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  • Valentine

    I think that these conspiracy nutters like MA and skally do much more harm here than good. This paranoic spreading of disinformation and misinformation,conspiracy and cliques harms the credibility of those seriously working against the WTS.
    This paranoic ranting also influences new ones who are just coming aboard. They both have shown severe imbalance,in their posts re:wts.
    These wacko theories will serve to alienate any serious contributers or outside interested ones from taking the issues seriously. We can't afford to be discredited by the actions of these 2.
    Tina- and rant away skally,you spiraled down so far you've lost the ability of critical thinking.You can no longer recognize the real from the fantasy. I hope you have some peeps in real life who truly care for your mental well-being,because it's beyond meds and therapy here.Inpatient time.

  • teejay

    See Outlaw? I tolja she was cantankerous. The trick is stayin' outside of arms reach!!

    My momma taught me that. She was cantankerous too, only I wuddn't so fast back then!

  • sf


    You so just proved to ME how selective in your compassion. You really are a hateful, spiteful bitch. Why don't you bring your lil' tough ass over to voice chat? Let's go VOICE OURSELVES where we can really stress our points to each other. You got the balls bitch? I seriously doubt it. I've invited a few of "you" to VOICE, yet you all have some sillyass excuse for not accepting. (duh)

    You disregarded everything I said in my post and stuck to your original disgust and distaste for me as you read MY feelings. Admit how you truly feel Tina. And also EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GOSSIP YOU LAPPED UP LIKE A SICK BITCH by people here that CLEARLY cannot be trusted any longer with ANY thing one reveals to them in private. As I've said before, it WILL be used against you one day.

    Tell me when you get hooked up Tina and we will chat one on one. What are you so hesitant about anyway? This way it's a better way to analyze me and my SPIRIT(UAL) condition after the sever RAPE it went thru as a young girl. Remember that part of my post? I WAS RAPED IN ALL WAYS TOO TINA. How about one of your infamous, selective hugs?

    sKally, in a klass by herSELF klass (where it is the safest place to be, as she continues to WITNESS)

  • anewperson

    It's interesting that Simon pointed out that Mad was using multiple accountS.

    For those who miss Mad, well, somehow I bet he will be back, and besides which he has his fellow workers. Simon only did what was right.

    Mad had plenty of warning and you will also notice that he didn't act that surprise and said he'd take it proudly. So some here are feeling more sorrow that his accounts were deactivated than he does.

    But that's a good sign that you are warm and caring people who've also been hurt at some time and so are sensitive to someone else losing the privelege of posting.

    There's no particular pleasure in myself or others suggesting action than in Simon feeling compelled to finally have to implement it. He puts up with a lot from all of us, and I commend him for it.

  • jayhawk1

    I would like to make an appeal on behalf of Mad Apostate. Sure he can be rude and I agree he could use a break from the board. I just hope you will allow him back on your board at an appropriate time. Mad Apostate needs to be treated a little different than most people who post here. For some reason, he thinks people are out to get him. I want to make you aware of this thread in which I had an exchange with Mad Apostate.
    I will post some of the more relevant parts of our conversation.

    I said,
    Mad Apostate,
    You puzzle me. On one hand you have been very helpful, by providing us with a document to keep the Elders off of my back and to keep my good name in tact. Then you are rude to others when you debate with somebody. Why? I hope you have a good day, and peace to you and your family.
    He said,
    I can only say one thing in response to your criticizing me, while nary a word about your buddy's identical behavior:
    "Take your backhanded compliment and stick it up your feathered ass."

    I later said,
    For the record I agree with you, that is why I addressed only you in my previous post. I thought I might be able to get you to see that you can rise above the level you are currently at. You make great arguments, but you can't seem to get above the intellectual belt when you make a point. Instead you insult people like saying, "stick it up your feathered ass."
    He replied,
    For the record Jayhawk1,
    My lifetime experiences have put me in the presence of folks as "high" as the Chief Justice of the USSC, and as "low" as a Drug Dealer who was featured on "Sixty Minutes".
    Thus, I am able to speak and write eloqently when I chose, or get infantile and dirty when "playing" with "trailer trash" like LDH. Its the "audience" that determines the style.
    Please note that my remark to you was not a "f___ y__", and I even purposedly included the adjective
    "feathered" to inject humor, so that you would not take it too seriously.
    If I were not having FUN here, I would leave, because the vast majority here are not activists, and of those who are, the vast majority of them are either dishonest, impotent, or both.

