My Father passed away during the night

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  • journey-on

    So sorry for your loss. Sounds like you both found a measure of peace, however. You'll get through the funeral fine. My df'd brothers endured the "looks" and the invisible feeling he got from some of them, but others were sympathetic and spoke their condolences warmly.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    So very sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for sharing your father's memory with us.

    Wishing you strength & serenity during the funeral.


  • Gayle

    I have a DF'd (for xmas decorations) friend that had a JW relative die last year. She debated to go to the funeral talk as no one would talk to her. My husband and I went with her so that she would not feel alone. I had never been to that Hall and wouldn't know anyone. I was never DF'd or DA'd. Surprisingly, she had many that came up to her, as many JWs relatives were out of town and many had been in & out of the org with time, some inactive. A few others just didn't know her and greeted her. Her two sisters, elder wives, came up briefly gave her a hug,,then seemed more interested in me,,I think curious,,I just politely said I was a friend and came to support her. I do think that they were puzzled.

    With another ex-JW friend, never DF'd nor DA'd, her mother died,,she asked for my brother and I, to be there to support her. After the talk she and her 6 daughters (none ever baptized) and she wanted me and my brother (who sent a lawyer's letter to the elders years prior) to stand in a greeting line formed up front along the platform for her and her daughters,, so we did,,at that funeral there were two people we knew from an old cong.,,we saw him go over to the elders and talk,,but by that time the line was going through and for the elders to do anything would have caused more raucus. A humorous circumstance.

    Well, I hope you have support with you Thursday and are not alone there. I will be with you in spirit.

  • Quendi

    Paul, please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss, and as others have said, I am glad you and your father made peace before the end. I want to thank you as well for the help and assistance you have given me personally on the question of interracial marriage and for all the good work your jwfacts website has done.


  • Magwitch

    Dear Paul,

    In the old family book, a psychiatrist was quoted as saying The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love and adore their mother. It sounds like you had a beautiful father.

  • elder-schmelder

    Sorry for your loss,


  • noni1974

    I'm sorry for your loss. I found out that my grandfather died 6 months ago, yesterday, via google. His wife never bothered to tell the family he was gone.

    I'm glad you had time to talk to your father. He sounds like he was a nice man.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Sorry for your loss. Your tribute was so well-written and truly moving.

  • Glander

    From the brief sketch of your father you wrote so well, I know you have many fond memories to draw from in years to come and will help his grandchildren get to know him through you.

    Best regards


  • straightshooter

    My condolences Paul. Sorry for your loss. During such a time, it is comforting to know that Jesus promised a resurrection.

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