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  • mrsjones5

    Where did YKnot say this?

    You'd have to ask her. It's too difficult for me to find stuff on this site now. It was much easier for me before the software change.

  • isaacaustin

    Apparently you are one of them bane. You got outted from a JW facebook group as an apostate. You have been caught in so many lies here and tripped yourself up so many times trying to fake being a JW.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane said:

    Apostates are on Facebook now!!! Guys isn´t this site ENOUGH! Do you have to try and poisen the entire internet?

    My reply: If you were a JW and going to meetings you would already have known this. They have had many parts on this during the service meeting.

    Bane said:

    Issac, you WISH I was an apostate. That would be the only rational that would be in your mind as to why I am trouncing you guys here. ¨Oh he must be an apostate because he is handing us our rearends in Biblical discussion¨

    My reply: I could care less what you are Bane. You have trounced no one here but yourself. You don't know how to have a Bible discussion. I could trounce your butt in a Bible discussion without trying.


    And who is this YNOT? Show her him to me.

    My reply: Go type her name into the search box. You have had conversations with her.


    Bane is a liar and a troll who goes around pretending to be a JW.

  • undercover
    We WANT people to see Jehovah´s name right? What better witness to go out to eat and have people see the Lord´s name?

    It just ain't JWs that look cultish when they dress different and wear badges...

    Think about it. If you're out on a Friday or Saturday evening for dinner and relaxing and a group of people dressed out-of-place, all wearing badges with some religious slogan on them, doesn't it look out of place and weird?

    If a bunch of towel heads came in wearing badges that said, "Remain Close to Allah", you're gonna know that there's a bunch of zealots.

    If a bunch of Osmonds Mormons came in wearing some Mormon slogan badge (or their underwear was showing), you're gonna know that there's a bunch of weird Jesus freaks.

    Now to someone in one of these groups and accepts that particular group-think, they say, "but that's exactly what we want! We want to stand out. We want to advertise our faith and our Lord."

    But that's not what people, normal everyday people that is, see. They see a bunch of religious fanatics or zealots who are a little bit out of touch with society.

    Also, you may think you're advertising "God's name" but you're not. You're advertising the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society...a publishing company that has marketed "Jehovah" to the point that when most people see that name they automatically think of those weird "Jehovah freaks and their WT magazines".

    But you go ahead and relish being a clown. I'd rather be on the sidelines laughing at you...

    So Outlaw....Wearing a name tag at work is cultish? One is required to wear one all day are they not?
    Blockbuster must be steeped in cultism.


    First ACDC..Now BlockBuster Movies..

    Your all over the place..

    You think if you throw enough shit,some of it might stick?..


    Employees at blockbuster wear name tags..

    So customers can Identify them and ask for assistance..

    Not every JW at an assembly is working..

    JW`s don`t wear name tags so they can provide customer assistance..

    The WBT$ can`t brand their Herd of JW`s..So they put name tags on them..

    That way they can keep track of the JW Cattle..


    Fetch the stick Bane..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • BANE

    Actually no. You type in ynot on the members page and she doesn´t have posts listed. It seems she may have been banned.

    Do you actually think I would use BANE on Facebook? Flippin idiots. So someone posted saying that Bane was an apostate. Anyone can impersonate anyone at anytime on the internet.

    I thought you apostates stuck together. If I were a true apostate I would be dissing the org. You don´t find that here sucka. I am beating all of you left and right scripturally. You don´t see it that way because you cannot. Jehovah has taken away his holy spirit from you so that you cannot think anymore.

    Prove it that I am apostate. ANyone can mimic anyone on the internet.

  • JWoods
    ANyone can mimic anyone on the internet.

    But not necessarily convince anyone. For example, you do not convince me you are actually a JW.

  • ldrnomo

    bane said:

    I wouldn´t bother with the trashy people here. They all hate the organization. Don´t believe me?

    I left that last sentence which really shouldn't have been a question in. Just to show how you can change a meaning by quoting someone out of context.

    My dear been

    I've bane wanting to address your statement about hate.

    You say we just hate. We hate the GB, we hate the elders, we hate the organization etc. etc.

    My question is what does the Bible say?

    I will tell you if you can't think of it right away.

    It says hate what is bad. So if we hate the organization and i'm not talking about the people i'm talking about the organization which I believe is it's own entity and has control of all of its people, we are then following the Bible's counsel.

    May I ask, who do you hate bane? Is it we the people? Is it the thought that we could be right? Is it the emotional freedom we are now able to have? Perhaps its the freedom we have from all the guilt induced by a group of men setting a line in the sand where they voted on the placement and then by saying just the right scriptures in the right order manipulated everyone to get on their side.

    Yes bane we don't have the guilt that some people feel, people like you. You may even feel guilty being a member of this forum, or maybe you feel guilt because you whacked off a month ago and can’t wait to do it again. Whatever it is you hate, tell us. Tell us bane what you want to change about people. Tell us why it’s good to have all the guilt induced by old self appointed wise men.

    Use the scriptures in any order that you want tell us what you hate.

    PS. you can start a new thread if you wish and I apologize to thunderr for hijacking his/her thread

    I just figured the badge thing was done with and I’ve been ignoring you bane for much too long. You should know this. When I was a child of 14, I had to attend Catholic catechism classes. After several comments made by me in the class got the Nun so mad she said in a loud voice that the whole class could hear "YOU ARE AN AGENT OF THE DEVIL"

    So watch out bane you may just be talking to a demon. There are other ways besides pushing the keys. I'm sure many of your members think we have control of the internet.


  • isaacaustin

    YKNOT, not YNOT.

    We are united in one thing- we know that the GB is not God's channel and the org is not God's org. And we are also united in knowing that you are not a JW, but simply a troll and a liar. :)

    But to ride your claim of being a JW- I thought JWs stuck together and obeyed the GB. LOL Whatcha doing here ya good ol JW?? Oh, that's right you are not one. HAHA

  • straightshooter

    Yes to find who a person really is on the internet is difficult. That is one of the reasoning points that the WTS uses on why the loyal jw should not visit internet social sites.

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