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    3. You can go FUCK YOURSELF. I don't have to take my time to explain myself to you. Try reading my 875+ posts in the past 7 months


    AT first when i read this post i started to get bent out of shape but then i thought about it for awhile and just realized that this guy in his own unique and somewhat crude way is merely crying out with pain-

    he like Avenger are just plain folks who for the first time in their life havc a way to express all the pent up anger and frustration at seeing an org destroy thier lives and folks they may perhaps know and love and realize that they really are powerless to do anything about it

    i only hope that with the passing of times both of these guys and i'm sure they are good men will be able to let go of the anger and replace it with something alittle more positive for themselves and others.

    so instead of blasting "avenger or mad a" this is perhaps there only outlet

    this is one of the reasons why i personally just love the NET "THANG"

    for the first time in some of our lives we can say exactly what and how we feel about an issue- i just hate to see that in using that freedom we hurt others in the process- i guess that is the sad part

    but hey guys hang in there - i would never want to muzzle your freedom to say what you please- i just hope that the anger that is reflected in so many of you guys post can be channeled into something that actually helps folks

    jsut my 2
    but hey life is good

  • unclebruce

    Nicely said Mulan,

    I never saw the threads involved but you on one hand say she was being heped but also say: quote: "She didn't understand why she wasn't believed."

    Must our stories be believed by everyone? Is that the way it is 'in group'? As i've just said to silentlambs why I'm all for everyone posting thier experiences in public but anyone doing so needs to know that there will be those probing and questioning your every statement (wannabe prosecutors types and sicko's who get off on seeing others hurt)

    To me this persons reaction was the worse one possible. Why not stand and fight instead of crying "victim, i'm just a little victim ... nobody loves me .. oh woe is me...i think i'll go and eat worms .. " Sounds to me like this 'victim' was a tad self-centred and egotistically showed little respect for those genuinely trying to help.

    nobody understands .. unclebruce lol.

  • JT

    mommy says:

    paranoia, anyone? Sour grapes, sour grapes


    perhaps so, but i think more along the lines of pent up frustrations
    and probably most of it is justified, it's just the manner in which he releases it

    I keep seeing the ref to the "INNER CIRCLE" and in my opinion it tells me something about the MAD A-

    i see a male - baptized a number of years, been a jw perhaps a number of years, but never was appointed to be an Elder, perhaps only a MS- not because he was not qualified--

    in fact i pick up from MADA that he was probably a pretty sharp bro and the elders DOGGED MY MAN like so many others i know of-

    he was sharp -they knew it and they feared it

    so what did they do-- they BLAck BALL my man-

    so he was never allowed to be in the "INNER Circle" in wt-

    then he leaves WT and comes up on the NET and what does he have to deal with again- a group of folks who have as it were some limited "Inside" info on how the org works, who some of the major players are and once again he feels "OUT OF THE LOOP",

    but this time unlike in the Hall where he had to bite his tongue - here he is free to call anyone of us an A$$ Hole at anytime- smile


  • unclebruce

    If you were any sharper JT you'd cut yerself! (that's a big compliment btw)

  • JT

    ROOM215 SAYS

    If by ``troll'' you refer to a currently active JW or apologist who lurks here and occasionally takes a poke or two at the rest of us, then I say `welcome!'' This is about the only place they can peer at the other side of the JW coin -- the alternative point of view -- and maybe some of what they read hear will get them thinking -- isn't that one of the things we'd like to see happen?

    So, Bethel boys, if you're ``trolling'' here for insight on the`dark side'' of the JW experience, I bid you welcome.


