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  • ldrnomo

    Read my earlier post bane. I never said I was a demon or anything else. You like the rest of the organization read the words you want to hear and fill in the rest with what you think is right. Yet you willingly judge me as being one of those on your list of what is bad. You don't know what I am or who I am do you bane.

    I could be a watchtower organization troll appointed by the Governing Body to search out people trying to escape.

    Or I could be all of those things you have judged me to be. You really don't know who you are talking to bane. Maybe the society was right maybe you should stop wasting time on the internet.

    I told you what is bad. The organization of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of wherever. fuk n period

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    She has a life with a new husband and kids.

    Good for her. She chose wisely, of course you and the WTS believes her & family will soon be violently destroyed at Armaggedon.

    I said bring it on because I loved what I was learning. She brought in a whole box of apostate literature. I looked at it and shared it with my then fiance. She immediately quit studying etc. You bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget.

    Numbnuts.......looks like you cost yourself that girl. Look on the bright side.....she's happy and not in the JW cult.

    Think About It

  • mrsjones5

    So Mrsjones, someone opened up a FB account with the name of Bane and you believe it? HAHAHA!

    Hm no, I haven't looked for you on FB Bane. I'm not that interested in you and most folks create accounts under their real names on FB, not an avatar created for a message board. If you look for me under Mrs Jones you won't find me either.

    My reply: How do you know so much about her?

    I bet she's on FB and Bane's been cyberstalking her.

    She brought in a whole box of apostate literature. I looked at it and shared it with my then fiance. She immediately quit studying etc.

    She's one smart cookie in more ways than one.

    You Bastards cost me my fiance. Something I will never forget. She was a lovely woman who had a good heart and you ruined it with your garbage.
    So I got baptized, pioneered and have never looked back. But I still have been battling your poisen for years and will continue to do so.
    You people are Scum to me. You and Satan belong in bed together......Bane

    Idnoro, I donĀ“t think you are appointed by the GB. They are NOT that paranoid. Also you cussed at the end. No self respecting witness uses that word......Bane


    Are you aware,your an Idiot?

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Bane said: Issac, no one went out today for me to lead. I AM counting my time here. Happy?

    My reply: hahahahahahaha thanks again Bane for showing you were never a JW.

  • isaacaustin

    WOW, Just read the end of this thread. Bane you are a loser, capitalized and emboldened.

  • Twitch

    Well there it is. Bane's real reason for posting here and why he is the way he is. His tender heart was broken by apostates who stole his love away. And now he's gonna get even. He's dedicated his life towards that end and is acting out on it.

    Assuming what he's said is true, which it probably isn't. Unless he can prove it of course but my money's on the fact it is true. It would explain much.

    Poor lil Anakin.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    I am a member in good standing...........and have responsibilities in the Cong.

    Elder's shoe shine boy don't count.

    Think About It

  • serenitynow!

    "Man you guys are the worst on the planet as far as people go."

    Are you sure you're not exagerating here? So because people no longer believe as you do, we are to be considered the worst people on earth? Are we worse than pedofiles, murderers, rapists- and if so please explain your answer.

  • mrsjones5

    So if we are apostate scum and Bane's ex-fiance left him because of apostate lit (or she just has more brain cells - I vote for the later) does that mean that she is now apostate scum too?

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