JW org collapses

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  • slimboyfat

    Very interesting page of Mormon statistics. I think it’s clear from these charts that Mormon growth is on a downward trajectory and they have never been as big as JWs. In particular the baptism figures are striking, plus the chart of active members as opposed to nominal members.

    Despite being much more proactive in baptising members of the public, Mormons only managed to baptise 233,000 last year. They only have 30,000 congregations worldwide, compared with around 120,000 JW congregations, and there are only around 5 million active Mormons compared with over 8 million JW publishers.


  • dubstepped
    Vidiot - OK, I have a question for the naysayers...
    ...how often in the past, when things were bad, do you think things got changed for the better when people kept saying it wouldn't or couldn't?
    Sure, we don't want to say that the Org is doomed and then not see it happen. I totally get not wanting to set ourselves up for constant disappointment... we had more than enough of that shit year after year when we were active JWs.
    Has it occurred to any of you, though, that maybe believing that it can and will happen just might be something we need to do...
    ...not only to give us some (and the irony is not lost on me) hope? That bad guys who do bad things will pay for it somehow, someday?
    But also because I suspect that if we stop believing it, we'll stop fighting towards that goal (however manner in which we fight).
    Think about it... if we let ourselves "accept" that the WTS will continue to survive and thrive and outlive all of us no matter what, how is that really any different than giving up?
    Hell, we all may as well stop bothering to even post here, as far as I'm concerned.

    I like your posts but I could not disagree more here. This is really black or white, all or nothing. If you need to hold on to false hope that an entire organization collapses and disappears in order for you to.......well..........whatever you personally do, then that's not very balanced. Why do you need an entire cult to collapse in order to still post on a forum or help people? I mean, that's crazy.

    I help people and do a lot of activism without any hope that the cult collapses. If I help one person I've done more than I ever did as an active JW, and I've been able to help many more than that to leave. I just don't get this emotional need for them do experience utter demise in your lifetime. Or else what?

    You can still help people without living a fantasy. We lived a fantasy for our entire lives as JWs. Reality is that the cult is taking hits, and that's great, though ultimately their numbers continue to grow. It is slowing in many first world nations. That's fantastic. People are seeing through their crap. That's great. More and more people are being inoculated against them as articles and videos and podcasts and forum posts and documentaries and even movies expose them. That's great. Why can't that be enough? Utopia doesn't exist. People will always be hurt by other people, if it isn't JWs it will be another cult. If it isn't that it will be political, or whatever. That doesn't mean that we don't still fight to help people and make changes where we can.

    If you need to believe that it will collapse, so be it. We aren't all the same, don't have the same needs. I don't need that. I just need to help the person in front of me when I put myself out there and they're responsive. That's all. I accept that the organization as a whole will outlive me. So what? There are still people looking for help and I'm not going to wait around for an entire cult to collapse to help them.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Still, there are twice as many Mormons. Their church membership exceeds 16,000,000

    All to prove that God is double blessing the LDS church.

  • _Morpheus

    Jw figures are far more honest than lds

    @vidiot... your right! Im a true believer.. any day now the org will collapse. Annnnyyyy day now

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm kind of glad that every one is expressing their views on the subject, and Morph yours are very entertaining. I think this is a very healthy way to see others take/view on the matter.

    I'm in the early departure of the Watchtower Corporation due to bankruptcy camp. I know there is a certain amount of wishful thinking in my camp but because I have not embarked on any project because of it I am safe from any terrors that come from embarking on course in life based on wishful thinking, I'm just hoping and feeling pretty positive the end is near for this printing establishment/religion.

  • sparrowdown

    I don't trust their numbers either, it is possible we are not getting the entire picture even with published figures.

    Even so so KH sell offs, branch closures, congregation consolidations, lay offs of special pioneers and bethelites, reduction in printed material and the subsequent weaning of publishers off print and onto an online spiritual feeding program...

    Yeah something is afoot that part is evident.

    Sorry to sound all portentious but, the real question is how do we interpret the signs when we only have partial knowledge. Lol.

    Is it collapse or is it some kind of planned obsolescence of an outdated model.

    Are they going bankrupt or merely transitioning into ...into...what?

    Are they downing or are they waving?

    Only time will tell.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It is withering away. It’s a shadow of what it was. It was insignificant to most humans before, it isn’t worth a thought to them now. We only care because it brings complete validation to our escape and gives us hope our loved ones still trapped will be set free. But it will linger. The die hards will die hard and their offspring will offer a 30% chance of reinforcement. Probably less as decades roll on. Armeggedon is never coming and the future of Watchtower will resemble the future of every pseudo religion just like it. Take comfort in personal triumphs and ones close to you.

    My mom used to write a $1000 donation each month. She won’t anymore because I showed her how that money is used to protect pedophiles. No she won’t leave, but they only care about $, and they aren’t getting hers anymore. I bet you it’s a very common story.

  • asp59

    This all depends how you view it. If its from wordly cooperation view point, they doing bad.

    If its from a belivers bible view focus on bless or not. Its over for Them.

  • pepperheart

    why i think it is about the money is

    They might be thinking that there is not as much need for magazines in print but why cant they do more online magazines,booklets etc.They are even cutting down on the amount of writers they need.

  • Splash

    One reason why I think the WT will continue is that most of the projections of WT doom are based on their current policies and activities.

    WT has changed a great deal over the past 5 years: down sizing, cutting printing and convention releases, requesting money, selling properties, boosting their legal team, going online. They are reacting to various pressures and will continue to do so.

    They are definitely past their prime and under pressure, but without a major change such as losing charity status or the GB in prison, they have years left in them yet.

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