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  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    hey carmel, have they ever had any Apostfests in the new england area USA? that would be very cool. i havent been around enough to know if this exists or not.

    thanks in advance.

    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    That was the basic premise of my leaving too. I knew that though JW's touted John 13:35 as an identifying mark of true Christians, it wasn't being applied.
    When I went to the elder's for help one time, I told them straight out that my husband and I were spiritually weak. I told them that no one ever invited us over, although I had invited and went all out for countless one's, they told me I needed to be more hospitable.

  • Carmel

    Dear Wounded,

    To my knowledge the only Apostate gathering on the east coast was a very small one last month in Conneticut. I think only three people showed. I would think some fun-loving soul would send out an invitation to come to their ranch and hang out for a weekend and swap stories and gustatory delights. I know I plan on doing so once I get established in Oregon. Mutual support seems to me has to be more than works on a screen!



  • bonnie38

    I'm from New York.

  • mooshell

    i am new to this site, i am from australia, it is 11.00pm and i cant sleep so i thought i might check out some witness sites, i was suprised to see so many ex-witness sites, is this the only real witness site, some of the posts here sound quite anti witness, are you guys genuine witnesses????

  • unclebruce

    G'day mooshell,

    I'm a big bad apostate from NSW (born and raised in Adelaide - walked away from 'the truth' way back in 1986) I discovered JW discussion boards on the net about 18 months ago.

    Most folk here are either disfellowshipped, disasociated or just 'weak in the truth' (stopped going to meetings and forgot to go back

    There are some wonderfull people posting here (really genuine good people) and some nutters - from Jesus preachers to egomaniacs.

    I hope you enjoy posting and make a friend or three, cheers unclebruce.

  • mooshell

    thanks for you honesty unclebruce
    i got to admit i am not that good at getting to meetings at the moment, my mum is disassocitated, she turned catholic, so i guess that is pretty apostate.
    i am glad there are aussies on this site, usually everything is american.


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome Moo, hope you stick around. Lot of good insights presented here!

  • Law

    What up,
    I'm 18 still in high school. It's my last year. Thinking about going to college to become a lawyer or a physical therapist. Next year im taking the year off so I've got time to think about. I was working as a waiter till I quit today. The hours were not good at all but the money was great and I'll miss everyone I worked with except the bosses. I was never a JW. I was raised a Catholic and still am so far. I'm here to learn more about this religion. Just out of curiousity and

    Hope to see you all in the chat room.

    Any information or advice on JW is appreciated in posts or email me at killak4j4@aol.com

    Thank you

  • Law

    What up,
    I'm 18 still in High School in CT, U.S. Taking next year off then going to college to become a Physical therapist or Lawyer. I was a waiter till I quit my job today. The money was good just the hours were'nt that great. I swam for 3 years and ran track for 1 year. I was never a JW. I am here to learn more about this religion and out of curiousity and . I was raised a Catholic and still am so far.

    Any information or advice is greatly appreciated in posts or threw email.
    My email is Killak4j4@aol.com
    Hope to talk to you all in the chat room>

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