Once again I say goodbye

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  • 1975

    Michelle, Amen.


  • flipper

    MOUTHY- Your years of wisdom are appreciated by the majority of posters here . Please understand that most of us here appreciate your insights. If you feel you need to leave for awhile to take a deep breath , I understand, just know that we will miss your great posts and loving thoughts and hope that you return sometime. Remember, most of us will always be here for you, O.K. ? Take care of yourself, Love ya, Mr. & Mrs. Flipper



    You are well versed in the bible but it is only one book, or 66 if you like.

    Perhaps you should read the plot by Shakespeare of ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ before casting stones.

  • Chariklo

    Mouthy, I'm fairly new here, but please don't go.

    Sometimes one or two threads get a bit hairy, but mostly not, and this is a very, very useful, friendly, welcoming and helpful forum.

    I honestly haven't noticed anything especially aggressive, though people who come on and make a nuisance of themselves promoting their own brand of religion get the short shrift that they seem to deserve. But that's not surprising, seeing that the people here have struggled to get free of restrictive system and aren't likely to want to climb into another.

    I love the cut and thrust here, and also the warmth and empathy. I've learned a lot too.

    Hope you change your mind and stay.

  • myelaine

    dear GLADIATOR...

    my point is what it is...it is in reference to what you said and the malicious attitude displayed by a lot of posters on JWN...

    I've heard it said here a few times that if you talk about God or religion you're just asking to be beaten down...a bully attitude if there ever was one.

    casting stones?...doubtful...but that comment towards me IS one way of re-enforcing victimization in your own mind...

    love michelle

  • sizemik

    Hey guys . . . by sniping here we are just proving Mouthy's point. I'm not innocent either . . .

    But let's all take a lesson from our beloved Granny . . . we can still allow for differing views and be gracious at the same time.

    Let's take the opportunity here to lift our game . . . ?

    And continue to let Grace know how much she is genuinely loved . . .

  • factfinder


    I am sorry that you are leaving. I feel bad that there are things that were posted that have saddenned and discouraged you so much that you want to leave. I hope that none of my comments were upsetting or discouraging to you. Perhaps after being away for a while you will feel up to coming back.

    I have not been here long so I don't know how this board once was. And while I can relate to much of what is posted my experiences in becoming a witness and in leaving it is much different than most. I feel alone too.

    I feel sad you are leaving. I hope you will come back soon.

    Take care Grace!

  • steve2

    I've seen some of the comments on the thread in question and yes they appeared very personal. Perhaps posters didn't realize Mouthy was in the videos? I didn't until a poster pointed out to me that Mouthy was in them. Sometimes, we humans allow our feelings about particular individuals such as Rick Fearon to generalize to others and I know I've got to be careful in that regard.

    Another point: Given the relative anonymity of this forum, and human nature being what it is - regardless of group membership! - it's relatively easy to sit on the side and snipe at other posters. I don't like it when that happens, but in the absence of posters explicitly breaking the rules, it probably helps just to accept that forums such as this one attract a very, very wide cross-section of people. That being the case, I'd genuinely hope that Mouthy comes back and refuses to let the insensitivity of some put her off. On the other hand, I also feel inclined to respect Mouthy's need to put out there that she wishes to say goodbye. She'll be missed by a lot of people, me included.

  • factfinder

    Grace- you have a pm!

  • shamus100

    No, no rocks, but wish you peace.

    Take care, Mouthy. I'm very sorry if I offended you.

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