Once again I say goodbye

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  • only me
    only me

    Please stay, I don't post here much but I do read a lot of the threads and I always enjoy your comments.

  • snowbird

    Hey Miz..

    I told Mouthy,Rick Fearon could take some lessons from her..

    She did a good job at her protest..We all thought it was well done..

    For whatever reason..She took offense to that..

    Once she cools down she`ll be back..Mouthy knows she`s well loved here..


  • NomadSoul

    I kind of like this thread because I had no idea what was being talked about. Until Snowbird posted the damn link! I'm afraid to say that I laughed a bit.

  • PSacramento

    I have come to understand that many former JW's view all religions and faiths from the very same lenses and it is quite understandable.

    We are the sum of our expereinces and when we see things that reminds us of THOSE experiences we tend to judge them base don THAt rather than on what they actually are.

    Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong.

    We tend to forget that we don't know everything about everything nor do we know what is in the hearts of people.

    We should be mor eloving and tolerant, but we aren't.

    We should judge less, but we do (It is impossibel for a human NOT to judge at all so LESS is the best we can hope for).

    So many of the people that were here when I first joined have left, so many were the reason I joined...


    Hey Sylvia..

    Good link..There`s that too..LOL!!

    Mouthy enjoys a convention many of us had no idea she attends..

    Rick Fearon started a thread about it and put his usual spin on it..

    "If we went we would never stop Talking about it"..

    Ya right Rick,whatever..


    Mouthy pops into the thread and lets us know she loves that assembly..

    Nobody here wants to hurt Mouthy..Everyone is sick of Rick though..

    Rick could sour milk just by touching the glass it was in..

    I think everyone here is happy Mouthy enjoys her conventions..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    She'll cool down and come back...you'll see...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I can't listen to those links while at work, but I'm able to watch it, and on the surface it is funny. Looking at those two older ladies singing is bizarre, like Golden Girls meets the X-Files. Mouthy, if you're still following this thread, I think you're overreacting. There was no malice towards you from anybody.

    She'll cool down and come back...you'll see...Josie

    Ya and when she does I`ll be sent to my room..


    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    Cuz you're such a naughty puppy! *wags finger*

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