sense I've been speaking on this thread. But not as alarmed as I am at how bat shit crazy many other posters have turned. It's like tuning out of JWD and into right wing corner by mistake.

  • Landy

    But not as alarmed as I am at how bat shit crazy many other posters have turned. It's like tuning out of JWD and into right wing corner by mistake.

    Scary isn't it. I go on other forums, particulary motorcycle forums where the conversation is a lot more combative, but even on there people are a lot less islamophobic than on here. Yes there are one or two, but the polarity seems reversed to here with one or two denouncing all muslims and the majority saying 'Hang on a minute'.

    I wonder if it's anything to do with the JW mindset. I've always viewed JWs as being black or white in their thinking, with very little propensity for empathy or seeing things from other points of view.. People on here are generally very anti-JW (where they used to be very pro-JW, black and white?) and any comment seen as vaguely pro-JW has posters stabbing at the dislike button like a spastic chimpanzee. Bizarre.

  • Bugbear


    that an actual rape culture isn't one because rapes are over-reported?......

    No Simon, it is not over reported. The fact is that Swedish law has become much more strict and if D. Trump actually did “take them on the p…sy, he could face a rather harsh punishment for doing so. Women and girls are more aware of these strict laws against sexual harassments, and they use these laws more often. It is specially, the newcomers, who have no idea of how strict the law are in these cases….Julian Assange is only one example. Think of the people from the middle east who have heard of the sexual freedom in Sweden, Swedish girls, free love a.s.f…And then when they try to explore this, they find themselves charged with a serious crime…Of course the numbers of foreigner are exceeding the numbers of swedes in the statistics, that is no secrets, and those who violent these new laws are sent back to the country they belong to. The government of Sweden has made deals with some countries, Morocco, Afghanistan (and maybe some more) about sending back several 100 hundreds of young boys living on the streets…who doesn´t, understand these rules..

  • cofty
    I wonder if it's anything to do with the JW mindset.

    The last resort of failed arguments on this forum. "My opponent is just like a JW"

  • cofty

    "The term Islamophobia was created in the 1990s, when groups affiliated to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood decided to play victim for the purpose of beating down critics. It is also in sync with a constant push by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to turn any criticism of Islam or Muslims into blasphemy...

    Being concerned about creeping sharia is not phobic; questioning honour-based violence and FGM in Muslim-majority societies is not phobic. Furthermore, every citizen has the right to be concerned about the safety and security of their country. If they ask questions about radicalization leading to terrorism, that is not Islamophobic, but a reasonable response to the very real threat posed by Islamist terror groups to Canada and all other Western nations. - Raheel Raza president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow and author of Their Jihad — Not My Jihad.

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