    I'M WITH YOU ON this one to me anytime a jw points thier Browser to an "Apostste" site regardless of how Pro JW they come on being
    in my book they are already on the path to leaving the kicker is A THEY JUST DONT KNOW IT

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JT

    uncle Bruce- thanks for the remarks, but i have reached a point in my life that i feel we need to look at things from others view many times

    i have been on the net for about 5yrs and in that time almost the vast majority of those who come here come here due to being HURT]

    and i mean Hurt - raped, molested, spit on, dogged, shafted, you name it- but for me it was not the case so i try very hard to keep in mind that sometimes when folks are made to hold pain and suffering in for years on end when it finally comes out , it may not come out in such a nice manner

    that is why i find it sad to see folks who have been on the net for sometime and still have failed to learn some basic things.

    1 many newbies are going to support the org since that is the "level" that they are currently on and so there is not reason in my veiw to DOG A NEWBIE - Damn man- the guy was sitting at his PC shaking in his boots thinking that soon a Demon is going to come out of his monitor anyway since he is on this site

    my point is i guess is instead of dogging newbies welcome them for they come here at great risk- a sister gets caught by her husband here is in trouble perhaps or a bro by his wife- or kids by thier parents so lighten up

    for many of us we have seen the pattern too many times

    person comes here dyed in the wool and over a period of time with constantly being challenged doctrinally they end up being like a lamb

    seen it too many times to ignore the pattern now

    so i think if more of us sat back and just enjoyed the show and not get bent out of shape we all would be alot better

    just my two


  • Kismet


    I think that these nutters do much more harm here than good.

    This paranoic spreading of disinformation and moronic attacks harms the credibility of those seriously working against the WTS.

    This paranoic ranting also influences new ones who are just coming aboard. She has shown severe imbalance,in her posts.

    her wacko and 'all or nothing' theories will serve to alienate any serious contributers or outside interested ones from taking the issues seriously. We can't afford to be discredited by the actions of this person

    Tina, rant away you have spiraled down so far you've lost the ability of critical thinking. You can no longer recognize the real from the fantasy. I hope you have some peeps in real life who truly care for your mental well-being, because it's beyond meds and therapy here. Inpatient time.

    Kismet - who thinks someone was staring at a mirror too long today.

    PS - Tina please stop your insulting and abrasive emails. I have no interest in corresponding with someone of your 'online' character and while I will not lose any sleep over the fact that you "hate my ******** guts" you might want to lose that negative energy. It will only hurt you in the long run.

  • silentlambs

    Unclebruce, I encourage you to go back and read the post that started this thread. Your accusation of calling the victims thin skinned is an unfair portrayal. I wish a little of all this symapathy for MA who acted like a complete jerk could be divided and a part of it given to the victim. I have no sympathy for MA, he refuses to apologize for hurting someone who reached out for understanding, he called them a liar, belittled them and made no effort whatsoever to have any compassion. You guys wish to offer him sympathy? How about Charles Mansen is he just a misunderstood beatle lover?

    When you use your freedom of speech to hurt poeple without remorse you diserve any sanction that gets your attention and lets you know that type of behavior is unacceptable. What MA did is and will always be unacceptable, if this board comes to think otherwise then it will have sunk to another level and it loses being a place for healing.

  • Valentine

    and I told you to get off my leg Kismoddy which you have an inability to do.Dont you have something better to do than dog me w/ that moddy tool between yer legs. That's right,I cant stand you.But you keep this going.I know who needs to look in a mirror and get some therapy and its you,you power and control freak. Dont you have a board to tend too? Or is is even too moribund for you!
    You dont want any mail asking you to leave me alone? And abusive at that? Then stop abusing and dogging me here. You are not blameless here kiddo.

  • Kismet

    Again you go on about my tool..... the term 'penis envy' comes to mind? Or is that you just can't get your mind off my tool(s). sorry Tina but you are a married woman... I don't go for that!!!

    You are only making yourself look foolish. But keep it going if you so desire.

    Kismet - shaking his head at how a self proclaimed mental health professional conducts herself.

    PS - It might be wise for you to review your study notes to determine why you hate my &*@#$% guts so. Am I too much like yourself? Do I hit too close to home? Am I one of the only people in your life that hasn't buckled and kissed your ass after your anger and attacks, not even after your tears? Food for thought......

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