Stupid suggestion from Study Conductor

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  • roxanesophia

    "She'll get brownie points for getting you there"

    "you've become her spiritual status symbol."

    Bingo. I can see it, but i know she thinks she's actually saving me or some bullshit and I'm not good at standing up for myself and she knows it. It's how i got involved with JW's in the first place.

    "Oh weve got an area where you can sit in the quiet and trained medical staff to assist you"...Bulls***!"

    Oh yes, I've heard that, too. I went to one convention in the past and i made her sit at the very back with me and the speakers looked like ants. Got nothing out of it whatsoever. We were a million miles away from the platform. But THAT is better than accepting "I have anxiety problems and I'd really rather not come along." I'm realizing that they really don't care about personal situations, it's what the organization requires that matters and that all important spiritual food.

    "Problems have arisen at conventions when individuals with chronic health problems were left alone and became ill. "

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm just really down and needed that boost of confidence to call her up and say NO and mean it. As I said i tried that earlier and it didn't work, and then above all else i just wanted to know what purpose it serves for me to go but NOT go. I didn't want to sit here all night analyzing that weird suggestion so i thought I'd come where people know how JW's think because "Just come and be with us" instead of going to our brainwashing session actually looked like genuine interest and love there for a second.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I don't see what's so hard in telling her

    NO, i do not intend to become a JW...end of story.

    After that every other no to her will be easy.


  • punkofnice

    She'll get you to the Motel then 'guilt trip' you into going to the sales seminar sessions.

    Be straight. Look her in the eye and say with conviction: 'I am not going to the convention. Further more I am not studying the watchtower religion anymore but thanks for the time!'

    Smile, walk away and when she pursues you REFUSE point blank to get sidelined into a conversation or her 'rules' about why you should get indoctrinated into a dangerous high control group.

    She has wasted hours of your time so do not feel you owe her diddly squat. She has gained 'kudos' with the local congregation for 'studying' watchtower dogma with you. She can go on the sessions and boast in front of a thousand or more dubs about HER 'experience' in the 'ministry' other words you are a prize catch!

    Run as fast as you can from that cold, austere controlling lot.

  • dm6

    i know how you feel there. I was in the same situation, and i ssoon realized months later, the reason i found it hard to say NO was because I in fact, was brainwashed already, and although i did in the end go with my gut feeling and leave it all behind, (i was also just a study for just under a year) i took all my books and everything i owned to do with the watchtower etc, personal bible, etc etc etc and sat down with my bible teacher and told him i thankyou for the time you have given me, but i do not beileve any of this and i have to stop kidding myself, sorry for you to hear it this way.

    Be blunt, but nice about it, because after all, she beileves in her mind she is helping you and she is waaaaaaaay too far gone into seeing through the BS becuase of indoctrination.

    Currently, you are being indoctrinated.

    Its not a bible study, and as someone else here has rightly pointed out, they get you to say what they beileve and tell you yes, thas the right answer. So whatever your answer was before, what YOU had personally thought, was WRONG.

    Its an indoctrination process, but they dont even realize they are doing it to you, they really do beileve they are saving your life!

    Do yourself a favor and get yourself the HELL outta there before you start having weird dillusions about anything you read online s the devil pulling you away from god.


    Indoctrination is a nasty thing and can take people YEARS to recover from. luckily, i was only in it for about 10 or 11 months, most people on this board have been born in, so how they came out of the BS i have much repect for, they must have been going through some seriously disturbing pychological changes.

    Again i will tell you friend, RUN AWAY. DONT BE FOOLED. BE SMART.

    When you start throwing out objections and seriouos questions in line with the bible and they try to prove to you otherwise, yet you do not entertain their answer and still remain confused, and scripture after scripture you thrrow out there and you just remain in this dead set way about you, as if no matter what she says your not buying into it. Thats what i did. In fact when i turned up with my sheet of paper with loads of scriptures on (courtesy of JWN Users ) and started to throw out all these questions they couldnt answer, my bible teacher actually says to me "i jhave to say it comes accross as if you are opposing the faith" from which i replied no no, i just want to know the truth!!!! and all my research has led me to these!!!

    Then they start to lay off you and not really pay much attention. Give it a go.

    Start off with this scripture, see what she says, if you want any more ill be HAPPY to oblige.

    2nd JOHN 1:7

    Watch out shes not hiding in our closet though ready to pounce on you with literature! omGAWSH!!!


  • Finally-Free

    Tell her you want to have sex with her. I guarantee she'll quit bothering you.


  • blondie

    Time to say NO without discussing it. Just end your study with this person and soon. This is an abusive situation that will get worse.

    Love, Blondie

  • sizemik

    Looking through this thread . . . it's all been said.

    They / She needs you, not the other way round . . . it's a trophy / validation thing. You need this religion like you need a dose of malaria.

    She's leaning on you because she believes it will work . . . maybe you have caved in to pressure before.

    The time has come . . . to just say NO.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Take a deep her TODAY...and just do it. Go for it! We are all behind you cheering you on........x You can do it!

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I feel for you. I have a serious illness, I don't even have the strength to get up sometimes, and yet I was pressured into making it to an assembly. An elder counselled me on not getting to the previous assembly, so I tried to explain that I can't even last through the day and nobody would take me home during the lunch break because of parking problems. He read me the 'not forsaking gathering ourselves together' scripture and said that it was a command from Jehovah to get to the assembly. He said 'I know you're ill, but..' and then proceeded to recount the experience of some guy who was ill, couldn't get up, so people set up a bed for him with mirrors so he could still see the platform..I just bowed my head and accepted it. I dragged myself there, made myself ill for weeks from the exertion. Guess what? The elder wasn't there, he was ill !! Moral of the story is.. don't let others set standards for you that are higher than you can reach. If they were in your shoes, they probably wouldn't even live up to those standards. Besides, you're not even baptized, you are NOT UNDER THEIR AUTHORITY. If you, like me, are not good at face-to-face confrontation, I'd suggest telling your conductor over the phone, they have less power that way, because they're not in your space. Maybe even write down what you want to say, like 'I don't want to study with you any longer' or whatever you feel is polite and easiest to say, then say it and shut down the conversation. I hope that this helps..

  • Heartofaboy

    A heck of a lot of sense has been said here roxanesophia.

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