JW org collapses

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  • scruffmcbuff

    They could sell all thier halls and still be around.

    Online only, splinter groups meeting in Brother Paranoids basement. Sending the monthly donantions to jwbroadcasting on the caymen islands.

    Brain washed is brainwashed they will do as told!

  • MeanMrMustard
    Now that it's collapsed we'll continue to see a steady decline as the religion moves further and further into the dustbin of obscurity.

  • freddo

    Actually Morpheus I said flatlining and declining in Europe/USA.

    Europe in 2016/2017 "Peak publishers" according to the borg's own figures.

    2016 1,490,882

    2017 1,486,445

    Drop of 4,437

    I've not even included Russia in that either.

  • Crazyguy

    Their numbers are so bogus their not even worth mentioning! Just go compare their Kingdom Halls with those of the 7th day Adventists or Mormons. The other two buildings are bigger nicer and more of them in the same geographical area that you would compare.

    The JWs have been lying about their numbers for years!

  • slimboyfat
    Just go compare their Kingdom Halls with those of the 7th day Adventists or Mormons.

    In Scotland there are roughly:

    35 Mormon Churches

    10 SDA churches

    82 Kingdom Halls and 1 Assembly Hall

    Mormon churches are bigger than Kingdom Halls but are generally empty on Sunday. The one in Johnstone is literally empty, and presumably will be sold at some point. The one in the west end of Glasgow is the biggest in Scotland and used to have two congregations, now only one since Springboig Congregation was dissolved. I think it’s also used as a base for training missionaries.

    SDA churches comprise a variety of different buildings. The one in Irvine is an extension of a shop front. The one in Faifley is like a large hut, which is smaller than most Kingdom Halls. The church in Dundee is a large building and they recently built an extension that almost doubled its size. The church in Glasgow is about the same size as a Kingdom Hall and struggles to accommodate more than 120 on a Saturday, which is sometimes the attendance. In Edinburgh they use a large old converted church, which is cold in the winter because they can’t afford heating. In Paisley they rent a hall in a local community centre. The SDA church in Crieff is probably their nicest church in Scotland it has lots of wood beams and windows and large rooms and gardens. Here is a picture.


    Within a UK context Mormons are overreprested in Scotland whereas JWs and SDAs are underrepresented.

  • LV101

    Haven't they already sold off a substantial number of the projected 3,000 halls beginning in 2015 per leaked video? Is the hall sale endless under their new business plan -- maybe they misjudged a 5 yr. sell off. Doubt they're taking down all the tents and running.

  • _Morpheus
    What are you guys talking about? The Watchtower has collapsed. By every single metric they have imploded.

    Except the metric that says they have more members this year than last year... your name must be a non sequitur.

  • LV101

    SDAs are a well respected religion and not thought of as crazy and dangerous like JWs -- mainstream. They stress science/medicine, solid educations, health/exercise/day of rest. My friends/acquaintances in California have great admiration for them as a religious people. Even a couple of individuals who've earned doctorates and interns at their renown Loma Linda Hospital. I'd heard 5 yrs. ago or so they're the fastest growing religion in the world -- depending on what stats/analysis you hear or read. Wish I could follow their dietary eating habits - it's not forced on SDAs -- unlike cult WT's rules of hate and evil - blood deaths from ignorant bible interpretations.

  • LV101

    freddo - "flatlining" -- best term yet for cult! Awesome.

  • LV101

    This Page 7 (per my computer) is great! I'm copying and framing.

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