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  • DrunkWithLiberty

    Hello to all,
    I am new to this site also and am addicted. I am suposed to be finishing up a research paper but everytime I get on computer I find myself here.
    I am 35, live in colorado, and was partially raised in truth. I left March 99. My husband left 9 mos after I did. He is a third generation witness and a great guy...now. I did not leave because of the people in the hall. I never saw the unloving actions so many on this site have, because I was one of those sweet on the outside, full of judgement and miserable on the inside. I see them now. I hung around the popular cliques for the most part but was a friend to all.LOL. I left when I got info on the organ transplant and blood fractions changes. I knew that I would had let my children die for this teaching that was suppposed to be of God, then to find out it has changed. Got me doing a lot of research on the internet. 2 weeks later I had my DA letter handed in and have never regretted it.
    I go to college now and am loving it. If homework gets heavy, I remind myself that I could be studying for the service meeting instead. My appreciation for the school work soars.
    Take care to all, angie

  • willy_think

    hi all, i'm 23 from Boston, i am not a JW but my dad and 2 brothers are. i can't talk with my dad and one of my brothers about the WT or cults or god or the weather or the time of day. this site is a god send. i feelt so alone, like i was yelling into the wind!! now here i am still yelling, but into the wind of change. i hope that you guys and girls can understand my frustration and know that i have no bad feelings towards active JWs, just the WTB&AS inc. heck, i love some active jws very much. that is why i come here. it may be a therapy of sorts. i gess it is a way to talk, listen and learn

  • larc


    I am from Ohio. I think Lone Wolf and I are the two oldest ones here. We're both 60, and got lottsa stories to tell. I have been somewhat inactive, not having gone to a meeting in 35 years. Welcome DazzlingKitl, DrunkWithLiberty, and Willy-think.

  • crossroads

    Just signed on today, have been reading comments for a week
    or so. I may make a lot of comments with a song reference user name is not where I'm at it's a great blues song. I've been in and out and out and in the darkness for about thirty years. In the light now never to enter into the darkness again. My family and I were part of the group that ate of that great feast of the early 70's we still experience cramps and run to the bathroom every once in a while. But I enjoy the warmth of the light now some times the warmth gets a little much being I live in Phx. Was lead into the dark in N.J. Englishman the remark related to an old Joe Cocker
    album[dates me dosen't] and the fact that I'm all about Peace Love and Understanding . As for the cutie who hasn't been on vacation in such a long time fly out I have an extra room for you.
    You can enjoy the Grand canyon the beautiful swimming pools and everthing else this vacation spot has to offer, lots of golf. But if you don't come soon don't bother once it gets in triple digits out here it lasts for about 120 days,they do keep count. although believe me on this it's not hot until it hits 106, really thats the truth. O.K. so what have you found out about me. I'm a flirt , I love
    music, oh I have a great couple of boys, I'm in the light and I and believe in Faith, Hope and Love, Praise the Lord for all of you

  • mommy

    Welcome Newbies
    I am so glad you all have shared with us.
    I bet he is gonna KILL me but there is someone older. Come on out Ken and let it be known

  • Carmel

    Wow! Turn my back and this place comes alive! I guess it's only fair that I say a few words about myself as everyone else from newbies to old farts are spillin their guts..forgive me father, they know not what they do!

    Anyway, I was born into Jdubism up in the northwest corner of the US. Cut my teeth peddling Watchtowers and the like. By the time I was nine I began asking lots of questions and getting lots of phoney non-answer answers. At age 12 was dipped, dam cold to in mid-March! Still the questions persisted and as a consequence was censored by the Cong. Serv. Left it all less than two years later. Scared shitless, I set out to find out the answers to my questions. Was asked to leave the Episcopalian Youth group because of my questions, was asked not to join the Methodist Youth retreat, too many questions.....so I gave up on "organized" religion. An athletic scholarship got me into college and my mind took off with new stimulating and wonderful avenues to explore. Became an agnostic bordering on atheist for over a decade and left the idea of religion on the shelf for someone else to worry about. Career and family took centre stage. Moved to Alaska and was having a wonderful time when my wife was introduced to the Baha'i Faith. She enrolled, I wanted nothing to do with it, Hal Lindsey, Moonies, or anything else of that ilk.

