2010 district convention badge

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  • thundarr

    Hi all

    Do anyone a scan of the badge card. I move and it convention time ths weekend an need to replace my family card before friday

  • Soldier77

    Welcome Thundarr!

    I think you will find a lot of us will say, just don't wear one.

    Do not conform!

  • thundarr

    i would agree but why not if you going somewhere with other groups you wear their id card plus i have four kids youngest about 2 and i need the id just in case something happens

  • Soldier77


  • cattails

    Just wear an empty plastic holder to the Convention site.

    When you get in ask for two programs from an attendant.

    Rip out the front title of one of the programs, write your

    name or whatever you want underneath in pen, then fold

    and stick it in the plastic badge holder. Looks convincingly

    like the official name tag. And has been used by some who

    have forgotten their convention badges at home. Easy peasy!

  • blondie

    Why would you need a convention badge if something happens, like what? Haven't you filled out a healthcare proxy provided by the WTS at the congregation level, for you and your children?

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Or just go fishing

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis


    whatever happened to..... Bagdes we don't need no stinkin' badges!!!

  • StAnn

    Can't you just make a homemade one? Why does it need to be an official name tag, if your concern is your child's safety?

  • thundarr

    i have kids their name and info so be on them plus we are encourage to wear badges at all time even while traveling

    and i am using a mac now and the printing and making one a little tricky I just it to be as close as they can be

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