Once again I say goodbye

by mouthy 124 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dold Agenda
    Dold Agenda

    As faar away as in sweden Europe i am happy that you are here back with us again with your comments!

  • mouthy

    Sweden ,Thats a place I always had a desire to visit. Will never be able now

    at this late date LOL.Thanks !!!

  • shel54401

    However I do Not know you, I do fully understand you wantting to leave. I came from Topix of JW"S and they too are very brutal and harsh..But this will Not stop me and what I have to say of importance about this dangerous organization.

    I can Only wish You the very best in what ever choices you make. I only wish in GOD and Jesus would Give you the strength needed to stay here, YOur story is important along with what you have to say, even the harsh words may be needed to put some in thier place.I am knew here and expect harsh people where ever I go..

    May God Bless You in your every efforts, Please come back some day, I would LOve to see some of your posts..

    many hamster huggs to you, shel

  • mouthy

    Thanks for you post 154401...I have been here for many years.

    I welcome you as a newbie.... I am 84 so I lose it sometimes..
    But your not lost on this site they are a great bunch( until they upset me LOL

  • GLTirebiter

    Grace, I'm glad you reconsidered. Next time, just send us to our rooms, OK?

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