Stupid suggestion from Study Conductor

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  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Be brave.

    Just say NO!

    You'll love yourself for it.

    Oh, and come back and let us know how it went. Good luck.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    That just tells you what part of the convention is your conductor's favorite; the motel, the pool, the restaurants and shopping. That's because the convention is the only vacation most get all year!

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    tell her that your going to Hedonism Resort.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with most of the posters' advice here and you should just end it. Do it briefly, just say: Sorry, I am not going to continue. Then say: Bye! Why prolong the agony?

    As some have said, you are a status symbol of sorts. I am a "fader" with a few JW friends left. One of these friends has an illusion and hopes to activate me and I suspect her reasons are similar. In her case, however, she is also looking for an "ally" in the hall or somebody to share the drudgery work she is incapable of saying "no" to. She is one of those sisters targeted to do favors and the last thing I want is to be sitting next to her when one of these users targets her.

    Take it from one who knows, dear. Just say "NO"!

  • roxanesophia

    Thanks everyone, with your support and encouragement I made the call. I said "I have issues with Jehovah God and cannot continue studying with those doubts. And since you're always saying to put Jehovah to the test when it comes to trials, I'm going to test if he brings me back to the organization."

    "I think she's still studying because she really wants to be her friend. I may be wrong, but the OP might not have friends and that's why she's going through the bible study."

    That's what it came down to. I believed it was the truth and i did what I was asked: cut off worldly friends. I found myself wanting to be around them less and less because i honestly believed what i was studying and only wanted to be around other JW's. I thought my study conductor and others were my friend and it wasn't until i came here that i learned how conditional friendships are.

    A few years ago someone told me I was the kind of person to join a cult, and i thought people knew a cult when they saw it. I thought it was "the truth."

    She said that if I just got through this trial i could get through anything Satan throws at me, so I said "I honestly don't believe Satan cares what I'm doing. If he exists I'm sure he'd rather attach himself to bigger things like politics and entertainment."

    Then she said "It's a shame you feel that way... that's Satan's trickery"

    I said "It's also Satan's trick to break up the family unit and i see a lot of broken families in the congregation."

    Then she read a scripture where Jesus says anyone who leaves family to follow him gains more family.

    "But he didn't say to treat family as if they are dead, either."

    She went quiet and said "God has an arrangement in place so we follow that."

    I said "I'm getting sick over this stuff and really can't afford to invest any more time in it when my hearts not in it too."

    More was said but at the end she said "if there's anything i can do to help..." and I said "You've done enough. I'm letting God do the rest. If he leads me back, so be it."

    Then i hung up knowing full well that's not going to happen.

  • dm6

    roxanesophia - Conratulations! you just popped your cherry :)

    Now i know its an embarrasement because i have been there, but your true friends and family will forgive you and not judge you.

    Your out of it now, i may suggest breaking off contact completely now as everytime you speak to her it will only be preaching on her part, plus she will put you on massive guilt trips citing scriptures about how you came to God but turned your back on him. Foolish earthling etc etc etc just ignore her and live a happy life :)

    Well Done to you ;-)

  • flipper

    You happen to be studying with one of the more PSYCHO and FANATIC JW's from the sound of it. Listen carefully- she and all other Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to exercise control over other people's minds with mind controlling tactics. The WT society controls the elders, Ministerial servants , then the techniques are passed down to family heads, i.e. husbands, then wives and children. This woman is doing to you an indoctrination method which is dangerous because it is minimizing your right of controlling your own choices !

    Think about this carefully & reasonably. If you had a friend you knew and you wanted to take them on a trip to the coast and they told you they were sick, not feeling well - wouldn't most NORMAL people with normal HUMAN EMPATHY just say " O.K. ? I hope you get to feeling better ! Perhaps we could go another time ? " I mean- THAT is a normal response. The fact that your bible Study conductor isn't taking " No " for an answer indicates she has LOST her normal human emotions and empathy to the cold, calloused robot like JW cult thinking of " organization first ! Human feelings second, or they don't count ".

    This is what's dangerous about giving in to JW members and WT control - you hand over your freedom of mind to them and they'll feel like THEY own you - you surrender ownership of your life, your personality, your dreams - and before you know it- thy suck you in. My advice ? RUN LIKE HELL away from that study conductor and the Witnesses. She is a robot like clone on a mission - and that mission is converting you to share in thir misery. Please listen to me. I was in it for 44 God forsaken years . I speak the truth to you. Make a good decision

  • mrsjones5

    Yay, Rox you got backbone! I'm proud of you! :D

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    ''Then she read a scripture where Jesus says anyone who leaves family to follow him gains more family. "But he didn't say to treat family as if they are dead, either." She went quiet and said"God has an arrangement in place so we follow that." -- You did brilliantly with the entire conversation from what you've told us, but this was a highlight for me. You used logic, based on her own source (what Jesus said), in a way she couldn't argue with. And the best way that she could reply was essentially 'I don't think for myself about what the Bible says, I just obey an organisation'. You may well have no idea at this point how often a similar idea is expressed in the organisation, in different ways. "Just wait on Jehovah for an answer", or 'stop asking questions the org can't answer' in effect. Or "That doesn't seem right, but we just have to obey the elders". The 'do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man..' scripture isn't fully applied by your average jw. Anyway, well done! I could never be as brave and articulate when talking to another jw as you were. Enjoy your freedom.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Congrats on standing up for yourself. You did well.

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