Hi. My name is Paul Grundy. I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania and have lived in Sydney since I was 20. I spent the first 35 years of my life thinking I was worshipping God, but was in reality following the misconceptions of the Watchtower Society. I am now extremely opposed to the techniques used by the Organisation. I have written a book and posted some of it on a website at jwfacts.com and jw.support .................................. I pioneered and was in bethel for over 7 years, and feel my life is only just catching up to where it should be by now if it was not for the wasted years. Emotionally I feel possibly 10 years behind. They say drugs hold people back from developing emotionally, somehow dependence on an Organisation to tell you how to feel about every aspect of your life seems to have the same effect. In 1995 I realised things were not right, but it was not until December 2004 I feel I made a complete mental break. It is traumatic, but after six months I started to notice the beauty of life, something that died in me a long time ago. ....................................................... My extended family are virtually all Witnesses, some in full time service, one is even a Circuit Overseer. I play over in my mind endlessly what I will say to convince them of the errors of the Organisation, but it never quite gets through. I live in hope as I know the Watchtower has started to become irrelvant and its demise it just a matter of time. The Internet allows facts to be found very quickly for those willing to search and is the biggest threat to the lie that masquerades as The Truth.