Stupid suggestion from Study Conductor

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  • Ding

    Just say NO and mean it.

    What are you afraid of?

    Getting her angry? Losing her friendship?

    Her relationship with you is centered on ONE thing only -- getting you to become a JW step by step.

    Once you cut that off, she won't care about you any more and you'll be rid of her.

    If by chance she persists and keeps coming back, tell her to buzz off.

    Continuing the studies and conversations only encourages her to keep it up.

    If she really is "Sister Hitler," cut it off for good!

  • AnnOMaly

    The First Aid department have (or are supposed to have) those who have been on first aid courses. They may or may not have had medical training as well. Their 'job' is to provide a first response (e.g. CPR) in an emergency situation until the paramedics arrive. That's it.

    Long gone are the days, as NewChapter said, when the department was like a sick bay, where there were medically-trained JWs volunteering, where you could get a band aid or aspirin or lie down until you felt better. Different times now.

  • sabastious

    "I'm sick I can't go to the convention." - "It's ok, they have first aid there."

    Now that's a first for me, lol!


  • sabastious
    Since she won't take "No" for an answer, I was thinking of using the waste of time to my advantage

    In any relationship caving to harassment will only compound the problem. Read her the "let your no mean NO" scripture.


  • Gayle

    please, don't go,,your JW friend is very insensitive to your needs,,always will be,, her god/religion allows for no excuses to miss meetings/service unless you have a 'contagious' illness. Tell her you don't even expect her to understand, tell her your God understands.

  • ambersun

    It has all been said, but I will add my own voice and agree you HAVE to stand your ground and say firmly but politely "Thanks but I won't be coming".

    I spent 25 years being ordered around and having my life completely taken over by JWs, being too polite to say no in case I hurt their feelings or got into trouble for falling short of the mark. During my single years my health suffered greatly as a consequence but no-one seemed to notice, or care, how much I was struggling just as long as I was out pioneering, attending meetings and convensions and doing whatever I was expected to do. It helped when I got married and my husband stuck up for me when I was poorly.

    Believe me, the only person being hurt here is you, and from personal experience my advice is to get out now while you can, and don't look back.

    Good luck

  • journey-on

    All good comments and suggestions.

    It seems like she sees you as weak and unable to be assertive, so she is going to push and push until she has accomplished her goal: to make a Bible Study a baptized JW.

    This puts Big Spiritual Points on her record. After she accomplishes that goal, I can promise you she won't bother you or love bomb you nearly so much. You'll be on your own!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I suffer from people-pleasing. Setting boundaries is important in life. I practice law. Outside of the office, I am meek, deferential, yucky. I want to be loved even by people I detest. I pretend I'm a variant of myself by acting a part. It is possible to set boundaries here without being rude. Her niceness or devotion does not indebt you to her. Be firm. It is not a matter for negotiation. One trick I learned was to actually lower my voice when making a strong bottom line statement. It may not be easy but it only takes a few minutes.

    Do you violate your own internal hunches out of niceness? Many Nazis did.

  • Lore

    You have to understand that lot of witnesses are actually sincere, but incredibly stupid.

    She probably actually thinks that if you go god will bless you and you will miraculously feel better and well enough to attend.

    That's cause these imbeciles sit in their seats throughout the entire convention and see the 105 year old lady in a wheelchair sitting in the disabled section and they figure that 'if she can do it, so can I' . . . but of course they don't see her being hauled off to the ER on a gurney during the afternoon session because she's a freeking century old with health problems and there's no divine help to keep her from falling apart during the convention.

    Witnesses get all these stories of pioneers being pushed going around in iron lungs from door to door and think they're immortal so long as they try to do what the society tells them.

    In short, when she says: "oh you'll feel so much better when you're there" She actually believes it. (and in fact if you were a religious person the adrenaline rush and exitement would very likely make you feel better for a while.)

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Know of an instance where a pregnant sister who was put on full bedrest by her doctor went to the assembly anyway and ended up giving birth prematurely. She honestly thought Jehovah would 'magically' protect her with a sprinkle of his holy spirit pixie dust and all would be well because she was 'putting spiritual things first.' The kid ended up with all kinds of physical / mental disabilities for life.

    Cut this lady loose already!

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