Stupid suggestion from Study Conductor

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  • punkofnice
    she stresses "you know it's the truth"

    That's par for the course. They think that just because they've had their 'minds cleansed' to believe that everyone else HAS to believe! I have a very good atheist friend and my wife still insists that 'he knows it's the tweth but doesn't want to accept it!' It's part of the brainwashing mind cleansing.

    She has an answer for everything and for some reason i always come out looking & feeling like the stupid one.

    JWs don't realise it but they are trained in the use of logical fallacies, hypnotic language and other propaganda tricks.

    Just call them out on something that proves the GB are liars and you'll see her do mental gymnastics to prove the GB are infallible.

    A calm analysis of what she says before replying would be best if you ever encounter her again. May I suggest you do what JWs are trained to do when asked a stumper of a question on the doors? They won't answer but will say they'll research it and return.

    Do that!

    Write it down, post it here and we'll deconstruct it and identify the propaganda techniques used.

    Also you might want to research 'logical fallacies' there are some excellent YouTube vids that explain how it works.

    You won't win every battle in life but forewarned is forearmed.

    Let us know how it goes. Stick with us!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    She has an answer for everything and for some reason i always come out looking & feeling like the stupid one

    They very often don't have an answer.

    They have a way of replying.

    That is not the same thing.

    When they answer your question, you have to take the time to ask yourself, "Did she really answer the question that I asked?".

    If you ask a problem question, they will always reply, but it is usually a long winded blathering about a seemingly related subject that doesn't actually confront the issue you brought up. If you pick up that she is doing that, you should pull her up mid-sentence. Don't let her finish. Repeat your question without rephrasing it.

    Often they will rephrase your question before replying. Unless you did actually use bad grammar asking your question it is usually a subtle change to your question. If it is, pull them up on it, and insist that they answer your original question. Ask the question again without rephrasing it.

    If she is guilty of something, accuse her of it and act offended. She should go home feeling guilty for it.

    If you didn't realise that she had fooled you until she has left, write down the problem question for her next visit and tell us what she said to get some feedback so that you can hammer her on it.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    You're so right Black Sheep....lots of words with little or no meaning. Now I think back...I remember sitting there like a stunned mullet sometimes because I just didn't know what they hell they were on about...I would ask them something...and they would go off on a completely different wonder it left me speechless!

  • roxanesophia

    Someone here suggested to ask her if she can name one negative thing about the cult and if she couldn't it was indeed a cult. Sure enough I said “if we were to focus on the flaws..” And she interrupted me with “but there are no flaws” LOL. Oh boy. So I emailed her and some other JWs this little something I came up with. Claim to have the truth and you're better than me / won't let me walk away with my dignity/ but I gotta tell you its you who was misled / the men at the top have left you for dead/ wasting precious time on a futile cause / spreading vicious lies and expecting applause / the truth escapes you/ can't you see/ that you're the victim of the devil's mockery Drop that bookbag and run/ the man behind the door aint got a gun/ but he's got a book to prove you wrong/ run away your faith in twelve faceless men ain't that strong Accuse me of being an apostate/ convinced that you're entering through the narrow gate/ but the broad road to destruction is the doctrine of men/ you're no different to the churches you condemn/ wake up and smell the coffee before its too late/ or will it take another failed dooms date? / ah that was therapeutic :) The book I'm referring to is the bible since it indeed proves them wrong.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Great poem/rap/rhyming thing lol.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself!

  • punkofnice

    Rox, looks to me like you are fully awake and they are asleep!

    Put that to music and you got a hit.

    May I suggest the chords of G, B M , D and A with a chorus of D, A/ Dflat bass and G?

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