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  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Good on you roxanesophia.

    Now take the time to reflect on where you want to go. Whats wonderful is that the choice is all yours.

    Maybe you would like to get back in touch with some old friends? In any case, life IS wonderful, dispite the problems. Enjoy.

    PS. There will be moments when you need to talk. You know you'll always find a hearing ear here.

    Best wishes


  • smiddy

    Forgive me if i`m off track here ,I haven`t read all these comments ,but from the earlier ones i get the impression you have very low self esteem of yourself, you need to be more assertive in your convictions,if you dont want the message of jw`s then speak up!!

    Your mind is in control of your body.

    Not somebody elses mind controlling you

    Do not be intimidated by somebody else

    If you do beleive in God,he gave you a brain to use yourself,

    Not to be controlled by any one else

    Take controll of your own life,make decisions for your self,stuff anybody else.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Well done!

    And when they talk about you they will say probably it was that "jehovah" did not want you. And thats why he let you fall to Satan.

    I remarked to my Elder friend one day (many years ago) that i hoped my disfellowshipped brother would come back, his reply?

    "Have you not thought that perhaps jehovah does not want him back".

    again, well done.


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Well done Rox, you did good. Now go out and make some new friends who wont want you to change, who care about you for who you are, who dont tell you what to do, who support your life choices and decisions. Great news, hope they leave you alone now hun x

  • punkofnice
    And since you're always saying to put Jehovah to the test when it comes to trials, I'm going to test if he brings me back to the organization.

    What a great line!! Rox Rocks!!

  • dm6

    any more update there rox? how u feeling? any more contact? you have a lot of supporters here, stick around

  • Mary

    The problem with JW's is that they always want to be in control and they like to give the impression that you have no choice but to obey them. She has absolutely no legal (or even moral) Right to try and force you to go to the ASSembly if you're sick. Or even if you're not sick. This is not nazi Germany and if you do not want to go, you are under absolutely no obligation to go.

    In reality, she was far more interested in the status she'll receive if she actually "brings someone into the truth". The fact that you no longer want to listen to their bullshit study, might reflect badly on her (or so she thinks) and that probably infuriates her.

    If she bugs you again, tell her that you read Crisis of Conscience by one Raymond Franz and if she really wants to know why you no longer want to study, she should get herself a copy and read it. I guarantee you, she'll never bother you again.

  • roxanesophia

    Wow, you wonderful people weren't wrong about feeling free, even if I wasn't that deep into the cult. I hadn't gone out witnessing yet because something just kept telling me "No" regardless of their not so subtle pressure, including a talk by a ministerial servant where he looked at me saying "We've all got those studies who know everything and as much as we try to help them, can't get them to make that full dedication to Jehovah"

    Aussie Oz - And when they talk about you they will say probably it was that "jehovah" did not want you . And thats why he let you fall to Satan.

    I remarked to my Elder friend one day (many years ago) that i hoped my disfellowshipped brother would come back, his reply?

    "Have you not thought that perhaps jehovah does not want him back".

    That's disgusting. I didn't like 3 of 5 elders in the congregation i was in and these are the men supposedly appointed by holy spirit. One of them, if you saw in the street, you'd run like hell, he was that unapproachable. It just never made sense that they were CHOSEN to "sheperd the flock." But I guess they have to say anything to feel better when someone leaves because they learn its a huge crock of shit when they're taught (and so was I) that there's no love anywhere else, no friends anywhere else, no truth anywhere else. So WHY WOULD ANYONE LEAVE in that case? I tried to get out 2 months ago saying "I don't like how cruel the disfellowshipped are treated and how they could be possibly sinning against an entire congregation of people who can switch off any human sympathy and love for that person because they're told to." and she makes me speak with 3 former disfellowshipped people who all said "It was the best thing ever happened! If the friends hadn't cut me loose i never would have known what i was doing wrong and rely on Jehovah to help me fix it."

    I told a MS that I had watched the disfellowshipped's videos and it made me sad and he said "Those people are just there to make YOUR life harder. Half of them are acting, too." More Then he changed the subject with how well I'm doing. SO I changed it back to why the doctrine has changed since the "Bible students" were founded. He said "Yes, but the light gets brighter, and we admit to our mistakes, other religions don't." Then he changed the subject to: "You come here now and you know what we're about. You don't need the opinions of disgrunted ex members" So i changed it back to "I don't like the pedaphile scandals" and he said "The catholic church have more than us." So i said "How can God have an organization full of imperfect people no different to the worldly ones you condemn?" and he said "We are trying the hardest." ANSWER. FOR. EVERYTHING.

