JW org collapses

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  • joe134cd

    Vanderhoven7 - oh boy here we go again. It is true the LDS church claims a membership of 16-18 million members . Unofficial reports have suggested that it could be only 33% of that figure who are active church attending members. If that was true then there could be more active JWs than lds. I like to be on the side of caution and say they are the same membership as JWs. The SDA claim a church membership of around 20+ million, I would say the jw memorial which also gets an attendance of 20 million would probably be a more fairer reflection of membership between the JWs \SDA. That is why I estimate the membership between the 3 faiths would probably be around the same ( give or take a couple million) sitting any where between the 10-20 million mark. No better or no worse just the same.

  • _Morpheus

    Its inpossible that jw’s had a grand total of 20 million at the memorial. They collapsed.

    Also attending one meeting a year dosent make you a jw and they get visitors. Its a not a reliable indicator of membership

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Even among active JWs, they will refer to other active JWs as “not real JWs” if they don’t agree with their choices or lifestyle.

    I would be curious to see actual membership based on donations. I’ve long suspected that about 25-30% of active JWs actually drop any money in the box.

    Everyone else is riding coattails thinking it’s plenty to get to the other side of Armageddon. Sort of believers if you will.

    Membership numbers mean nothing. Memorial attendance means nothing.

    Donations coming in and expenditures is everything.

    Thats what we will all watch play out.

  • pepperheart

    If people have been "good" jws and got low grade jobs even if they wanted to give lots of money to the watchtower they would not be able to.So im pleased to say that the watchtower have really shot themselves in the foot with this.

  • LV101

    Vidiot -- LOL/yeah I also heard 5 yrs. ago or so JW religion was the fastest growing religion. I don't believe any of it -- maybe the Pew report has better info.

  • joe134cd

    Its inpossible that jw’s had a grand total of 20 million at the memorial. They collapsed.

    Go have a look at the year book for the memorial attendance. I put it to you that for an organisation that claims 8 million who believe it enough to ( at the very least, superficially) record 1 hour of FS. That number could easily be doubled considering young children and fence sitters. Then add another 4 million for those that only come once a year, or first time visitors. That 20 million mark wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Also attending one meeting a year dosent make you a jw and they get visitors. Its a not a reliable indicator of membership.

    That could also be said for the SDA as well, where membership is determined by how the local pastor feels about you and been voted in by the local congregation. You can also be a member and have very sparodic church attendance and still be counted. Miss 3 months of FS with the JWs and your gone. It’s also a lot easier to disagree and and leave the SDA as well.

  • JustHuman14

    WT, will collapse, and the countdown started. Their constant dogmatic changes, the attitude of their GB who think they are Gods, their arrogance, the fact that they insist to keep JW's uneducated, and this will result less income to the Corporation. The insanity of the GB, and cult like behaviour, dishonesty, that is been exposed in a massive scale by the media, specially with child abuse all over the world, is draining WT members. They have been constantly exposed to courts and committees the last few years for covering paedophiles, and showing that they are worse from the Catholic Church in that issue. The selling of Kingdom Halls all over U.S and Europe, they stopped printing magazines and books, the constant plea for donations through their Broadcast, from GB members, (while wearing $20,000 gold Rolexes), showing that they need money to pay the lawsuits. The last few years more than 1,200.000 left the Org, and they have no increase. In fact they more Ex- JW's from JW's. And now there is a court case in Canada, from a disfellowshiped JW, against WT for violating human rights with the practice of shunning. It's only a matter of time that they will start paying lawsuits for the disfellowshiped ones. WT is going down, because they are sawing what they reap. They gave hatred, pain, death to many humans because of their policies, they have been the Champions of false prophecy, for over 150 years, and now it's time to pay for their sins.

  • freddo

    Let me tell you about a well known congregation (to me.)

    In the mid 1990's when all was forward moving and building for increase it peaked at 89 publishers. Since then it has slowly but inexorably reduced to about 65. The congregation next to it on one side has been dissolved - its kingdom hall sold.

    This congregation had six group study locations at its peak, now it has four. Rumour has it this will soon drop to three.

    Now - one of these areas of this congregation had three groups at its peak - it was the hub of the hall with several elders and their families living there. It now has one group with the following make up ...

    Out of 15 members (2 elders - no MS's)

    10 are over 70 - of which 3 are housebound and over 80.

    1 - late 60's disabled

    2 are in their 40's to 50's (1 pioneer) and are the core of the groups ministry.

    2 - couple late 20's born ins - him not reaching out - her mental issues and just coping

    In the last three years - two other over 70's have died and one brother in his 60's has been DFd. Two teenage girls have left before baptism.

    The downhill trend is speeding up ...

  • _Morpheus

    @joe- you missed the sarcasium font on my remark.

  • Crazyguy

    According to thier own statistics they loose over a million members every decade. This was sustainable years ago but not anymore. There just not enough new ones coming in. Add to the mix that 50% of JW families in the US make a combined income of less then 30,000 per year.

    They may not be hurting for money anymore but that’s do to cut backs and downsizing not donations. What’s really sad is the young ones that seem to stay are so reliant on their parents. Thier just so ingnorant they can’t make it on their own so they stay with mommy and daddy. In the future whole families , 3 and 4 generations of family will still be living together, which is uncommon in the USA.

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