Was There Ever A Circuit Overseer That You Couldn't Stand?

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  • Amazing

    I wouldn't give you a red cent for any CO except one decent CO ... Harry Snow. read all about Harry Snow at: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/7321/1.ashx ...

  • scotsman


    Glen and Sally McFarlane are off circuit work and I think they're in a congregation in the north east of England now.

  • anglise

    Thankyou for the reply Scotsman.

    Glen was/is a really nice person. We heard that he had some sort of breakdown. But then I think the kind ones in the org are really trying to help but the rules dont let them.

    I wonder how many CO's know the real truth.


  • scotsman


    Glen's breakdown was after our circuit (SE Scotland) no doubt brought on by dealing with a disastrously corrupt body of elders. Afterwards they even changed the name of the congregation. That was over 10 years ago, and he did go back on circuit before retiring.

  • Gadget

    Anglise, Glen McFarlane now lives 5 miles from my house. He still does stand in CO work, and was the stand in CO for my old congregation last July.

  • Uzzah


    "Butch" Ross, his wife Judy (I think) and daughter. I gave a couple of public talks in their Congregation in Ohio and stayed at their home. Usually tied this in with going to Cleveland to catch the Brown's in action. Public Talk in the morning, up to the Dog Pound for the afternoon. Those were fun trips and (gasp) good memories of when I was in the Borg.

    Is he still providing the insurance coverage for Society vehicles? He is tough as nails in many ways. No nonsense kind of guy. But I did find him to be good hearted under the tough veneer. Very well off financially but to his credit he was generous. His daughter married a Canadian bethelite and last I heard was still there. Of interest her hubby could be Simon's twin brother.

    Did you know him as a CO or congregationally?


  • seeitallclearlynow

    I wonder if the Bro. Chin mentioned twice is the same Kin Suen (pronounced Ken Shen, he told me) who "served" our congregation in California in the early 80's - I found him somewhat unlikeable. Seemed to look down on some people, was actually rude sometimes to sisters who had prepared lunch for him - no patience for ordinary, imperfect people. But! His wife was the best C.O.'s wife I've ever met - Mary Jo from Laguna Beach. She would go on your return visits w/ you, and if she felt moved, would actually offer the householder money for this or that! What a likeable doll she was. So outgoing. I hope she is OUT and very happy. (Or in, and very happy - if that's possible!)

    Sam Roberson and his wife seem to be universally liked, ever since he was a rather poor (financially) new, young C.O. He dresses much more smartly nowadays, and is just as loved.

    Bro. Huckaby was great - and a good speaker, too. Always enjoyed his talks. Kind of spellbinding, in a manner of speaking.

    Floyd Kite was really cool, but everyone knows that. Remember the earthquake talk....

    I didn't care at all for D.O. Malaspina's talks. He was bombastic. Too high level of energy for too long a time on the platform. Very draining. And all about the Armageddon that never seems to come when they say it will....

    Bro. Razor is an enigma to me - blasts and embarasses people publicly - from the stage during his ridiculously controlling and time wasting meetings for service at the K.H. - but then his talks were outstanding and humorous and vibrant and actually kind. Never could understand him. High energy in the Hall whenever he was there. Go figure.

  • minimus

    Uzzah, sorry it took til 2004 to get back to you. I just noticed the response you gave. Regarding Butch Ross, we had him as a CO in the 60's. He seemed like a nice, funny, serious type of guy. I remembered the Congregation Servant who was not afraid of anyone, taking a back seat to anything that Butch said. Butch used to make fun of im for being bald, although of course, he was without a stitch of hair himself!

  • closer2fine

    The Bro Chin I mentioned was Walden - wife is MaryLou.


  • wednesday

    Was Ray Martin the Co here in dallas area? Other than Don Farmer, i remember this skinny middle agd guy, who was always shooting his mouth off and people complained about him all the time. Finally they sent him to another asignment. I alo remember a Dugan guy-looked like a bull dog. Really borig and rude.

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