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    Prove it that I am apostate.....Bane


    Anyone who thinks your an JW Apostate is mistaken..

    It`s incredibly obvious..

    You`ve never been a Jehovah`s Witness..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    Prove it that I am apostate.....Bane

    Well, you have admitted in so many words that you are on Facebook.

  • isaacaustin

    Ok, Outlaw...you are right. So Bane was correct in stating he is not an apostate. You have to be a baptized JW first.

  • undercover
    I thought you apostates stuck together.

    Ya gotta love paranoia...

    There is no 'apostate agenda'. "We" don't stick together. We all think different, act different, do things different.

    The Society has got most JWs brainwashed as to what to expect when confronted with 'apostates'. But it's all lies and propagnada...something they excel in.

    And the label of 'apostate' to identify ex-JWs is a misnomer to begin with. Anyone who leaves their former religion behind is apostate. You don't have to be vocal, or diss anyone...all you have to do is leave. If some are militant that's their perogative. Others just wish to be left alone and go one with their lives.

    Now, you claim to be a JW yet are acting in defiance of official WT policies and counsel. By continuing to have dialogue with DFd/DAd people and those who proclaim to hate the WTS, and especially by talking of 'spiritual' matters, you are setting yourself up for discipline, if you were to be found out. Discipline that could result in your being DFd if you weren't careful. Apostate? Maybe, maybe not, but you'll still be on the outs just as if you were. So, keep it up... stick your neck on the chopping block and get found out.

  • Titus

    Man needed a convention badge and he has got it.

    I don't understand how this thread gets 5+ pages.....................

  • JWoods

    Does Bane already have his convention badge?

  • BANE

    Issac, Because the governing body looks out for it´s members. They don´t want them to get messed up coming here. I have been through your crap before. When I was studying at 20 I was reading a live forever book at school. Someone brought in apostate literature and slyly said...Do you want to know the secrets of the WT? I said bring it on because I loved what I was learning. She brought in a whole box of apostate literature. I looked at it and shared it with my then fiance. She immediately quit studying etc. My Dad was a witness and I brought it to him to look at. We decided to examine one paragraph of one book. They quoted the live forever book. They took it all out of context twisting what it actually had said. They took one sentence and merged it with another. I knew who was telling the truth then. I knew witnesses were good people. My father had gotten baptized a few years earlier.

    You bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget. She was a lovely woman who had a good heart and you ruined it with your garbage. So I got baptized, pioneered and have never looked back. But I still have been battling your poisen for years and will continue to do so. You people are scum to me. You and Satan belong in bed together.

    You want to know why I am here? To show you the truth. To fight every single one of you so you don´t screw up other people.

    IDrnomo, You say you hate what is bad but I see SEVERAL people here that have said they are homosexual, that they love drugs, that they like to have fornication, that they do not believe the Bible anymore. So don´t give me that crap. Want to know what I want to change about you? ALL OF THE ABOVE I just mentioned. Become reconciled to Jah before it is too late. You yourself are saying you are a demon sir.

    Where in my posts have I lied once Issac? I AM BEGGING YOU TO SHOW ME! PROVE IT! Oh you cannot? So who is the liar then?

    So Mrsjones, someone opened up a FB account with the name of Bane and you believe it? HAHAHA! You apostates are something else! One of you opened up an account with the name of bane and said....Look at me I am now an apostate! HAHAHA! The society was right. QUITE snakey you try to be.

    don´t tell me...I bet that talked in capitals like I do sometimes do to make sure people are fooled...HAHAHA

  • mrsjones5

    I don't understand how this thread gets 5+ pages.....................

    One word: BANE



    We`re bored..Bane showed up..

    We kick his ass back and forth until an interesting thread comes up..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • mrsjones5

    You bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget. She was a lovely woman who had a good heart and you ruined it with your garbage.

    Interesting. Can you expand on that story?

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