2010 district convention badge

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  • thundarr

    for who have kids they run and get lost easily in the fun world at times and since We never been to Huntsville Al before if safer to have their info on them plus I always had them till we moved.

  • steve2

    Hi there and welcome to this site.

    It sounds like getting a replacement badge is extremely important to you. I may be able to help you:

    There is a website devoted especially to this very need that has been experienced by many witnesses who have lost their badges. The agency providing this service is called "Jehovah's Witnesses Convention Badge Replacement Agency" (commoly abbreviated to JayW CoBRA).

    For a fee of $350.00 they will provide you with a complete set of replacement badges. They may be able to do a deal if it is only one badge you require instead of 10 or more. Apparently they have been flooded with requests in recent days, so you may have to persist. Good luck.

  • Black Sheep
  • wasblind
  • serenitynow!

    You mean apostates scared that poor person away!

  • booby

    I have four kids the youngest "about" two?

  • thundarr

    i see the forum is full hater of the jw and it should not be that way because the truth never hurts it a healer. yes I am a witness and i wouldnt down any1 religious or make crack about it because I dont like it that not christ-like in anyway. the forum say jehovah witness not ex- or hater. so I join because of the info it provided like pdf before the organization made it available. All you hater of the organization that your choice but dont whine like a baby about the simple thing ask if you didnt have it just done post. Hate in your own thread. I dont know many of you but i am fair and always has been b4 the jw. I am 39 baptized since 1990 born with cerebal palsy, work 40 hour for 15 years until blood pressure and my health put me down just enough keep me at home with my kids more. So I am not a sorry person by not means and I owe all of this to jehovah. you all can knock the religion, the organization, and even the friends you once had but you can deny his name of God is Jehovah and you once and some of you still do call his name. That for the joke cracking on a simple request I thought we all were mature adults. I am here to discuss reasonably and openly with anyone

  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome, Thundarr. I am happy you are here. I think Cattail's suggestion of using the front of a program is a good one.


  • EmptyInside

    Hi Thundarr, maybe one of the elders has a couple extra that they can bring to the convention for you.

  • steve2

    thundarr, you have certainly made clear your judgemental feelings - and added in some guilt-trips about what you are suffering from. Good on you for believing that God is helping you. There are others in similar situations who could claim that their God is helping them - which is neither here nor there.

    Emotional messages are fine - but hardly a basis for condemning other people who you disagree with. After all, this is clearly a site with lots of different views - you just seem to have latched onto the ones that were critical. Quite why you would knowingly post on this site and then "act" all offended by the responses is a mystery that possibly even you cannot understand.

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