Once again I say goodbye

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  • LV101

    this is not good --- you are such an asset to this board. many on here need you to stay and the toxic folk can entertain themselves --- who cares. i know, easier said than done & it's hard to come here to visit/share when ugly stuff goes on but hope you just take a little time off and seems you haven't been around much. ahh, maybe that's the trouble. sorry things have been rough here toward you and don't let anyone run you off when so many will suffer your leaving.

    please return. this makes me sad.

  • GOrwell

    Sad to see you go on vacation Grace - be sure to pop in from time to time to say hi!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Sorry to see you go, Grace.

    Pop back later and see what mood the forum is in.



  • 30 years out
    30 years out


    I am very newly admitted to this board after watching the discourse as a visitor for some time. I have enjoyed your advice to many lost souls along the way, and to see your post here now is disturbing. I do however understand your position and question the effectiveness of a forum which is often hijacked by those who simply seek to replace one form of repression with a flavor of their own choosing.

    We are individuals with free will and free minds so we will never enjoy the blind allegiance and conformity we experienced while in the clutches of the church. Hatred, bigotry, and intolerance are the same whether based on a bible passage, a verse from the koran, or the misguided directive of another source and have to be left behind.

    I am sorry to see this forum lose the valuable insight and compassion of a member like you Mouthy, and I join others here hoping you will still be around.



  • ABibleStudent

    Enjoy your vacation from JWN Grace, and come back soon when you are ready!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Bangalore

    You will be missed. Hope you will return.


  • HintOfLime

    Sorry to see you go, Mouthy. Thanks for your replies.

    Don't take it too personal if some of us don't want "Jesus Christ to be with us.". It's nothing personal.

    - Lime

  • sizemik

    I haven't been here long Grace . . . but I have found some of the aggression upsetting . . . and yes, I've sniped back, and at times regretted it. I hope your post causes some to think. We should be here primarily for support.

    You have been exemplary in that way . . . and for that reason we need you . . . you're our Granny.

  • clarity

    Grace so sorry to hear you've decided to leave sometimes it can be unfriendly here or anywhere else for that matter. But being what this board is all about we do look for understanding and support, and when we get it wow nothing feels as great!

    There are times I'd just like to blurt out how sad and alone this journey makes me feel but I keep it to myself. I think what if I spilled it all out and ....... no one cared to say anything.

    There are no guarantees in this life, the only thing we can count on is change. So keep on taking good care of yourself Grace. Remember that if you go, that might make me the next in line to your Grannyship! Are you sure you want to risk that?

    love from clarity


  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Good luck mouthy.

    I have to agree - this site is not what it used to be.

    I just hope that JWN remains a strong enough force to help others exit the WTBTS.

    The Scotsman.

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