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  • WTWizard

    Ex-witlesses do judge--they judge the religion as being Not Acceptable. They start judging when there are blatant discrepancies between what the religion teaches and the Bible teaches or when they are grossly mistreated by the religion, and they are instructed that they are going to have to go along with the bad teachings until the leaders themselves fix them. They judge the hounders and pio-sneers, and for that matter anyone in the religion, when all they do is try to run other people's lives. (Remember, 1Thess 4:11 explicitly tells people to mind their own businesses, not nark on people for such horrible "offenses" as smoking).

    Now, the witlesses are very quick themselves to judge. The world, and those who have left the religion, are judged as deserving destruction. Bird food, scum, poison, pigs and dogs, urine, and "goats" have all been heard at one time or another from the platform to describe worldly people. Apostates are judged even worse--they are classified as murderers. They also judge those within their own ranks: If you are not pio-sneering, you are not worthy of life. What are you going to do if Jehovah asks why you were not [insert "privilege"]? How dare you listen to that "bad" song or watch that PG-13 movie? Why did you miss that boasting session so you could take your family on the first camping trip you been on in 20 years? And so on.

    As for the embarrassment badge, my advice is to not go at all. Short of that, you probably don't even need one. If they are using the embarrassment badges as ID, you are going to have to see if you can get one from the littera-trash counter or scan an updated one, since an out of date badge is only going to be useless to get whatever you need. And by all means take the damn thing off once you are away from the crowd--and don't be afraid to take off your suit and wear your jeans once you get back to the motel room. Hey, why would you want your suit dirty when you need it?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Not to derail a derailed subject, but I must dip into these things every now and again:

    Bane said the following excerpts in yellow (my comments intermixed in italics):

    Issac, Because the governing body looks out for it´s members. They don´t want them to get messed up coming here.

    That could be a valid reason. It's just that we have researched enough of that "apostate" literature and had enough personal experiences to know that they don't look out for the members but always always always put the organization ahead of the individuals.

    Someone brought in apostate literature and slyly said...Do you want to know the secrets of the WT? I said bring it on because I loved what I was learning. She brought in a whole box of apostate literature. I looked at it and shared it with my then fiance. She immediately quit studying etc. My Dad was a witness and I brought it to him to look at. We decided to examine one paragraph of one book. They quoted the live forever book. They took it all out of context twisting what it actually had said. They took one sentence and merged it with another. I knew who was telling the truth then. I knew witnesses were good people. My father had gotten baptized a few years earlier.

    So you didn't give the "apostate literature" much of a chance. You read one paragraph of one book. I don't know what you read, but you had enough. Your mind was made up that fast. That's not really the "Bring it on" attitude. What a wimpy cop-out.

    You bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget. She was a lovely woman who had a good heart and you ruined it with your garbage.

    We bastards didn't do it. She read more than you were willing. If you really "brought it on," maybe you would have left. She still had a good heart; that doesn't go away when someone leaves the nonsense of WTS. You are the judgemental "bastard" for speaking of her qualities in past tense.

    I got baptized, pioneered and have never looked back. But I still have been battling your poisen for years and will continue to do so. You people are scum to me. You and Satan belong in bed together.

    Such love and compassion and great pioneer qualities. There is no way your story is true. Or else you are rebellious and will soon be one of us for coming here. Confess your sins of posting here, show them what you posted. Come back and tell us what they said.

    I won't bother with the rest as it just shows your bigotry. I bet you make a great pioneer, deciding that the people you meet are not worthy because they are homosexual or fornicators or drug users, or even worse- cigarette smokers.

  • BANE

    Not so on the way out, The Bible judges apostates WORSE than hookers. Read the bible and find out. I have read more and have decided it´s crap. I have already defeated all the apostate points here. I will never be one of you. You got nothing. Nothing. Pioneers preach to all sorts. They are the BEST people on Earth. They will be lauded as the heroes when this system is over. Do you think the apostates will even be mentioned? I bet R Franz doesn´t even get a resurrection.

  • isaacaustin

    Keep going Maggot, you're doing great!

    You serve a useful purpose here on jehovahs-witness.net :)

  • Twitch


    Guess what? We're all still here. You know what that means? Another victory for apostasy! Maybe armageddon will be tomorrow, huh?

    I'm so glad you're ex fiance saw the light of reason and fled from the org and your mental ramblings. Kudos to her! Assuming she even existed, which is unlikely. Lets see some proof, lol.

  • isaacaustin

    One of Bane's finest contributions to this board is this:

    "Psacramento, Yes SHE has moved on. She hasn´t wasted her life going to apostate sites like you guys do. HAHA... She has a life with a new husband and kids. Great for her."

    "You Bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget. She was a lovely woman who had a good heart and you ruined it with your garbage. "

    So, in other words she is happy, outside the org.

    How about bane:

    So I got baptized, pioneered and have never looked back. But I still have been battling your poisen for years and will continue to do so.
    You people are Scum to me. You and Satan belong in bed together......Bane

    Such a miserable person, if we accept his word that he is a JW, begs the question of why the JW is the miserable, depressed one while the one who left has built a good, happy life. This has been my observation of some others who have left the org and their family members staying in. Bane has given another case in point that the org is not a happy place, nor does it have God's blessing...rather an empty place leaving its members unfulfilled, bitter and depressed. Thanks Bane.

  • superpunk

    lol, I think ya'll take the Goodship BANE a little too seriously.

  • serenitynow!

    "I bet R Franz doesn´t even get a resurrection. "

    That statement shows that you are bible dumb Bane. I do believe the scriptures say that there will be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous (John 5:28, 29). For the sake of argument, even if R Franz had been an unrighteous person (and I have no reason to believe that he was) according to the bible he will receive a resurrection.

    Or has there been some new light ™ which supercedes the scriptures in this matter?

  • isaacaustin

    bane, what do you know about Ray Franz?

  • mrsjones5

    I will never be one of you.

    Bane, as long as you post here you are one of us, whether you admitted or not. You are a board member and are one of us.

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