Stupid suggestion from Study Conductor

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  • ziddina

    If you're actually ill [and I can see how the behavior of your study conductor might make you sick... ], I'd go see a doctor and get a prescription. Then tell her/him that the doctor has specified that you STAY AT HOME AND REST. Period.

    All that blather about you going and then "staying in the motel"? That's going to become a 'bait and switch' - it's "o-k" to just go along with them, you can stay at the motel and rest - but when you GET there, pressure will be applied to urge you to go to the assembly, anyhow...

    If she/he can nag/manipulate/bully you into going to the assembly, then the study conductor can show you off to the other JWs... "Lookit me!! I've brought in a lost soul - er, warm body...!!"

    Basically, you'll be nothing more than a trophy for her to brag about - and you'll probably be subjected to some lukewarm 'love-bombing', too...


  • sizemik
    then it hit me like a ton of bricks: JW's are the pharisees!

    That's the bottom line . . . and if you don't follow all their silly little man-made rules . . . they'll throw you out of the synogogue.

    They're the exact opposite of everything Christ taught . . . that's why he doesn't feature much.

    Next time you read a magazine (if you ever bother to) . . . count the number of times Christ is mentioned, and then compare how many times the F&DS, God's Organisation, GB, God's channell etc (aka Pharisees) is mentioned. It will soon become clear who the real "way, truth and life" is, as they really see it.

  • mrquik

    Perform the dog**** maneuver. Scrape them off the bottom of your shoe & keep moving forward. Live well.....enjoy life.

  • breakfast of champions
  • WTWizard

    You go to the motel, you will be dragged to the session. You get dragged to the session one day, you get dragged all three. You get dragged to the whole Grand Boasting Session, you get dragged to the Kingdumb Hell every boasting session. You get dragged to the boasting sessions, you get hounded to throw away everything that means something to you. You start getting dragged in field circus, after losing everything that means anything to you. Before long, that is all you have left--and you need to get baptized or risk losing even that. At which point, you are hounded to pio-sneer and so on.

    Best idea is to not be ready to even go to the motel. If you are fake-sick, a trip out of town to another town might be in order. Go out shopping when you are supposed to be picked up. If you stay shopping long enough, it will make your conductor late for the a$$embly. If you are real sick, puking or threatening to puke in the car while en route to the motel should do the job--or, if you can make the conductor think you might have something serious, a major coughing fit (fake will do fine) will make them think twice. They don't want tuberculosis or a Spanish flu after the session. And cleaning puke out of the car will make extra work for them.

    Next time you get in touch with the conductor for a regular study, confront them with evidence that the foundation of the religion is wrong. Do all the research you can on 607 BCE--if you continually pushing that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 instead of 607, there goes the foundation. Most conductors do not want a student that is going to continually attack the core of the religion. Or, maybe a major organizational problem--such as how widespread a pedophile problem they have, or something like the rule about teaching bad doctrines until they themselves fix them.

  • steve2

    Rox - you rock! Standing up to bullies - even well-intentioned ones - can be damn liberating. Now the important work begins for you: Getting even further away from people who need to control you. Go well!

  • the-illuminator81

    Awesome Rox! You're doing great. Jesus talked about his yoke being light.. the JW yoke is as heavy as a millstone.

    And think about it.. do you really want to be in a religion where you are being constantly manipulated into feeling guilty for not attending, guilty for not living up to other's expectations, guilty for not obeying your 'friends' wishes, fearful of death, fearful of armageddon, fearful of the devil, fearful of apostates, fearful of the entire world and fearful of all people? Did Jesus motivate his followers with guilt and fear? Did he go to a blind man and tell him "You'd better come follow me or the devil will get you!"

    Now for some pharisee references. The JWs are so pharisaic that they even proscribe what kind of fabric is appriopriate for skirts. Can you imagine Jesus telling the woman by the water well that she was wearing the wrong kind of fabric and therefore had no right to the water of life?

    One of the identifying signs of a destructive cult is that they control your life right up to minute details such as what clothes, colors, hairstyles the person wears. Do you want to give up your right to dress as you please, because some old geezers in Brooklyn think that denim is a satanic fabric?

  • AnnOMaly

    It's been asked before but it bears repeating:

    Why are Western sisters NOT permitted to wear smart slacks (standard female business wear) to Bethel when an African brother is permitted to wear a dress?

  • the-illuminator81

    I also like the term "extremely casual".. can you say contradiction in terms? And even a polo shirt is not allowed when taking the tour.. weirdos.

  • steve2

    Okay, I get that it's not a good look to turn up at Bethel with one's midriff exposed or wearing sandals and an untucked shirt. But what on earth is the basis for the absolute ban of formal dress trousers for sisters?

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