    So I said to him,
    Mad Apostate,
    I did not take the feathers up my ass thing seriously anyway. Likewise, I take everything said to me with a "grain of salt". So no, my feelings were not hurt by you. Most people know why I post here. For me it is to heal emotional wounds and to help other people the best that I can. It seems to me you are here to expose the Watchtower Society for what they are. I can respect that. Keep in mind your audience is more than just LDH/Lisa. Your audience is anybody that reads what you write. It may indeed be intended for LDH/Lisa, but many people read what you write, like myself. I make it a point to read what you write, because you are a brilliant person. Perhaps not the most tactful person on the board, but brilliant none the less.
    Anyway, thanks for addressing me directly, and I look forward to your next thread, post, or reply to me.
    So he said,
    Thanks for the nice response. I'll take your advice (temporarily) and quit playing with LDH. It just occurred to me that her newborn may be paying the price for her responses, so I'll leave her alone for now.
    I do appreciate the compliments.

    So yes, Mad Apostate can be hard to talk to, but he can be a very reasonable person.

    For the record, I don't believe we have an elite group either. We just have people here that are friends, and some who just visit from time to time.

    Again, I hope that, in time, Mad Apostate can return and all will be forgiven,

    Is this a light saber in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • unclebruce


    I haven't had anything to do with you or your work but by all accounts it is appreciated. I too was sexually abused as a child but chose not to speak about it to anyone. Even my wife of 20 years never knew anything about it until one of my sisters told her some stuff. I just don't like talking about somethings and i think our memory often blocks traumatic events out for good reason.

    I'd just like to say that I find it a bit strange you complaining that a victim of abuse was harmed by things said by an annonymous poster on an internet discussion board. I'd caution you vet people carefully before having them post or speak out about thier experiences anywhere. If they aren't strong enough to stand up and fight or take a few knocks along with the inevitable hugs and bouquets what the hell are they doing going public? I know emotions aren't that simple but i do shake my head at anyone starting a fire then complaining about the heat. Gee what a bastard i am ay? lol.

    I can't bring myself to post what happened to me as a child and i'm a big hairy beast of a man not afraid of nuth'n but what's in my head. Call me a gutless wonder or whatever I know i couldn't handle the flak from telling my story how it was so i don't post. I know it's cathartic for these folk but why go on a public forum, them as soon as a little critisism comes, run away crying 'i'm a victim' i'm a victim' .. sheesh, most of us here are victims .. it's often playing prima donna and nothing to do with reality. It's as silly as old men standing around comparing battle scars, then getting into a fight about who's the bravest, most hard done by soldier to take up the kings shilling.

    I don't know how many lives the watchtower society has saved, how many beatings they saved me at the hands of my abusive parents, I don't know how many suicides they've caused or spiritual rapes they've inflicted .. it is an evil organization, no doubt, but weighing it's crimes against its virtues is a fools game in my book.

    Anyhow, i wish you the best and just ask you prepare folk better for the world of internet posting.




    I think you telling your sordid personal story was wonderful. You're a shining example of a woman tough enough to shrug off the idiots attacking from the sidelines. I've seen you take more blows than mike tyson and come up smiling (and chew more ears off lol)

    soaped up unclebruce (i suspect this post may get me in hot water ;)

  • teejay

    Well done, Jay.

    You show that your time as a JW wasn't a complete waste.

    I like MadA, too, although I've never taken the time to talk to him one on one the way you did. I hope he and Simon can work things out. He needs to stick around.

    So do you.


  • jayhawk1

    Thanks Teejay,
    I hate to see anybody leave or be deactivated. I understand Simon needs to keep his board from becoming a mess, but it is sad that people forget that those who post here are real people setting in front of their computer. I think that is what happened to Mad Apostate. So a kind reminder from time to time can correct so many ills in this world. That is what I decided to do. And if I had caught this thread early enough I would have tried again before Simon decided to deactivate Mad Apostate.

    However, all Mad Apostate has to do is email Simon, and I am sure all will be forgiven.

    I love you all, and although I know dissagreements will happen, please remember everybody here has good in them. Behind every post is a person with feelings. I see so much good hapening here by having this board available to anybody who wants to see it. For me this board has been a true blessing, and a special thank you to Simon for making it possable for us all.

    Is this a light saber in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • Mulan

    I have been off the board for two days, waiting to testify in court. While I was gone, here, all hell breaks loose.

    Silentlambs: Bravo, for your efforts, and for defending the gal whose story you posted last week.

    Simon: Thank you for removing the hurtful posts......both of them.

    The rest of you: I posted last weekend that my concern about MadApostate's comments, were that the victim is told by the abuser, that no one will believe them. This is exactly what happened on those threads. Still he persisted in his abusive comments. The woman involved was hurt terribly. Several of us were emailing with her, trying to help her, and explain this board. She didn't understand why she wasn't believed.

    Many of us have been greatly helped, like being in group therapy, by being here, but she was being hurt.

    Anyway, thanks to all who were supportive. Those who weren't, I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • JT

    This is not enough. The WT is an organization led by evil men. to change their policy is not enough. Only their destruction would free innocent people being hurt by these men.

    i agree , but i guess on the other hand Rome was not built in a day

    and wt will not come tumbling down no time soon-
    but your point is as they say THE FINAL SOLUTION

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