    Ha, my conductor would always say to me "I want you to ask me the tough questions!" but i don't think she meant as tough as anything on I did ask her where the hell 1914 came from since it's not in the Bible and of course the society books come out. AS IF I'm accepting that. They even had a part one night on doing research to find truth (the nerve!) and the demonstration was a guy at a desk with 3 stacks of society literature ONLY. I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up. It's practically criminal to plant in people's heads that they never need to use outside literature to research things. REVOLTING. VERY different to what I learned at college.

    Anyway, update on the present situation:

    I got the phone messages and emails. They're using the "You mean so much to Jehovah, that's why things got hard for you, and you felt you had to make this decision, but Satan is NOT stronger so if you only kept going..." Took everything in me not to write back "Satan is not here. He's at your assembly laughing at you." And I can't blame him because if i had to go, laughing would be the only thing to get me through it.

    And the "I love you's"

    I'm upset on one hand because I really did like some of the people I met. It's not fair... i went into this with the decision to make it my life because I truly believed it was truth, so I worked hard at making friends and it's hard to let go of those ones and harder knowing their interest in me is most likely limited to my progress. On the other hand I dunno if I can be friends with people who are so misled and don't care to learn that. I prayed and read the bible last night (and i know religion isn't for everyone here) but I found all the scriptures that assured me I hadn't "left God" when i left the witnesses.


    "He said to them: "Isaiah aptly prophesied about you hypocrites as it is written. This people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far removed from me. It is in vain that they keep worshiping me because they teach as doctrines commands of men."
    Mark 7:6-7

    then it hit me like a ton of bricks: JW's are the pharisees! Then I found scriptures that JW's made me read out of context about going house to house and shaking the dust off your feet blah blah, and Jesus was talking to his disciples, not us. I believe in talking to people about Jesus but thats very different to bombarding them with literature and forcing them to attend all those meetings, and the rest. Jesus' command for us was more along the lines of feeding and clothing our fellow man, etc, which the JWs DO NOT do from what I've seen. Unless you're a JW, and even then, only when you're favoured. It's just from what I've seen, maybe it's different in other places.
    Oh, but an elder told my mother at the door "We do the biggest charity work there is!" My mother said "What? Going door to door annoying the living shit out of people while believing you will live and they will die?"

    So i do feel better, i'm just sad now about the 'friends'. But that only would have gotten hard had i stayed longer.

    On that note, there's more love in this thread than at the kingdom hall!

    OH! I said to her before saying i didn't want to go that i didn't want to hear another word about Satan, or apostates. She said "It won't be about any of that." YEAH, RIGHT!

    I'm sure she'll email me how great the convention was, too and how good it would have been for me. I think I'll just ask her how many girls there couldn't walk in their shoes.

  • mrsjones5

    You've done good. Stay strong. :D

  • dm6

    Jesus warns of the watchtower and people alike.

    The disciples said to him, "Teacher, when are these things going to take place?"

    Please note that in Matthew Chapter 24, he tells of things in these last days is a response to his disciples.

    Also note how many times he emphasizes the most over all the things he says, the most important one was that "Do not be misled"

    He says it several times! he really emphasizes this.

    AndJesus even goes on to give an illustration/analogy about being misled, and those cliaming to be him or to have him.

    Jesus says " Do not be misled! For people will say Look! There is Jesus, or there! The christ is here or there. For youwill KNOW it is I, Just as you know lightning is in the sky"

    So if you are unsure Jesus is not with the Watchtower, then obviously he is not there since you will just KNOW it when he arrives.

    Think about the million other things which contradict the watchtowers teaching.

    My other favorite is -

    The disciples said to Jesus how do we guard oursleves from false prophets? how do we know it is false and not from God?

    And Jesus Quite simply replies, "If what they prophesy does not occur, then you will know it did not come from my father who is in the heavens"

    I would now point out to you the watchtower has predicted the end several times but to no array, Although they will deny this saying they never did predict the end, they definetly did, its in old watchtowers if you can get hold of them etc.

    Hell, some of the JDubs may even admit it and call it new light! Just tell them this short story.


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