Once again I say goodbye

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  • snowbird

    Hey, Outlaw.

    I can't find my group hug emoticon.


  • BizzyBee

    I viewed the thread in question and I agree with Grace. Much as I like some of the posters, it seemed like gratuitous sniping. Better to have said nothing. Oh, I understand where they're coming from - anger against the WTS spills over to anger against religion in general. Understandable. But people like Grace don't deserve to be humiliated like this.

  • mrsjones5

    I think they didn't know or realize that was Grace in one of the clips.

    Not excusing, just saying.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Why leave? This forum need voices of sanity like yours. On the internet you can be whoever you choose to be unfortunately some choose to be rude mean and hurtful. One of the things I see here that really makes my head spin is when see a poster attack someone like Rick no holes barred then find out that in their real life they meekly attend the Kingdom Hall because they can't find the courage to take stand. If this forum is to have any real value it needs people who act the same way here as they would if you were facing them in person so please stick around.

    BTW I went back and watched Rick's interview with you. I thought it was pretty cool.

  • cantleave

    Grace, I am really sorry you feel hurt by the tone of some the recent discussions on here.

    I guess that it has something to do with recent criticism of Rick. It's sad that he opened himself up for criticism by promoting the sensational "revelations" of an unverified "bethelite", which undermined the good work that he has done over the years, and became too defensive when this source was challenged....

    ...but Rick can fight has own battle and does so very enthusiastically .

    I don't think anyone here would deny the contribution you have made made in exposing the JW's for what they are, and the great support you given to people when they make the tough decision to leave. You were certainly a help to me when I joined this board. I am sure you will come back after a period of respite, and when you do you know we will welcome you back with affection.

  • snowbird

    Your interview was just great, Grace.

    Now, I know your last name is pronounced Goff - not Guff.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Mouthy.........Please don't go!

    This forum needs individuals like you to knock some sense into those knucklehead posters who as you say are 'snipping' and being harsh toward other fellow posters.

    I also saw the clip. It was nice to put a name to a face.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Hey, if we take up a collection and buy you a ticket to Tom Jones' next show will you stay?

    I will miss your presence here Grace, but do what you need to.

    Best regards,


    I think they didn't know or realize that was Grace in one of the clips.....Josie

    I saw Mouthy`s picture in the clip but..

    Never "pressed play",or made the connection to her and the convention..


    Rick Fearons Reputation is So Bad..

    He should Step Away from Promoting other Peoples Events..

    No one likes his Exaggerated Claims,or his Amateurish,Huckster Style..

    What`s worse is..

    Now it`s Affecting Innocent People..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • badseed

    I'll have to apologize for my comments on that thread and I know that I'm part of the reason you're saying you wish to leave. I didn't know you were in one of the clips and maybe I shouldn't have lumped all christians together in my comments. So again, I'm sorry. A lot of posters here respect you and value your comments, your leaving would be a loss for this forum. Maybe I'm one of those who should really leave?

    But you know, just as you feel the need to tell the truth to JWs who are trapped inside, I feel the need to tell those who use Jesus and religion as a means to turn a profit that I'm not listening and that they can take their business elsewhere, I don't need the guilt trip. If I was trying to promote a business on this site I would be breaking forum rules and told to stop. The same applies in my opinion to those who use Jesus Christ as a business product.

    So you stay and I'll take a hike. How's that?

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