    I have been a Baha'i now for nearly 26 years and have moved on from exclusivity and intolerance to the opposite of both. My wife and I raised five kids, one of which we adopted plus several foster children and some of a drop-in nature that defy catagorizing. Our two oldest sons are through university and married to a Pakastani lady and an Indian lady. One handsome grandson by our adopted daughter but no prospects for any others for a while. We are presently finishing up a four year volunteer stint at the Baha'i Centre in Haifa, Israel and plan to leave this summer going back to the Pacific NW. First though, we plan an around-the-world trip to see some places that have only been funny colors on the map. Gotta go to a barbie in Oz, see the south island of Zea Land and of course catch Tasmania to see if the devil really lives there.

    That's about it other than I'm darn happy that Larc and Older Tom are here to make me as young as I feel. Pushing 57 and still in trouble with the wife for looking twice!


  • waiting


    I knew if I just hung in there - curiosity would kill the cat and get carmel to speaketh!!!! (more than riddles and flatulance anyway)

    I hope more new persons will sign in - it makes it nice to know a little about each other and some of us even refer back to these threads so we can say "so that's who ******** is!"

    There are no exceptions to the rule that everybody likes to be an exception to the rule. Malcolm Forbes

    Our one common link is being one of Jehovah's Witnesses - and walking away for good reasons. No exceptions.


  • Carmel

    Oh you old wrinkled windbag! Your micturition and moaning ain't impressing anyone! Verbal urticants don't get me all lathered up tonight!

    carmel, going to bed!

  • DevilsAdvocate_DA


    This is the first time that I have look in this part "Make New Friends" and guess who is the first person I see. Waiting. Good to see you are hanging around this place. Are you the oldest (as in time on this board)poster? It truly is a very interesting place, just like you told me when I was over on the old H20.

    For all the new ones, this place is easy to get around. For the most part the people here, in my opinion are well educated and informed. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We do not disfellowship anyone unless they get out of hand. Then Simon does a good job at see that things are straighted out.(I don't know how much he is being paid). He payed me $50.00 to say this. You will fine that he is a very good and fair person. My wife and I were just saying last night, the world need more of his kind.

    Waiting, H20 was getting a little low class typing (posters) (not that I feel I am anyone special). But it got to the point that no one was showing anyone any dignity. For me that's a must. Dignity begets dignity.

    Glad to see you.

    Typing to you later.


  • ZazuWitts

    ****Bring to top for new posters****

    HeLLo to all

    'old friends' and 'new-to-be-friends.'

    I will say 'Waiting's not the oldest
    femme on this forum - but that's all I'm telling.

    Oh heck, I will give you some clues - I've been married to poster 'larc' for 38 years. And, I was of legal age when we were united in a typical, boring, sterile JW ceremony.
    Larc is one of the prolific
    JEDI posters - I'm a little quieter -
    but around, and feel free to e-mail me if you, on occasion, 'need a substitute mother' or for any other reason, ok.

    We have three adult children, who are NOT, thankfully, JW's. IMO the best gift we could have ever given them.

    You know how we speak of the 'flip-flops' in WTBTS doctrine, etc.
    Well, some times my heart does flip-
    flops when I read this forum. I feel sincerely the 'grief' of fellow posters, and also the 'joy' of their liberation from the Borg.

    A warm welcome to you newer posters - there are so, so many that it's almost impossible to personally greet you individually. I look forward to sharing and learning from you all.

    I hope our 'Waiting', the Emperor, is smiling---she
    has reminded me to post on this thread a couple of times. :) :)

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