Once again I say goodbye

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  • mrsjones5

    Everyone needs a break sometimes (and a little attention). Take care of yourself, see you when you feel better and come back again. :-)


    The forum is quiet lately as many long term posters have moved on. Hillary step was a hoot but hard on fools. Looking back to those day there were some very robust debates with a lot of mud slinging. They were informative, funny and entertaining.

    People that come here asking for help are shown empathy and kindness. People that try to pick a fight get slapped down. People that join accidentlly get laughed at. Seems about right to me.

    The way to change the flavour of a forum, is to stay and show by example how we think people should be treated. Leaving achieves nothing and is never constructive.

  • steve2

    I'm sorry to see you go Mouthy. You speak from the heart and do your best to be fair in all you say. Sometimes, even families drive each other up the wall - and need a break from each other. It doesn't mean anything significant as we are all different in our needs. Somedays the sun's too bright, other days it's no where to be found. Go gently Mouthy and peek back in every now and then. Best, steve2

  • RosePetal

    Mouthy I have sent you a PM

  • TotallyADD

    My dear Grace aka Mouthy. It was Mouthy that I got to know when I first started to lurk as will as many others. But it was you that made me think how a older person saw through the veil of the darkness of the WT and had the courage to leave. This kind of courage showed me I also could do it. For a born-in that is a very scary, scary thought. I have always loved your wit, frankness on a matter, your compassion and love and also your abililty because of your wisdom give a person a kick in the butt and help them think about which right direction they should go. I find with myself when I do something very exciting like you did just a few days ago I go into a mild depresssion and I feel worthless or get overly critical about things. I don't know if that what happens to you but I do know you will sadly be missed if you leave this forum. Only being on this forum for only 7 months now I made a promise that I would be kind, compasssionate, and understanding to those on this board. And those who want to go off the handle I will listen to them but I refuse to feed their anger with more anger. I realize for some anger is all they have after leaving this cult. Their anger really shows the pain that they are in. You are right this forum has changed. I have even notice that. But there are many new ones coming on that are just starting to get their feet wet on writing their feelings. Remember being in the WT cult does not allow you to do that. So my dear Grace take some much needed time off and refresh yourself. And be patient with us newbies we will find our voice and hopefully in the furture we will be the ones others look up to for help to get out of this damm cult. Your friend Totally ADD and Thank you for everything.

  • RosePetal

    Grace, I have also sent you an E.MAIL. please check you E.MAILS.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    If you're still here, thanks for the recent, PM. I appreciate the info.

  • PSacramento

    If you are so inclined, please come back :)

    Yes, this forum does tend to test one love, LOL !

    But that is NOT a bad thing, no it really isn't.

    That said, when any places stops feeling welcoming, it is time to move on or at least take a break.

    Hope you come back Grace :)

  • snowbird

    As a well-known peron is reported to have said, "Don't retreat - reload!"

    We need you on here, Mouthy.

    Your report on the picketing you did on Saturday was just plain happifying.

    Please stay.

    There are more on here that are for you than there are against you.

    Love and blessings.


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    What'd I miss, who was nasty towards Mouthy?

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